George Galloway talking about war with Iran

by asghar62

George Galloway blasts a caller about 'strategic strikes' on Iran. The best part is at the end.



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Ben Madadi

Re: Anon2

by Ben Madadi on

I actually like the guy. He is so smart and I like his courage. But I am not so sure about his morality, as you can see he DID visit Iraq and he DID praise Saddam. Okay, it may just have been politics, and in politics you often say things because you have the bigger picture in your mind. I am not against him. But I would not also be quick to judge him in the right way.


To: Ben I wouldn't be too quick to judge his moral standing

by Anonymous-2 (not verified) on

Dear Ben:

I hardly think that the 30second vodeo which doesn't even show both Saddam and Galloway on the same screen together should raise questions about his morality!

How many Senators, Congressional Reps., PMs do you see who are brave enough to go to Iraq and demonstrate about human rights violations? Galloway did right in the center of Baghdad where it mattered, and demonstrated against the war in London where it mattered.

How many PMs or Senators are willing to risk their careers on behalf of other countries and their people? Not many, he has!!

This is what I consider a moral individual, and I wish there were more like him!

You may all wish to take a look at these videos as well:

Part 1 of 3

Part 2 of 3

Part 3 of 3


Ben Madadi

About moral side of George Gallaway

by Ben Madadi on

Look at this video to see that, although the man is a very smart person, an incredible speaker and challenger and a passionate believer of whatever he stands for (usually he simply stands AGAINST rather than for something, which is okay), he has a serious moral issue. Look at the video where he meets Saddam Hussein and what he says to him.



Do you remember the Falkland war?

by Kamangir on

I agree with Galloway completely. Every single point he made is accurate and realistic. As millions of Iranians both inside and outside I'm against the IRI but I'm also against military strikes on my country, mainly because it doesn't solve anything.

As for the 'self defence' concept that Galloway brought up, yes! Iran as any other country in the world has the right of self defence. Just as Argentina did during the short but yet very fierce Falkland (Malvinas) war against the UK. At the time, many argentinians were fiercely against their Military dictators, but they backed their own country when they were attacked by the British Forces under the command of Margaret Tatcher.

Military engagement with Iran is very dangerous. It should be dismissed as what Jack Straw himself once called it: Nuts!




To Zion

by Saman (not verified) on

You called Mr. Galloway a jerk,why? Does it have anything to do with his political independency? Why you jewish zionist are always against people who speak the truth? Why always you jews think you are right in all points and other people are wrong? Why when Palestinians kill one of you, they are immediately labeled as terrorists and when you jews kill 100 Palestinians then is called "Israil has right to defend itself". Mr. Galloway said once "The victims of nazi Germany in the past, are those who commit the same crimes and genociedes to the Palestinian people".


He is fun to watch

by Abarmard on

He is definitely a passionate person


I guess Zion didn't like the anti-war rhetoric!!!

by Anonymous-2 (not verified) on

Let's make it clear to you Zion, we will never accept any country who advocates bombing and destruction of our country and death to our people. And if you are an Iranian you would fall into the same camp as the rest of us.

However, you may like the rhetoric that is coming out of Israel and some of the ziocons, who propose a case for bombing Iran. I am sure if there was a video by Podhortez, or Tipzi Levin, you would be all for it!!

Ben Madadi

Don't under-estimate Gallaway!

by Ben Madadi on

He's an incredibly smart man... and he has many good points too.


He's Scottish retard, not

by Anonymous111 (not verified) on

He's Scottish retard, not English, didn't the accent tip you off???


Who is the real jerk? check the mirror!

by Anonymoussright (not verified) on

A guy supporting a warmongering destructive regime putting a whole area in wars for 60 years and making thousands homeless, another fellow suggesting his own countrymen's surgical bombardment for the sake of foreigners coming and raping his people


a rational gentleman defending logically a country to avoid limitless collateral damage to a nation and hundreds of thousands of possible deaths together with a great number of damages to his own country's soldiers?

Check yourself in the mirror twice if you want to see the real jerk twice Z.


What A Jerk

by Zion on

What a jerk this Galloway is. A populist liar. This is only what he is good at, finding some ignorant chap who evidently has not clear knowledge about anything and to use the occasion to use his half-clad sophistries.
(No wonder some of people here are ecstatic. They just see a more experienced versions of themselves! A role model I guess. )


Bravo George Galloway!!!!

by Anonymous-2 (not verified) on

Thank God, there is a sane individual in this world.
He says it as it is. Though I do agree with Q that Iran would not be able to retaliate in the heart of London, but I am sure the Iranians are not going to be a sitting duck!! If attacked you have to be dumb to turn the other cheek!

The other fellow James was a true idiot, and that is putting it mildly!


The only Dumb ass Englishmen who thinks with his brains, but

by mahmoudg on

The only one who thinks with his brains rather than his rear-end.  Alhtough Ever since when we should be elated about an Englishman dripping "Ashk Temsah" for us Iranians.  America should and must surgically attack targets in Iran.  It is the only way that the Mullahs and 120,000 IRGC, that Mr. Galloway seems to be so pertirified of, will start packing the moment the first bomb is dropped on the residence of the Seyed Ali Gheda.   


A Respectul and Brave Man

by Anonymoussright (not verified) on

He is more respectful, rational, and logical than some traitor (anti) iranians who comment in this site in favor of their own country's destruction.

I am glad to see a 'real man' who uses strong logic to defend our country in face of a disastrous nuclear attack while at the same time I am very sad to see some vatanforoush traitors arguing in favor of a disastrous war towards their own country.

I hope one day most of iranians living abroad will adopt half of this man's logic for verbally defending their country!


Wow, that was powerful. He really has his moments

by Q on

I disagree with him on the tactic that says "Iran will hit us here in London". I don't think so. I don't think Iran will be in a position to retaliate anywhere at all which is why Bush feels like he CAN attack them.