Kia Joorabchian (who owns Carlos Tevez) Completely Outfoxed by Manchester's Elite


by ayatoilet1

Successfull Iranians are everywhere - in virtually every profession. One of them is Kia Joorabchian, who is an Iranian 'personal' manager or adviser as he "insists" to Carlos Tevez. Tevez, in case you did not know, is an Argentinian national team player who was brought to England from a stint playing in Brazil... by Joorabchian. Britain has the most lucrative market for soccer/football players in the world; and the English Premier League is by far the most financially lucrative league in the world with over $2Bn in revenues. Games are watched across the world by literally 630 million regularly and a global audience of 4.7 Billion people watching at least one game during a season. 

Joorabchian is and Iranian born, British college drop out that somehow made some big money in New York and the City of London and then entered the high world of soccer through connections he established while investing in Russia and then later in Brazil. He has a Brazilian wife, and speaks Portugese. The companies he is involved in (as an investor) reportedly own the playing rights of some 60 or 70 players across europe including players like Mascherano, and Carlos Alberto to name a few. Any elevation of the status of his players - like Tevez - could be banked for cash by Joorabchian in the transfer market.

Carlos Tevez, was born and brought up in the roughest part of Buenos Aires - Fuerte Apache. He bears a big scar on one side of his body from a childhood accident. And needless to say he is a rough and ready street kidwho is now playing in the big leagues of his sport. He left Boca Juniors to play for a Brazilian team in 2005 and from there he was scooped to Britain's Premier League.

It was only two and a half years ago, that Kia Joorabchian advised Tevez to Leave Manchester United for a little more cash at Manchester City. Joorabchian held out and held out for more and more money for Tevez ...and on the very last day of the season, after United had won several trophies ...announced that Carlos Tevez would be leaving Manchester United for arch rivals Manchester City. It was a major blow the Manchester United's very successfull manager - maybe Britain best ever Soccer (football) Manager - Alex Ferguson. Tevez had been upset about being benched a few times by Ferguson, and above all resented the fact that he had been offered $25 Million to remain at Manchester United versus another player (Berbatov) being offered more ($30 Million). He always thought he was better than Berbatov. Both Joorabchian and Tevez has dug a dagger into Ferguson's back.

So he (Tevez) left United; and went across town to rivals Manchester City in a deal secretly negotiated by Joorabchian. And in his first season with City, Tevez scored the most goals for the club; and he was even made captain by the new Italian Manager - Mancini.

Then summer came, and in the post season, while Tevez was in Argentina with his wife - he talked to Argentina's trash tabloids...and there were press reports or quotes of him saying he "missed his wife and kids" and that " he hated Manchester" and could not wait to get away from the City. All this spoiled his return, and made coming back to Manchester awkward for him. And the Mancini began a steady process during the summer of finding key players to replace what he saw as an unreliable striker - Tevez.

And in the early stages of the season, Mancini started giving Tevez less and less playing time. And suprisingly, the new players (Balloteli and Aguero) held up very well and the team (City) was winning games and moving forward it seemed without Tevez. Tevez lost his captainship, and found a new home on the bench.

Then in a foolish moment, when Mancini asked Tevez to warm up to go into a game in the second half - apparently Tevez refused. Tevez says, he only refused to warm up - having warmed up twice earlier - but anyway - Tevez did not go into the game. Mancini said after the game that Tevez was "finished" at the club.

Tevez recieved a two week suspension for this from the Club's disciplinary board. And during his second week of suspension, Manchester City were scheduled to play arch rivals Manchester United. The press was having a field day over Tevez; and supporters for both teams decided to rally together and hold a "burn a Tevez shirt celebration" before the game; and they even asked everyone to bring their Tevez shirts to the game and throw it in a dumpster outside for charity.

But Alex Ferguson had other plans. Remember, Manchester United had been snubbed by Tevez and Jourabchian; and in some ways, Ferguson had been humiliated. At the same time, Mancini was facing some heat for the way he handled Tevez and the loss of talent (as some saw it) of a $30 Million player...  Ferguson decided to help reinforce Mancini's standing - and the only way to do that would be to make sure City won. Sometimes you have to lose - in order to win!!

And Manchester City did win. In fact it was a trashing. 6-1. This had never been done before. Mancini was the HERO of Manchester. And he did this without Tevez. Mancini would now rule the roost ...the club now would surely support him as he dumped Tevez. The owners wanted nothing more than to beat Manchester United. And Mancini delivered that.

As I watched the game, I was shocked by the player selection with Manchester United. It seemed to me that Alex Ferguson had put on a B team to play against Manchester City - then #2 in the league. How ridiculous. Benching reliable superstars like Ryan Giggs, and Park Ji-Sung (remember him, he was the one who scored for South Korea against Iran?), even benched top scorer Hernandez (Chicharito). It was a disaster.  

But nothing with Alex Ferguson, is a coincidence.  It was all on purpose. Joorabchian and Tevez were screwed...its been rumoured that Tevez will be sold at a $10 Million loss by City to Inter in Italy. Joorabchian's investment has been blighted by Ferguson .... and Ferguson is sitting quietly happy to himself for what he did. Mancini will surely repay the favor. They don't have to talk, they don't even need to look at each other in the eyes to know what went down. Its all so shrewd in the British sort of way.

What has all this got to do with Iran? or Its just one example how the Brits can f*ck you without you even knowing about it. We Iranians have been getting screwed by them for over thirty years ...the BBC paved the way for Khomeini; and the Brits then put up their crowd (Rafsanjani, Larijani, etc.) inside the Mullah regime; kept the U.S. at bay (out of Iran) for thirty years (so much for kicking the Brits to the side in 1952), then pushed the stupid Americans to put on sanctions - which in turn reinforced their outpost Dubai as an Iranian transhipment point ...with their banks, with their infrastructure and meanwhile stuck it to Iran again by grabbing Iran's Oil in the Caspian Sea (BP is the largest player in the Caspian Sea and owns the only transporting oil to the Mediteranean from the Sea)  ... I could go on and on.

But the Brits are just sticking it to Iranians every day...every day...without Iranians even realizing it. Or even if they did, like Joorabchian, they can't do a damn thing about it. They are so wily, they even stick it to Americans day in and day out and Americans keep eating out of their hands....loving their British accents.

No matter how successfull or smart you are - there will always be a cunning old fox like Ferguson that can teach you a few lessons. We Iranians need to always be very humble and watch out for these foxes - they are all arround us.... Watch out when the regime in Tehran tumbles, I would not be surprised if they are planning to install another set of bastards like the MEK/PMOI/MKO who will hold on to power for another 30 years... like Britain's Mullahs.


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What a great imaginations!

by farokh2000 on

I am not sure how you came up with all this but I have to admit, it is imaginative and original.

I am sure most people know how devious the British Empire has been throughout history, no question there.

But how you connected the dots here with the Iranian Sports Agent, Taves and Alex Fergosun is amazing.

At the same time, this is really far fetched. Sir Purple Nose would never throw a game just to spite a fromer player.

I watched that game, they were just playing a bad game and lost big.

I don't think you can make more of that game, unless someone with your creative imagination comes around.


Tevez Should Move to Qatar!

by Faramarz on

Tevez has an attitude and discipline problem. When he was at United he never gave 100% during practices and that created a problem with Ferguson and Ferdinand, the captain. As a coach, you cannot have 2 different sets of practices, one for the superstars and one for the rest of the team. The team unity will get hosed immediately.

His other problem was his constant talk of retirement. Ferguson in a recent interview said that he didn’t keep Tevez because he did not see him as a long term player and he has been proven right. Tevez also complained about life in Manchester (as in lousy weather, night life and bad food). For someone who has grown up in the slums of Buenos Aires, Manchester should feel like Paris!

His agent like any good agent keeps floating ideas like he is going to Corinthians or Inter to generate interest but no one in the right mind is touching him because of his high transfer fee. The best Man City can do at this point is to loan him to another club and recover part of his salary.

At the end, he is another superstar like his countryman Riqulme that had some great seasons but never had the right attitude to make an impact at the highest levels. He might end up in UAE or Qatar or like Eto in Dagestan!


Your theory is a bit far fetched!

by PArviz on

If you are at all familiar with the world of professional football leagues around Europe particularly Premier League, you would know that the difference between winning the league and not winning it could be tens of millions in revenues. The money paid to and earned by clubs depends on their performance and standing in the league.

3 points less could mean losing the title. However Alex Ferguson might dislike a person, he is not willing to endanger his chances of winning the title. He is a professional and players leaving one club and joining another is quite normal. They do not, normally, deal with these issues emotionally. It business for them. The better the results, the higher the bonuses are going to be.

As for your conclusion, well it is the 21 century and for your information the Brits lost their influence on world happenings long time ago. It is the Americans who have the last say in every thing. So don't you worry about the Brits. 

Down with the ENTIRE Islamic Republic!


Mmmm, I am not sure I agree...

by KB on

Let me clarify, I do not agree with your assessment that Alex Ferguson would set his team up for a humiliating defeat to Man City just to get  to Tevez and Joorabchian.

To be honest I see it as a bit farfetched. Ferguson has called City “the noisy neighbors” and the rivalry between the two clubs and the fan is unbelievable.  Losing for any reason is totally unacceptable.
Also the effect of a loss in that manner on players is immense, and even after 4-5 weeks United have not looked their old selves.

As for your point regarding how conniving the Brits/English may be, one cannot really argue with that.

Couple of side notes, in the British press Joorabchian is often referred to as an Israeli, and people who know him (I happen to know a couple) say he is a very smart guy and is very nice too.

Red Wine


by Red Wine on

صحرا نشینی کار دستمان داد و بسیاری از بازیهایِ خوبِ این فصل را از دست دادیم اما بازیِ منچستر یونایتد و منچستر سیتی را دیدیم،خیلی‌ خوشمان آمد از باختِ یونایتد !

تبز (واو در اسپانیولی وجود ندارد و ب خوانده میشود !) یکی‌ از بهترین بازیکنانِ آرژانتینی در این چند ساله است،گمان کنیم که در لیست فیفا ورلد ماگازینِ امسال رتبه ۱۸ را آورده است،خوش نقش و بازیکنِ فیزیکی‌ است،همیشه فیت و وجودش در هجده قدم مساوی با گل است،بازیِ او بیشتر شبیهِ باتستوتا است،من تو من را خوب می‌‌داند و تکل‌هایش سهمگین است.

اما بد اخلاق است و بچه پر رو ! مسئولینِ رئال مادرید بار‌ها (آخرین بار همین تابستانِ قبل !) نزدیک بود که به مادرید بپیوندد اما شخصیتِ مشکل دارش باعثِ این شد که این جریان شکل نگیرد.

از جورابچی مطلب زیاد شنیده ایم،اغلب در تلویزیونِ فوتبالِ گل تی‌وی از بازیکنانی که موکلانش هستند صحبت می‌کند اما آیا او پاسپورتِ ایرانی دارد ؟ یک نگاه به این ویدئو بکن و خواهی‌ دید که او را با پرچمِ جمهوری اسلامی (که مرگ بادش) نشان می‌‌دهند !


روزِ خوبی‌ داشته باشید .



A Few Postscripts ...

by ayatoilet1 on

1) During this period (while Tevez is not playing; and previously suspended) it is reported that Tevez will not be paid "wages" i.e. Joorabchian will NOT recieve income (since he owns Tevez's playing rights). The figure is something like over $2Million ...and has been reported by some to be as much as $5 Million.

2) The sub-text to all this, is that Manchester City will also end up losing money on the Tevez deal; and Ferguson may have in the process also hurt his "rich" archi rivals. Man City won, but they may also be losers in this process.

Ferguson is very shrewd!!