Why is Hope kicking the "Y" chromosome?

Why is Hope kicking the "Y" chromosome?
by Ari Siletz

The naked woman in the above image is the inimitable Hope Solo, goal keeper for the United States Women’s National Soccer Team. This Friday ESPN The Magazine’s “The Body Issue” will appear in the newsstands.  Hope Solo is one of several well-known athletes, male and female who will showcase what their bodies would look like in action without the team uniform.

I placed an inset over the ESPN cover layout which shows an unidentified Iranian woman soccer player in team uniform. Note, crowd in inset all wearing head cover. Also note, Hope is kicking the “Y” in the ESPN layout. Unintended by the layout artist, perhaps, but art has its own independent mind.


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Some sports banter

by Ari Siletz on

COP: Yes, Hope Solo publicly chewed out the U.S. coach for benching her in favor of another goalie going into a semi-final against Brazil. Americans lost 4-0. Solo says she could have made the saves. I believe her; Solo's very smart as a goalkeeper. Her style of play transforms the opponent's big opportunities into smaller opportunities that can be handled more easily. 

Divaneh: I'm guessing that's a woman in the inset. Otherwise we'd be allowed to see his handsome curls and beautiful hairly legs. Good bet that Iranian women's soccer team would be world champions if the game was played with two balls.


MM: This gal was born with goalkeeper gloves. The doctor had to surgically remove them :)


ESPN should call it "The Birthday-Suite Issue"!

by MM on



May be she doesn't like Y-Front

by divaneh on

Now lets see her doing a save in the top corner. And is it a man or a woman in the other photo?


Four years ago

by Cost-of-Progress on

She was temporarily banned from the team for speaking her mind, now, she's a celebrity.

as for the inset.....

"میان ماه من تا ماه گردون،  تفاوت از زمین تا آسمان است "