Vot DOnt Yoo Onder-Estand?

by bahmani

Sumtoymz ven I ehroyt sum kind of artikels or some belog postinks, peepel, get angry and estart shouting and trowing fohshes arond loyk dees and dat.

Eet reely upset me ven dees happens becoz, I mean, I am terrying to offer sum kind of input so dat deh hole perogram can become better. You no vot I mean? Kind of like debug perogram for deh hol vorld.

But e-sumtimez, I get deh feelink dat no matter vot I say or vot I do, peepel von't accept me becoz dey tink vot dey tink, and vot I essay means nuttink.

Dees make me angry, you no? Oy mean vot deh fok? Am I your fader's loose bottom? I don't know een engeleesh, but in farsi ve essay kooneh lagheh babat.

Ok, oy haff to go naw, happy norooz sad sal pirooz, dat meenz happy new year, hopefully you veel haff von hondred years victory.

I don't loyk Boosh.


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by Majid on

Che ghadr "haji" eenjaast!


Anonymus, Eva khak bar

by n.zanincanadai on


Eva khak bar saram! Don't taak dees vay, vay yoo die? hope your ehnehmee die! Bite yor tum toovice and espit and say "khoda nakoneh".

I teenk I veel poot my pikcher too. But ferom right anguel veet make up under perfect lite. Den i veel fotoshop eet. I get reed of zits and enhance color. vat yoo teenk? some men heeree not so bad. potential motential here? yoo teenk? mardeh zendegee here? I no vant to vaste my time. Me no getting younger yoo no?


Nadias your observation is

by A nonymous (not verified) on

Nadias your observation is right on the mark.

Some grown up adult children are having a childish fit, while they look down at other people wholesale and think of themselves very highly. Look at all the childish insults and cuss words forwarded wholesale (they are there, in Persian).


nazanin mordam az khande

by Anonymus (not verified) on

bishtar comment bezar please. tanx god.


jokes :D:D

by mazfaz on

why do you write like that? strange guy...


Darius Kadivar

Omid Djalili: Accent Shifting Syndrome

by Darius Kadivar on

Darius Kadivar


by Darius Kadivar on



by Majid on

Camel see no see.....ya'nee "shotor deedee nadeedee baabaa  joon"

To ro king abdol great, Ya'nee "shaab dol azeem" hand az head-e Bahmani take off!

Baabaa a flower at the corner of your face!  Ya'nee "golee be gooshe-ye jamaaletoon", Ehhhh!

Childeren-e people ro lonely geer brought?

Bahmani joon, composition God , Ya'nee "ensha' allaah" Damet warm va kallat green wind , Ya'nee "saret sabz baad".


rite bahmani joon... dont

by mara (not verified) on

rite bahmani joon... dont espik wid deez peepel
dey yor akhlagh faassed!
bad peepel very bad!


But I like you Bahmani joon... write away!
I'll read what you write!
Have been reading them for a good many years!


hahaha.....you all sound like

by Nadias on

my teenage son. hahaha He thinks his cute, acting like all of you too. :o)

Did I just step into the "Twilight Zone"? Jeez! :o)

I guess you all just need to release some personal tensions somewhere, might as well be on this web-site. 

Solh va Doosti (paz a vosotros)


Curious Joe

Bahmani joon, Barbari joon ...

by Curious Joe on

You don’t no vat yor taking about.  Yor artikels and belog postings are like Hajiagha’s cartons.  Zey get on peepel’s nervs and make dem angry. No vonder peepel vant to trow you a bunch of fosheh khaar-maadar. 

Aakheh barbari joon, ageh you haf some eenput, first find out if zer is a baazaar for your goddam eenput befor you espeel out your beans. Zer are lots of divooneh in teemaarestans.  Zey all, too, have freedom of espeech.  Why peepel shud boder to listen to them -- or to you.

Next time U feel erge to open yor mus and say somting, first tell us vot timarestaan you ran away from, and vot was your sykologist’s diagnose.  Now,  piss (I meant Peace).


persian westender

de rizen is onli yoo! yoo

by persian westender on

de rizen is onli yoo! yoo hav elots of gerammer misteiks, forexampel i nO tisd in yoor taitel yu wud have been saying "onder-stand". eets nat onder-stand. eets onderestand with no - bitwin. understand!??!!!



Eva Eva yoo can belog tooo

by n.zanincanadai on

Eva Eva yoo can belog tooo tymes a day? Change yor pikcher peeleez. Eet loooks like ferom 10 ears ago. Eye sah a pikcher in von of JJ's estories and yoo look olderrr. Dis type of perofile pikcher ees meesleeedeeeng. Tanx God yooo comes down, I vory about yooo heart attack so serious all deh time.



by Anonymous (not verified) on

In writing az yurs is so goood.. Congradlation..it loks mur appropriate style fur u..les anger in it goood lack.. :)