Remove Mojahedin-e Khalgh(MEK) from Terrorist List


Remove Mojahedin-e Khalgh(MEK) from Terrorist List
by bache_abadani

Our country has endured a brutal theocracy renowned for corruption (Mafia style) since 1979. The Mullahs use terror, brutality and violence to achieve their goals. This  regime enjoys violence and war and is anti our Iranian heritage. During the Iran-Iraq war, Iraq was ready to accept a ceasefire but Khomeini was enjoying the war and kept talking about liberating Basra and all shia regions. The war stablized the regime, but 90% of our country men who died in the war was after June 1982 which all of Iran's occupied territories were liberated. All leftist organizations warned that khomeini is not for Iran's security interests and is looking for exporting his own type of regime. I am not affiliated with MEK. I was with Fedayeen-e Khalgh. MEK had a great relationship with Kurds. These leftist organizations are revolutionary in nature. Using the words like cult and treason and to connect them with these brave young men and women( who mostly graduated from Aryamehr University, Tehran U or polytechnic) is something that IRI created. The Kurds were getting killed by Iran , Iraq and Turkey forces and now we hear MEK were involved! There is no limit for IRI propaganda. We should not underestimate the brutality of this regime. The heinous crime of century in Iran happened in Summer of 1988. Tens of thousands of political prisoners(many had served their full sentences) were executed in Tehran, Esfahan, Ahvaz, Tabriz, Shiraz, Mashhad..... . 60% were from MEK 30% from Fedayyeen-e Khalgh and the rest from Tudeh,and Peykar...... The majority of them were between 14-28 years old. The "Golden Era" that Mousavi(Green Movement) is talking about is without a doubt the darkest and bloodiest era in our history. I need to remind to those of you that can not remember in early 80's  the prosecutor of the Revelutionary Courts Ayatollah Mohammad Gilani even ordered the execution of two his own sons(members of MEK). This is the regime we are dealing with. This criminal regime uses televised confessions, forcing prisoners to repent for their sins(under tortures). The majority of the prisoners in 80's refused to repent and regime executed all of them. These methods are still in use. We hear from our students that were released from Evin Prison: round the clock interrogation without food or water, forced standing while naked for hours, lashings with thick cables and rough wires, banginig the head against the wall, removing toenails, and rape. Their objectives are destroying the prisoner's dignity and honor. They will continue raping the prisoners till they break down. Some of them have lost their sanity. This regime can not be reformed. In 80's Hossein Shariatmadari, managing editor of Kayhan newspaper, Saeed Emami, and Seyed Asadollah Larjvardi were able to convert prisoners and show them a road to redemption by torturing and then killing them. They used to remove even their kidneys before the execution. They raped thousands of underage high school girls (majority MEK) and sometimes marry them to a guard an hour before execution so they can justify it. This regime can not be reformed.Mohammad kachouei the warden of Evin prison was assassinated in June 81 and Larjvardi was appointed and replaced him. He was called The Butcher of Evin. He was assassinted on August 22 1988. Today, IRI is facing a powerful civil disobedience movement from people of Iran. Iranian people are fighting in all phases. Their recent civil disobedience has been a show of force and will of the people. From Lake Oromieh and environmental issues to economic and social issues and women rights, people of Iran are fighting. This regime has to go and we should support any force that helps to overthrow this criminal regime. The enemy is cruel. The Opposition forces need to be smart. We all need to be united. Azeris, Kurds, Arabs, Baluchis, Turkmen, Armanians, Assyrians,Jews.Bakhtiaris, Lurs, Qashghi, we shouls all respect each other's religions: Christians, Jews, Moslems(shia and sunni) Bahais, Zoroastrians. We all should fight for democracy, freedom, gender and ethnic equality and human rights. We should not label "Terrorist" to any Iranian organization/party from leftist to liberal or pro monarchy.



Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Dear Abadani

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on

We should not label "Terrorist" to any
Iranian organization/party from leftist to liberal or pro monarchy.

Why not? I mean being Iranian does not give an organization the right to do as it wants. If an organization blows things up; attacks Kurds and so on. What am to call them then? The actions of MEK are no secret. They speak for themselves. 

I love to see Iranians unite and agree the 1980s mass murders were a crime. But if you bring in MEK you lose the Kurds and the Shia Arabs. Vildermose is right. Maziar is right MEK are tools being used by USA and Israel. Send them to EU for asylum.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Dear Maziar

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on

But the prolem is with their leadership and its cultish mentality.

Yes I agree,

the members most of them are just like me & you .

Maybe they one time were. But unless you and I go through years of brainwashing no. They have been badly harmed by the old Soviet techniques, You and me have not and it may take a lot to recover these people.

maziar 58

Abadani ka......

by maziar 58 on

Damet garm

But the prolem is with their leadership and its cultish mentality.

the members most of them are just like me & you .

About usa not agreeing on delisting...

lets not forget the few killings of American in early 70.

they(usa)will never forgive or forget but they can use them every now & then.


maziar 58


by maziar 58 on

As I said before they can be processed by E U for most are dual citizen and the less dangerouse! one can be sent to uighor.

Iraq don't want them there legally they have no Iraqi green card! and Iran wants them back to fill up the empty lot in khavaran! 

U.S and Israel are using them as JOKERS! Maziar


Mek have an entire leadership that needs to come before justice

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

Then we can consider unity.  The sad thing is those who call for the Mek to be delisted are making iranians real enemies, "the mullahs of all view points that want to be in government" look good for opposing the MeK.  We don't need to help irans enemies. We need to stay focussed on bringing down the IRI & creating a secular democratic constitutional monarchy or at least giving people a referendum to decide their own destiny.


Remove MEK, Period!

by Disenchanted on


       The followers need some psychiatric help. Nothing wrong with that. But I wouldn't want them out of Ashraf to the society. These people are deprived from basic human rights for too long. They are full of it. Full of ideology that is! They need to reprogrammed if you wish. Lets rehabilitate them. 


I have issues with

by Cost-of-Progress on

the so called lefties.

They were instrumental in bringing my ancestral land to the state she is in today.

MEK is a cult. "sag raa nadim, sag toole begirim" 




Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


No dispute that MEK is a bunch of scum bags who murdered Kurds. But you got to face reality. Do you want them armed in Ashraf or dispersed and disarmed? I for one rather have them broken and dispersed.

I don't want unity with them. But want them out of Ashraf and away from Iran: don't you? Until there is a proper Iranian justice system to try them. For most part I want to see the rank and file given lenient sentences. As long as they have not been involved in attacks on Iran or Kurds {who are Iranians whether in Iran; Iraq or anywhere}. 



Is this a joke?

by BacheShirazi on

Are you seriously trying to say MEK was NOT involved in the massacre of Kurds?


I am all for unity, but only with people who actually want democracy. Unfortunetly Mojahedin do not fall into that category. 


No unity with MEK unless,

by vildemose on

No unity with MEK unless, Maryam and Masood are put behind bars. Sorry. They should not be trusted because they are a deeply vulnerable to treason precisely because they were so brutally eradicated. That is how things work unfortunately. 

Reform requires the consent of the corrupt


You seem to have put much thought with a degree of sincerity…

by Bavafa on

So here is my thought on the subject,
I have also met some MEK, though I try not to use that brief yet very negative encounter with them to base my judgment, their treasonous past by siding with Saddam against the mother-land is one act that I cannot let go. This is greatly in part that they still continue with the same tactic, siding with foreign entities that I believe they do not have the best intention for the Iranian people.  They may on surface have the slogan of anti-IRI but their action both in the past and present hardly confirm  any good intention for the Iranian people.

Lastly, I believe due to the fact that MEK is so distrusted and hated by general Iranian population, any alignment with this group will only hurt the pro-democracy movement in Iran and strengthen the IRI brutal hand.

So, I believe the unity that you are asking will greatly be harmed by such legitimization and/or involvement of MEK unless they have drastically change strategy.  Such change can start by allowing the members in Camp Ashraf to have a free will and go or stay as they choose.  They also need to disassociate the group from the top leadership that is responsible for much crime.

'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory 



Unity is all I am asking for

by bache_abadani on

I am from Abadan. The city that I grew up never was a religious city like Esfahan. I grew up in a moslem family but I had Armanian friends who were Christians and I had classmates who were bahai. We all played soccer together and never questioned who is darker, who is more or less moslem . We were all Iranians with our own family tradition. My Physics/Math teacher was from Fedayeen e Khalgh and when he was disappeared one day gave us(all students) a feeling that we never were able to forget. Just the idea that a smart young man from Petroleum College coming from a high midle class family was willing to sacrifice his own life and die for freedom of his people . So Treason is just a word. It s a general term. It all depends on who is asking?When we are trying to overthrow a government like IRI , to mullahs we are traitors.To our people we all are freedom fighters. My teacher was. The day Shah declared Rastakhiz Party and whether you re in or out. My teacher didn t want to accept a society like that. Our revolution didn t succeed but our people never stop fighting for that freedom. I am not a member of MEK. I don t agree with every tactic they use. I have different ideology. But I have met MEK members.I had family members and friends who were part of that movement.They were the most honest people that I ve ever met. They are not in it for money. I can tell you that.You may not like how they dress or whatever they plan to do but they re fighting against this brutal regime with every soul they have. And they won t give up and IRI knows it and every man and woman in Iran knows it. They re part of the opposition . They re brave and patriots. It s up to MEK members to argue and explain their tactics within their organization. We don t need to agree with them about everything . I don t like the idea of a Democratic Islamic Republic of Iran which MEK is  advocating. I want a Republic Of Iran. I want seperation of church and state. But I am talking about de-listing MEK from Foreign Terrorist Organizations list. Why anyone should be afraid of de-listing MEK? Its name was removed from European Union 's List of Terrorist Organizations in 2009.  So why not in USA. This is not about one person Rajavi or...This is about a movement.They re anti IRI.Let s not add any gift to Mullahs regime.


Anahid Hojjati

I agree Bavafa

by Anahid Hojjati on

I agree with you where you wrote:"I have no issues with the lefties, on the contrary I think they have very valid points, but a cultish Islamic dictatorship that wears the Marxist logo on their sleeves ..".



Just wondering ....

by Bavafa on

What is your definition of treason?
And as you correctly write about the crimes of IRI against Iranian people by imprisoning them unjustly and lack of political/social freedom, can you explain your support for a group, which I most characterize as a cult, who has been guilty of the same practices only much worse?
Do we know what goes on in Camp Ashraf?
Do we know how Rajavis became the president?

I have no issues with the lefties, on the contrary I think they have very valid points, but a cultish Islamic dictatorship that wears the Marxist logo on their sleeves and makes an art of treasonous act... those I cannot stand

'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory 



Doesn't work that way...

by پندارنیک on

Our nation is paying the price for an unconditional, and uncalculated(?) unity based on desperate measures which ultimately brought the menace of dictatorship back upon them. your long (and in my opinion, propagandish) blog is truly summarized in the bold paragraph at  its end and nothing else. MKO, with its present leadership, traitorous past and cultist structure neither should nor could have a role in overthrowing the IRI, nor will it be able to have any constructive role or position in Iran's political landscape in future.

By the way, the soothing and peaceful image on the top was noted and rejected as a tried-before subliminal message.