Where's your vote? Right here!


Where's your vote? Right here!
by Ari Siletz

Democracy and community participation are one and the same. Among other NIAC emails encouraging me to get involved in American politics is the following which I have included at the end of this blog. Sadly one piece of legislation that did not make it to the California ballots this round is the "Reduce prison funding, increase university funding" proposal. I figure Iranian-American kids are more likely to go to college than to jail, so I would have liked the opportunity to vote in the guaranteed 10% of the state budget funding for universities. There were some issues with the wording of this proposal that needs to fixing before it is a viable proposal. This means more participation by Iranian-Americans whose children are about to enter college. The point is, it is not just about US invading Iran or trade sanctions; encouraging Iranian-Americans to take an interest in American politics is a positive action helping all of us in our day to day lives. If that doesn't motivate you to go vote, how about a proposition that did make it to the ballot. Prop 19: Allows people 21 years old or older to poessess, cultivate, or transport marijuana for personal use. I figure university students are more likely to have smoked pot at least once than not. Why not let parents advise their offspring on such choices instead of prisons? The jail money can be better spent on hiring top notch professors, helping our future generations achieve even greater successes. Or you may feel strongly otherwise.But VOTE!


Text of email from NIAC:

Dear Ari,

Tomorrow is the big day … Election Day!  Are you ready to cast your vote?  If you need to find your polling place, click here.  Also, many states require you to show an ID, like a driver’s license, before voting. To find out what’s required in your state, click here.

While it is often taken for granted, we must realize the importance and responsibility that comes with the right to vote.  By exercising our right to vote, we’re making sure our voices are heard.


Nobar Elmi

Director of Community Outreach & Programming


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Bavafa jaan,


I agree with you but there is one big difference between democrats today. They have Obama as president. If 'obliterate Iran' Clinton was in power today things might have been exactly as you picture them. But Obama has been a blessing for the simple fact that it has kept a tight leesh on some of the more hawkish democrats. yes, dems still act like republicans when it comes to foreign policy, but it could have been much worse under Clinton or god forbid a republican president.

Mola Nasredeen


by Mola Nasredeen on

I've already voted through absentee ballot, thanks for reminding us.


I got one too and voting tomorrow - thanks Ari

by MM on

nice cartoon, but sadly, partly true.


MOOSIR jan, I think it hardly matters who is in power now days

by Bavafa on

Rhetoric aside I have come to find little difference between Democrats and Republicans now days. However I agree that we need to keep involved and try to keep our voice heard in US politics and thanks to NIAC that has been our voice in Washington.



Iranian Americans need to be vigilant more than ever


After the mid terms republicans will gain control of congress and quite possibly the foreign policy apparatus that comes with. we should naturally expect a much more foolish iran policy from a republican controlled (tea party flavor) congress. the lobby has been counting on GOP to push for a tough Iran policy once they come to power. as part of that strategy it is very much possible for MEK and their neoconservative friends in Washington to try another push to get themselves removed from the terror list.


As of their efforts to get tougher on Iran they could even try and go even harder after  NIAC and other moderate anti-war anti-"crippling sanctions coalitions. 

So Iranian Americans, remain vigilant and be on alert for any changes that could undermine the democracy movement in Iran! our inaction could help bring about another disasterous war and this time directed at our motherland!