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Sep 28, 2010
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Bahais -Will You do Justice with yourself???

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Intolerant training

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There are various intolerant ideas preached by the Baha’is found in the Babi cult before them which have no basis in Islam:

“Babis! God has made war obligatory upon you. Capture cities and people for Babism.”[11]

“Do not let those who do not believe in the Bayan remain on the earth.”[12]

“Snatch the wealth of those who do not believe in the Bayan.”[13]

“Rejecters of Bab! Even if you take a bath 1000 times in a day, you shall remain unclean.”[14]

“Whatever belongings of the non-Babis come into possession of the Babis they become clean.”[15]

In summary, the Baha’is differ from Muslims in the most fundamental
Islamic beliefs and practices. Their leaders have made extraordinary
claims to divinity similar to other religious cults. Although they
seem to preach peace and unity, their history has been marred by
violence. Their history and original teachings also contradict their
averred concept of world peace and gender equality.


[11] Bayan chapter 1

[12] Bayan chapter 1

[13] Bayan Arabic chapter 5

[14] Bayan chapter 2

[15] Bayan chapter 4


All Bahais Must know the Truth

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The Baha’i pride themselves on the Twelve Principles or twelve
teachings, which they promulgate. Baha’i speakers focus heavily on
these principles considering that these are the best that can be found
in any religion. Seven out of the twelve Principles revolve around
Unity. They are:

· Unity in the political realm.

· Unity in the worldly matters.

· Unity in freedom.

· Unity in religion.

· Unity in the nation.

· Unity in the tongue.

· Unity in genealogy.

Nevertheless, Baha’i
history and doctrine contravene these principles. The Baha’is killed
Mohammad Ibrahim by throwing him into the river Tigris for not
believing in Baha’ullah’s call.[9]
They attempted to assassinate Nasiruddin Shah, the king of Iran.
Baha’ullah killed one hundred and thirty people in one night and
plundered their belongings.[10]
Baha’ullah ill treated his brother Subhe Azal and Abdul-Baha did worse
to his brother Mohammad Ali. Ironically, among the Baha’is themselves
there are at least two major divisions at loggerheads with each other -
the 3rd generation Baha’i and the Orthodox Baha’i. Lastly, the Baha’is
have yet to officially announce the alphabet of the new language they
have invented for every person in the world.



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In the fourth year
after the death of His Holiness our Great Master [i.e. about
1896], the partisans of Abbas Efendi held a meeting in his
audience-chamber at his suggestion, took counsel with one
another, and agreed that what was given of the necessaries of
life to the
Holy Family and to
his brothers was on no account permissible; wherefore Abbas
Efendi cut it off completely, so that he compelled them to borrow
for household expenses, because they were deprived of means. This
was a wrongful act on his part, because what [revenue] reached
him from the different countries was not his private property,
but belonged to the entire Holy Family, as will not be hidden
from the discerning Yet he cut it off from them, and spent it on
whom he would of the officials and men of influence, in order to
effect his personal aims, not acting conformably to truth,
justice and equity


Baha'i Faith and the Principle of contradiction?

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Quote from official Baha'i website
"The fundamental principle enunciated by Bahá'u'lláh, the followers of His
Faith firmly believe, is that religious truth is not absolute but
relative." //…

So essentially what is true for you may not be true for me. Does that make any
sense? If I believe X and you believe not X, both of us can't be right. It
violates the laws of Logic. //…

so if you accept relativism aren't you being illogical?


Covenent Breakers

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Jeffrey Goldberg's poignant story. I hope others
will take the time to read and reflect on it.

"My wife and I were declared to be covenant-breakers." Golberg was the
lawyer representing the Orthodox Baha'i denominations in the NSA lawsuit of 2006 to 2008.


bahaai have 12 sects?

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bahaai have 12 sects? Twelve? Whoa, holly macaroni! that's crazy, so what about the "unity" thingy you bahaais talk about all the time? it seems like you can't even unite your own! lol


و اگر

رضا کارتی (not verified)

شما علاقه به حرفه باغبانی دارید، شب تشریف بیارید باغ.


Nice try , dear !

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But a little too late!


there are many bahais in the world believing in bahullah

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