Chauvinists vs. Shadi Sadr: As Good As It Gets

Chauvinists vs. Shadi Sadr: As Good As It Gets
by Azadeh Azad

In response to Anonymouse’s invitation to write / draw about the remarks made by Shadi Sadr that ALL Iranian men are chauvinists and as a nation we need to overcome this problem.


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Darius Kadivar

Friendly Advice To all Iranian Male Chauvinists ...;0)

by Darius Kadivar on

Don't Mess With GENUINE Daughters of IRANZAMIN Not only it's RISKY:


BUT It can prove FATAL ...


Hee Hee


Little Tweet

Such arrogance

by Little Tweet on

She's so lucky that he "lets" her!


Azadeh Azad


by Azadeh Azad on

Thank you dear Bunyio, Esther & humanbeing for your right responses. This is as good as it gets among the Iranian men. 

Esther:  this gentleman cannot live without his phallic symbol. He is an architect and keeps building the likes of his crystal sculpture everywhere :-) The book belongs to his soon-would-be ex-wife and is Luce Irigaray’s Democracy Begins Between Two, 1994, (Eng. trans. 2000.)

I am still seriously inviting any Iranian man, who believes not to be sexist, phallocrat and male-chauvinistic, to contact me ( and let me get to know him as a liberated man (maybe via facebook) in order for me to write an article or a book about his life and his enlightenment process concerning male-female relationships. I won't reveal his real name in my writing if he does not want to be called a "sissy" or "zan-zalil" by our compatriots. (I hear a loud, deafening silence! Hmmmm...)

Anonymouse jan:

For "vagina a la dick," in English we have "cunt" as an insult, but I don't think we have anything in Persian; so, let it be.

I am sure that "kos-e-sher" has nothing to do with "vagina," but I'm not sure about "kos-khol."

Finally, my response to Mr. Ghormeh Chick:

I am an Iranian woman and this site is called '". Unlike you, an average six year-old would quickly understand that in this context, it is quite normal not to speak of the male chauvinist Western men but of the male chauvinist Iranian men. I won't call you "the village idiot," as it is not your fault to have been born with a very low IQ. I can only advise you not to make an *a--* out of yourself in public.

Vagina is a positive word as in Vagina Monologues. I think the "vagina-nut" that Anonymouse is using means someone who is obsessed with vagina, as in the case of the Mullahs. However, it is up to him to respond.



How does "vagina ala dick" translate to Farsi or English?!

by Anonymouse on

Everything is sacred.

Ghormeh Chick

You said it girlfriend

by Ghormeh Chick on

humanbeing: you said it girlfriend. what the artist fails to recognize is that an adjective by its very nature is a relative term. it would be more true to say all mankind is chauvinistic, the irani version more blatant and the western brand more subtle.  if the artist were to admit to reality, the castle of her idealism built around ghosts and ogres of a dark past and possibly a dark present would crumble. she'd see that right where she is hejabless and appaerntly free, way way distant from shadi sadr,  racism, sexism, chauvinism and every kind of ism surround her. but she is human, book smart not street savvy and she has to survive. the castle must remain intact. so she does what any self respecting arrogant princess would do. she directs her rage to one specific nation, hiding neatly behind western men, distancing herself from the object of her distast and yet passive aggressively attacking it here and vehemently elsewhere, calling the men pigs and her favorites piglets. really grown up stuff, eh? 

LOL on the quote though. How many of us have heard this garbage from blue eyed blonds in three piece suits.  tune in to any trashy sitcom for action replay. 

as for the host to the series, he has been known to associate garbage with vaginas, borrowing from persian kos-sher and kos-khol, he fancies himself as a bit of a genius translating these degrading terms to vagina poems and vagina nut. what a joke! vagina a la dick is attemting to enlighten irani men, ALL of them.


An Iranian-German or Iranian-British man maybe!

by Anonymouse on

Everything is sacred.



by humanbeing on

could be a guy in west germany, u.k., anywhere.


Also ...

by Esther on

... not only does he view his wife as someone who requires "letting", but he also views taking evening courses and being out late at night as something that requires "letting".  What would he say about daytime courses, I wonder?  Compared to the man in your previous cartoon, he has a bigger mirror, and there are only a few dark corners left on his carpet.  What is that book on his coffee table, I wonder?  And, oh my goodness, can he please get rid of that phallic sculpture? :)


Not Much

by Bunyip on

I still think he is a chauvenist, albeit a reasonably reformed one. And this is because he still says "I let my wife...". Does his wife also "let" him do what he desires?

Azadeh Azad

"A liberal Iranian gentleman"

by Azadeh Azad on

Thank you, dear Anahid and Mouse.

For this work, I was inspired by one of the comment-makers who wrote something like, "all the Iranian guys around me are well-shaved and very liberal" - contrary to the character in my previous cartoon.  

So, what do you think specifically about what this "good-looking, well-dressed and very liberal Iranian gentleman" is saying?


Anahid Hojjati

Wow, Azadeh jan, you are so talented

by Anahid Hojjati on

Very nice cartoon.  Your drawing is excellent. You are so talented, I have read many insightful articles from you, fantastic poems and now I see your great cartoons. Thanks for all your work.


Thank you Azadeh for accepting the invitation.

by Anonymouse on

heheheeeeheheheeeeeee! I love it! No half beard here! 

Everything is sacred.