7 Reasons why Rajavi, will become Iran's Kim Il Sung


by ayatoilet1

1) Kim Il Sung was the head of Korea's Communist party prior to being appointed by Stalin as the Prime Minister of Korea after the Soviet invastion of then Japanese Occupied Korean Penninsula (September 1945).  Similarly, Masoud Rajavi is head of Iran's Marxist-Islamic party the MEK/MKO/PMOI/NCRI/Monkeys; and will be nominated by the Obama as the Prime Minister of Iran after the U.S. Invasion of Iran September 2012.

2) Kim Il Sung was trained in the Soviet Union, and operated a camp of "Korean resistance" fighters in the Soviet Union, and actually was exiled from Korea for over 26 years ...before assuming his 'duties' in Korea; Similarly, Rajavi has been exiled from Iran for over 26 years, and has operated a camp in Iraq of "Iranian Resistance" fighters; many of the MEK/MKO/PMOI/NCRI/Monkeys have had secret training in the Soviet Union...too.

3) Kim Il Sung, was married numerous times, and was well known to have had numerous affairs and secret relationships...and illegitimate children. Similarly, Rajavi has been married numerous times, and his latest lover Maryam Rajavi was the wife of his best friend, who he had a secret relationship. She is now the co-head of the organization with him. Does anyone know if they have children?? Who will be Iran's Kim Jung-Il??

4) Kim Il Sung is known for having created the cult of personality about him. He demanded absolute obedience, and created a strong authoritarian state - with the "Dear Leader's" pictures plastered everywhere. There are 500 statues, Kim Il Sung University, Kim Il Sung Stadium, Kim Il Sung Square.... Similarly Rajavi has essentially created a cult arround himself (and his wife), the Dear Leader - and controls every aspect of his follower's lives, their movements are restricted. Iran's Azadi stadium will be named Rajavi Stadium, every public toilet station will also be named Rajavi Station.

5) Kim Il Sung, used the period of confusion during the post Soviet invasion of Korea to consolidate his power base in North Korea, and in essence split the country (Korea) by attacking U.S. occupied South of the Country in 1950 - which eventually led to a truce ..and a Split Korea. Similarly, Rajavi, expects to enter Iran with his cult followers during a U.S. led invasion and take on power in the post invasion confusion and in essence oversee the split up of Iran into sub-states linked with neighboring countries like Southern Azerbaijan, Southern Turkmenistan, Western Baluchestan, Eastern Kurdistan, and Al Ahwaz. The remainder will be ALL under the Dear Leader's control.  

6) Kim Il Sung presided over the total militarization and subsequent demise of North Korea, while South Korea prospered. North Korea became a beggar nation, asking for handouts to simply feed its population; with mass starvation and abject poverty on an almost devastated african famine scale. Similarly, Rajavi has overseen the conversion of the MEK/MKO/PMOI/NCRI/Monkeys into a beggar organization, living off handouts from Iraq and now Israel. His 3000 followers are in a perpetual militarization mode.... totally dependent on handouts from others. A reduced Iran, that he will rule, will have no resources and having given up Iranian southern Azerbaijan, Iranian Kurdistan, Ahwaz, Iranian Baluchestan, and Iranian Turkmenistan - will basically become a country of 75% desert - with no land to grow rice, or minerals to export. Iranians will become beggars, and there will be mass starvations and abject poverty - much worse than today!

7) Kim Il Sung, remained in power for 46 years and was in a leadership role in the Communist Resistance for decades prior to 1948. He outlived Mao, Stalin, Numerous US presidents and South Korean leaders. He was a survivor despite being a shit. Similarly, Rajavi has been in "Power" for some 30 years or so, and will assume power in Iran ...has outlived Saddam Hussein, Khomeini and will likely outlive Khamenei, Rafsanjani, Jimmy Carter, the two Bushes, Clinton, Obama...you name it.  He's been a survivor depite being a shit.

The similarities between the two "Dear Leaders" are profound.  I am reminded by John McCain tribute to Kim Jung Il (Kim Il Sung's son, and heir), in honor of his death this past week: "It gives me great satisfaction to know that Kim Il Sung will be in a warm corner of Hell, sitting right next to Hitler, Stalin and others like him"...if Only we Iranians could say the same thing about the Rajavis!!


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Iran has already got a Kim il sung, ten times worse....

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

His name in case you forgotten:"seyed ali khaamenie", and he is ruling the country right now...... 

The general concern and obsession on this site, by certain site members, with "potential danger" of MKO and such, whilst in general ignoring what the absolute munsters of the islamist regime is doing to our peope back home right now, can at best be treated as questionable....

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."


dear BacheShirazi,,they're paranoids off their meds

by bushtheliberator on

They've got Hegemon-MEK phobia that defies logic. But you and I know that President O-Bambi won't be attacking Iran and also, that the MEK could not defeat the Austin,Texas police department>>much less 70 million strong Iran.

Please go back to worrying about Sarah Palin>> she's got that big moose rifle, and she's aiming at the moooolahs.


Good comparison

by MRX1 on

The sad part is there is a good chance your scenario may become reality.

Jeesh Daram

و دلیل هشتم

Jeesh Daram

دلیل هشتم آنکه---------------------------------------------------------------------هر دو ایشان توپل موپل هستند و گرد و قلنبه


Kim il Sung

by jasonrobardas on

   was more democratic than rajavi



by yolanda on

MEK has no nuclear weapons and Rajavis have no biological kids between them......so they can't have a MEK dynasty! Rajavis will die off!

MEK and DPRK do have the similar brain-washing procedures to control their people!


1 reason why she wont

by BacheShirazi on

The MKO has no way of ever getting power in Iran.


I say this semi sarcastically…

by Bavafa on

Kim Il Sung is better than Rajavis

'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory 



IRI much better than Rajavis

by ilovechelokebab on

I concur

Maryam Hojjat

I pray It never Happens

by Maryam Hojjat on

Current Batstards seem to be better than the Rajavis' bastards.