Who cares about Pakistan?


Ari Siletz
by Ari Siletz

One fifth of Pakistan is flooded by heavy monsoon rains (the disaster area is larger than all of Khorasan)and 20 million Pakistanis are suffering because of it. Iran has committed 400 tons of relief goods and so far delivered 180 tons. These relief goods are in the form of tents, medical supplies, clothing and food.  Also Iran’s Red Crescent Society is cooperating on the ground with Pakistan’s Red Crescent Society.  Some collected khoms from Iranians is going to help Pakistani flood victims; in addition there has been a $1 million pledge.

As far as aid from other Islamic nations go,  Marc Ginsberg former US ambassador to Morocco calls the response of Arab oil producing nations “pathetic.” The UN request of $460 million is being met mostly by Britain, US and other Western nations.  Ginsberg says:

“The paltry and pathetic response so far to Pakistan's plight from Arab oil producing states is particularly disturbing. Why, I ask, are wealthy Arab states so slow coming to the rescue of fellow Muslims from their accumulated oil revenue surplus? The Arab OPEC states are awash in cash. With this being the holy month of Ramadan -- when charitable deeds are of particular significance -- one wonders why the cries of fellow Muslim desperation are hardly being heard! Surely, the Arab media is covering this compelling humanitarian tragedy.”

Ginsberg is talking about cash on the barrel, not pledges. If we go by pledges Saudi Arabia has allocated $100 million--which according to Ginsberg hasn’t materialized. The pakistani media is similary shocked.

1.Here’s a link to Ambassador Ginsberg’s article.

2. Here’s a link to a country by country pledges to help Pakistan through this disaster (Actual delivery of pledges
is not addressed).  

3.I couldn’t find Israel on this list, perhaps because of this statement in the previous link: “A Taliban spokesperson asked the Pakistani government to reject Western help from "Christians and Jews" indicating that, instead, the Taliban can raise $20 million.”


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Shazde Asdola Mirza

Dear Ari, thanks for this timely reminder

by Shazde Asdola Mirza on

Every voice counts! Every action counts!


The Arab nations have been

by Bavafa on

The Arab nations have been ruled by dictators who have been serving their own family and tribe only, one can hardly be surprised by lack of humanitarian deeds of those governments.

But I am surprised and saddened by the lack of response from ordinary Muslims around the world and glad to see Iran is helping.



Don't know re Egypt & Iran's Govt employees may indeed be exiled

by Anonymouse on

And then later be safir and sargardan when their new place of employment and resident don't work.  They just don't have any choice and no other alternatives.  Although Ahmadi is always full of hot air and no action so nothing may come out of it.

Everything is sacred

Immortal Guard


by Immortal Guard on

Do you think Egypt will have any major natural disasters like Bamb in Iran or like the monsoon floods in Pakistan?

What happened to the government-planned relocation of civil servants and government offices from Tehran?

Immortal Guard

Persian Humanitarian Impulses Are No Good!

by Immortal Guard on

Iran helped Bosnia in its conflict with Serbia in Mid 1990s and also aided Armenia in its conflict with Azerbaijan in Early 1990s!

But now who cares and who remembers? I myself did not see any good from many Armenians in North America and also got harmed by a Serbian!

Iran's championing of Muslim causes or humanitarian causes won't get us anywhere! As we say in Persian: "Dastemoon Namak Nadaareh"!


Hamsade the Bam disaster left a bad taste

by Anonymouse on

That is another problem.  First of all Bam was a localized disater killing about 26,271 (in wiki link) people who were living in mud structures.

I remember vividly many Iranians being upset that the American tents that were sent over were being SOLD in bazaar by the Iranian Govt agencies who were receiving the international aid.

Furthermore, Khatami was Iran's president in 2003.  Can you imagine what Ahmadi would do in such a case?  He'll go more "firebrand" than ever not to mention the broken bridges he has left behind. 

Everything is sacred

hamsade ghadimi


by hamsade ghadimi on

although not as widespread as this disaster, many organizations, china and united states (including department of defense) sent assistance and materials to iran for the 2003 bam earthquake.




by MRX1 on

Arab shieks with money are more interested in buying Football teams in England and having fun with their money than give a way money to Pakistan, palestine what ever. This whole idea of islamic solidarety and brotherhood is nothing but  a hoax. It's time to get over this hump too.


مشگل چوپان دروغگو


Iran is going to have a similar problem if god forbid we are faced with a similar disaster.  It is difficult to rally support when Islamic Republic is constantly taunting the international community and boast of what they can do to others.

I saw on news last night that another major "problem" in Pakistan is that there has not been massive casualties which makes the disater look as if it is not as bad.

The word is getting out and hopefully more international aid will be organized and sent to Pakistan. They could've used India's help as well if they were not constantly at each other's throat. 

Everything is sacred