Ali Mahin Torabi: The latest update

Azarin Sadegh
by Azarin Sadegh

This is part of my friend's email. She is Ali's aunt:

"Unfortunately victim’s father put the deyeh in the bank and shahroudi has signed the execution. when the attorney went to (ejraye ahkam) to see what was going on, they told him that Ali does not need any attorney any more because it is a done deal but his attorney has seen his file and found lots of things that shows Ali is innocent. He is working so hard on...

This is our last hope otherwise every thing is ready for another innocent to be killed. I am so hopeless and devastated. I can’t breath. I don’t know if this happens how I survive...

Ali has always been like my son. He was raised mostly in our house. My feeling about him is strong as strong as his mother so despite my pregnancy which ends in few weeks I can not stop thinking about him and can not help reduce my devastation... "

Ali's execution was delayed because of Ramadan that ends today or tomorrow. If Ramadan is the month of fasting and praying and purification, now I wonder how come the time of executions will arrive right after cleansing the soul?



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I was hoping you were going

by MA (not verified) on

I was hoping you were going to give us good news, but as the title says it's only an update!
Wish it was good news.


I've put my name down on the

by Shireen (not verified) on

I've put my name down on the petition and have been praying for him.
May he return to his family safe and sound. I cannot even imagine the pain he(and people in the same boat as him) and their families are going thru.