An evening with Orhan Pamuk

Azarin Sadegh
by Azarin Sadegh

I love Orhan Pamuk!

His prose is pure poetry; magical and timeless. He is my favorite contemporary writer and I am so happy to find this link to his recent speech at UCSB. Voila the link to "an evening with Orhan Pamuk":

The Black Book is my favorite one and I am reading it right now.

It's the second time.

Reading the Black Book is like savoring the sweet flavor of red wine, inhaling the perfume of the roses of Shiraz and falling inside the endless well of humanity's impossible dreams and is like being drunken, like dying at the end of a page and being reborn at the turn of the next page, over and over.

It is a book that I never want to end.

I always wanted to be a writer and I never dared. Like Galip who wanted to become Celal, I want to become Orhan Pamuk and I know I can't...but what if Orhan Pamuk at some point of his life longed to be someone else? What if it is just the reflection of a dream? What if there’s an unread book somewhere waiting to be written?

What if I dare to be someone I am not?


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Azarin Sadegh

At least you've tried!

by Azarin Sadegh on

But I think you've read more than 100 pages...the chapter about Rumi is almost at the end of the book!

It is also one of my favorites ("Eye" is the one I liked the most).

It says that Shams was secretly murdered by mobs and his body was thrown in a well. Rumi, looking for his lost lover/friend, went to Damascus and wandered in the city for months...

"..."If I am He," exclaimed the poet (Rumi), one day as he wandered lost inside the mysteries of the city, "then why am I still searching?"..."




He's too hard to read

by An amateur reader (not verified) on

I have tried to read the Black Book and stopped after the first 100 pages!! IT WAS TOO HARD!
I have to say that I liked the chapter about the dried bosphorus and a few references to Rumi and Shams Tabrizi.

Azarin Sadegh

If anyone is interested to know...

by Azarin Sadegh on

I have found out that Orhan Pamuk has been teaching at Columbia University since 2006:


It should be the best MFA program in the US :-) 


PS: One of my young writer friends has applied for this program and I am just dying of jealousy!