What does the US Army Know?


by ayatoilet1

Last month (in June) fifteen Americans were killed in Iraq, the deadliest month for U.S. personnel serving in Iraq in more than two years. Yet, the number two U.S. military commander in Afghanistan would not say publicly that the amount of Iranian weapons in Afghanistan was spiking.

“That level is just about the normal level of arms and ammunition that crosses borders in this volatile region each year, said Lt. Gen. David Rodriguez, Commander of International Security Assistance Joint Force Command. “And they... have not increased significantly in the past two years."

Yet, day after day, we hear other senior US government officials, like for example Senator Lindsey Graham, during a recent visit to the region declare that “You can clearly see what they are doing in Iraq,” Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., said of Iran in an interview with Fox News. “They are supplying Shia militias in Iraq and trying to disrupt our operations there and claiming that we were driven out.

“I did receive information that weapons were coming out of Iran to help the Taliban at a crucial moment in Afghanistan,” Graham said.

One telling example of the weapons flow from Iran to Afghanistan happened in February, when British troops intercepted a large shipment of 122 millimeter rockets coming produced in Iran. The rockets have a range of about 13 miles, twice the range of what the Taliban was previously using.

I remember, watching an interview with General Abizaid (then Commander of the United States Central Command (CENTCOM), overseeing American military operations in a 27-country region, from the Horn of Africa, the Arabian Peninsula, to South and Central Asia, covering much of the Middle East. CENTCOM oversees 250,000 US troops) being asked about Iranian supply of armaments to Shia Militia in Iraq and the Taliban in Afghanistan. He gave a very evasive answer, almost justifying any Iranian involvement, if any!?

Now, I am sure these senior military officials have access to very high level intelligence. But what do they know, that Senator Lindsey Graham who was on active service until 1988 having served in the Gulf War, Iraq War, Afghanistan War, who as a Senator for South Carolina serves on the Armed Services Committee, Homeland Security Committee…does not know? Has he not read the same documents that these generals are reading? Has he not had the same briefings?

Why would these generals tread softly on Iran? What do they know? Who are they really defending?


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Hazratee: I don't like your

by vildemose on

Hazratee: I don't like your tone, hence, consider yourself ignored from now on...bemoon to khomari....


 believe, as far as the US

by vildemose on

 believe, as far as the US foreign policy towards a country like Iran is concerned, they really do not give a shit. Those US Generals are really addressing the major issues: China, Russia, and the European Union.

I couldn't agree more...

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Curious Joe

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


I disagree. Iran matters a great deal to America. In fact so does Afghanistan; Iraq; Pakistan and the rest. Don't be naive. If Iran was run by Shah USA would just hand over Afghanistan to Iran and be out.

It benefits the USA greatly to have a friendly regime in Iran. The Iranian influence in the region is beyond any question. And USA is very interested in the region. Reasons: oil; Israel; nuclear Pakistan; Taliban; Russia; China; 3 million Iraian Americans and their relavies in USA and many other things.

It is not my ego but reality that drives the US interest in Iran. 

Curious Joe

Frankly Dear, the US does not give a damn

by Curious Joe on

This is not about conspiracy theories, nor how you “can read between the lines”.  The real issue is simply “Geo-politics”.  None of us in this forum are privy to what information the geo-satellites of the US, China, Russia and the Europeans are sending back to their headquarters, which feeds the info to their governments’ powerful computers, simulating the outcome of alternative policies for the next decades.

 You ask “  Why would these generals tread softly on Iran? What do they know? Who are they really defending?  

The answer may be in our conception of God/Allah.  Here is the expanse of the universe, and “The God/Allah” has time and patience to concentrate on my little life on a tiny little planet called “earth”.  I’d think that with all the huge stars (bigger than our little Sun) located in much bigger galaxies than our relatively small milky-way, the omnipresent almighty would have a bigger things to do than “tread softly” on a small planet called earth, turning around a little star called sun.


Iran may mean a lot to the readers of Iranian.com, but in the bigger scheme of things among major powers, it is as tiny and insignificant as the planet earth to the good old God/Allah.


I believe, as far as the US foreign policy towards a country like Iran is concerned, they really do not give a shit. Those US Generals are really addressing the major issues: China, Russia, and the European Union.  As for Iran, Afghanistan, Iraq, etc.  they are mere Payton Place episodes. 


Sorry, if I blew away your ego about the importance you seem to attach to Iran and the US’ interest in it.  Let’s face it, if I was God/Allah (= US), I would not bother too much about defending any small planet, let alone a low GDP country in it (= Iran).



by hazratee on

Please you tell me, I can't think about that, Seriously.


The US army knows everything

by vildemose on

The US army knows everything but they let it happen?? Why?? Think about that??

Jeesh Daram

What a great observation

by Jeesh Daram on

Bravo! Did you notice WSJ pulled a long article about this subject matter a few days ago? I could no longer find it. It was accusing Iran, for sending weapons to Afghans and Iraqis to better help the American forces leave those two countries! Isn't that what Americans should want, someone help their forces to leave the occupied terriotries and bring the soldiers home? Anyway, they pulled the article.