Is this what we are voting for?

Bijan A M
by Bijan A M

a-  Get off your butt, create, contribute and be part of generating prosperity,

b- don’t worry, lay back and relax we’ll take care of you… Go…, do your drug (grass or whatever. If I were you I’ll do coke). Your house is taken care of, your health care is paid for, your schooling is your right. Rest assured , those mother f*ckers who worked their ass off to produce and create will cover your expenses. I guaranty it. This is the United Socialist State of Amenrica.

We will not waste your dollars fighting our friends. Al Qada will promote and fight our fight for equality.  Why should we sacrifice our own sons' and daughters' lives when others are willing to commit suicide to promote our cause. We have to do everything in our power to wipe out any mention of Bush in the history. This dumb, stupid redneck cowboy  has destroyed our reputation as a nation of peace. This stupid warmonger along with his cronies think that 9/11 was against Americans. They are so rotten and racist that they can’t see the fight and struggle for justice and equality.

Why can’t people see that the constitution of USSA is only a document to oppress and enslave human race. They talk about democracy (the language of the rich and the affluent) to hide their conspiracy to milk the slaves. Their time is up….we are here to claim our land….You think you worked hard to get what you have?... Think again. What you have is all mine, you robbed me. It is your turn to live in misery now.

We are here to CHANGE this land…we only follow imam Obama.


The antique dusting old fart


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Kaveh Nouraee

Let this unfold on its own

by Kaveh Nouraee on

The election is a week old now, and yet the debate continues.

It reminds me of how in our culture when we go to someone's home or they come to ours, it takes about 90 minutes from the time someone says they must be leaving untill they get up off the couch and get going, then another half hour in the driveway.

I didn't vote for the guy (I know, BIG news flash) but the election is over, and he won. Let the transition process run its course, and let's see how things will unfold with this incoming administration.

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

If Bijan reads Atlas Shrugged, I will convert to Neoconservatism

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

LMAO. You realize that Ayn Rand did not believe the themes in that book after she was a victim of them, right? She has the saddest life story.... Bijan doesn't need that. He needs something fun and light!


Iranians have never read

by Anonymous... (not verified) on

Iranians have never read "Atlas Shrugged", Bijan. As you know, they are well-versed in communisim due to the former Soviet Unions vast investments in propaganda against the US in Iran.

All of your arguments can be backed by the book I mentioned above.



Bijan A M

Sorry AW

by Bijan A M on

didn't mean to ignore your last post. I thought my blog ended. Thanks again for your understanding and open mind. I never heard of that movie (about oil rig...) but based on your note will go and rent it.

As far as changing my mind, I have to say that our minds (I mean those who are not prejudiced) are in a constant state of flux and change. If that was not the case I would still be a hard core communist. I don't mean to start another debate here. I wish you and your family well and may we all see better days ahead.

American Wife

let's move on now

by American Wife on

to something more interesting...:-)

Thank God the election is over.  I was getting just too too mentally exhausted going to and fro trying desperately to change Bijan's mind!!!  (just kidding!)  I respect anothers opinion.  Don't mean I'm gonna agree with it... but I do respect that other people don't see things my way all the time.  Can't figure that out though... why don't they?

But it's all over now baby blue... I think it's awesome how those who obviously didn't vote for Obama are speaking out with words of unity.

This is totally irrelevant but when you said you were working on a rig, this came to mind immediately.  I rented this movie a few weeks ago.... The Secret Life of Words.  It took place on an oil rig.  It was unbelievable.  A great movie.   


The people have spoken

by Zion on

I agree dear Bijan. He was not my choice either, but the people have spoken. United States is a democracy and all things said and done, this is the most cherished tradition we have. Obama is now our president and leader of the free world. I wish him all the best in the grand challenges he, and all of us, will have to face.
God speed Mr. President.

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

Bijan what you talking about? Evidence and proof are important

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

Any time you want to make a case about something - crime or arguing about politics or whether your brother is a racist - whenever you want to prove something and convince someone you need evidence. 

You don't understand that basic point and that's why no one except Zion believes you. You share that false sense of righteousness with Zion. Enjoy la la land. 

Bijan A M

A final note

by Bijan A M on

I haven’t been hiding or running, I was offshore a few days (on a drilling rig for 2 and a production platform for 1). I don’t have the luxury and the opportunity to post comments at will when I am offshore. I have already apologized for my silence before I left but again I am sorry for not attending to my own blog.

I realize that my opinions on this site are not well received. So, be it. Those are my opinions and while I don’t have to justify them, in all candor I explained (or tried to explain) why and how they are formed. I don’t think this site is a venue to compete for approval rating. I look at it as a medium to exchange ideas, to voice opinions, to conduct civilized debates about issues. Everyone can lose his/her cool and utter words that he/she may regret 2 minutes after posting (thanks to unbiased moderators to eliminate such outbursts).

With all due respects to everyone, and to be honest with myself, I have to express the rage that some comments invoke in me. Yes, Mammad, this debate is not going anywhere, that is, anywhere that you want it to go. What is absurd is being prejudiced, absurd is being arrogant, absurd is to believe “the more you read, the more you have the right to be self-righteous”. That is what is absurd. Double talk is absurd, especially when it comes from a well educated, intelligent professor and eloquent writer. You didn’t vote Obama because he was so far ahead in California. Just imagine what would have happened if everyone was following your footsteps.

Printing of your political essays in left-wing and liberal publications does not automatically make you god. You have repeatedly demonstrated your anti-American views and have wrapped it in the cover of criticism. I have never called you an extremist because I don’t know enough about you to make that judgment. You are a better judge of that.

Yes, this debate will never go where you wanted it to go. Thanks for your valuable time and your degree of tolerance for absurdity.

American Wife: I am glad you had fun in your gathering and thanks for being open minded and not prejudiced.

Lefty-poodle: You can go now and continue your hide-and-seek game with the other kids in the alley. Your comments did not offend me. Some day you will grow up….

Blue haired: No hard-feelings. I don’t know what you mean by evidence. We are not investigating a crime. It is a statement of an opinion and I think I spelled out why.

Congratulations to all Obama supporters for their victory. Let’s hope and pray he delivers the ideals that you all voted for. For the time being I will remain apprehensive about what is to come and for the sake of my children and grand-children I hope and I pray that I have been wrong all along.



by Mammad on

I am sorry, but the more you write, the more I become convinced that you have nothing to show for all of your accusations against Obama - other than his middle name. You even tell me that I am an extremist. Thank you. This debate is not going anywhere.


I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

Evidence Shmevidence

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

Hi it's me again. I just want to say that I understand you are passionate. But what you're arguing is totally flawed not because you aren't writing like Salman Rushdie. It's because your argument lacks evidence. Zero evidence with a conclusion = problem. 

Affectionately yours,


American Wife


by American Wife on

We'll look forward to your return...:-)

Definitely not too many beers but pure exhaustion... was too wound up to go to sleep... maybe the brains and the keyboard were not in synch!! 

I think you're much too modest my friend!

Which leads me to Khar's question... it was awesome dude!  Very low key, yummy kebabs, those delicious cream puffs to go with tea, enough mast to feed an army... oh... I almost forgot... and WONDERFUL friends.  All of you were missed greatly but we know you were there in spirit.  JJ is simply THE best and there are no words to express my admiration for the ladies of who were there.  I can't remember the last time I enjoyed myself so thoroughly!!!!

I can't leave without one more comment.  Forgive the paraphrasing! When the husband taught me takhte, he explained that the game was 10% board, 5% luck and 85% core coree.  When beginning a hand on Saturday, one guest asked the husband's oldest son, "Do you know how to core coree". 

Reza replied "No, I know how to play". 

Khar!  Why don't you start a blog or contest for the best core coree.  It was flowing freely on Saturday....:-0



by Lefty Lap Poodle (not verified) on

"No offense dear, but some of us (myself at the head of the line) do not have the talent, skill, or whatever it is to express ourselves as clearly and eloquently as others."

How many times are you going to beat that dead horse?! Yes we know you've told us a thousand time that you "don't have the talent"! We get it! Got it! You don't have the talent. Do you have any talent?

Bijan A M

My silence

by Bijan A M on

Please forgive me if I go silent for a while. I promise it is not out of rudeness or ignorance. I am on the road with minimal opportunity to post. I just wanted to post this before leaving for a while.


I feel the need to re-emphasize that my piece was simply an expression of an OPINION that I have a lot of passion about. And I have tried to explain the best I could how, and why this opinion was formed.


Mammad: Thanks again for your informative post. You may disagree with my rational, reasoning or conclusion and I honesty respect that, but, in spite of Mr. Obama’s heart being in the right place, I think he has been and continues to be extremist. Lois Farakhan is an extremist, Rush Limbaugh is an extremist, James cone is an extremist. If you sit down and follow most of your adult life listening to and echoing the messages of extremists, in my opinion, you are an extremist. You can coat your message with all sort of sweet stuff, it will never change the content. I admire the filthy rich, bloodsucking billionaire black woman named Oprah. She is not an extremist. She has done more for the cause of justice and equality for black and any other race than all the likes of Reverend Wrights combined. She still has my admiration even if she endorses Obama. I do admire MLK, because he was not an extremist and was full of integrity. I could believe him but I can’t believe someone who hides the truth. Let them label me anything they want, this is simply my opinion.


American Wife: Good to see you back and thanks for taking the time to post. No offense dear, but some of us (myself at the head of the line) do not have the talent, skill, or whatever it is to express ourselves as clearly and eloquently as others. I may agree with Zion and disagree with Mammad or Irandokht. It doesn’t change the fact that they are better at clearly expressing their view points than I can. It took me a few times going over your post trying to grasp some of your point (No insult intended, but honestly, I thought you might have had one too many beer when you were posting your long post).

I don’t see any contradiction in acknowledging my opponent’s strength or my own weakness in a given area. It will not weaken my resolve or determination or take away from my self confidence.


Abarmard: There is no fear of intelligent leaders. I bet you Lenin was quite intelligent and so is Ahmadinejad. 

Again I am sorry to leave for a few days and apologize for my silence. See you later when I get back.






If the world could vote?

by Khar on

Very interesting site:



American Wife

by Mammad on

Thanks for your note and commenting on what I said.

Let me first say that President Obama will be much much much much better than President McCain. I live in California where Obama is so far ahead that I can afford to vote for a 3rd party candidate to hopefully contribute to strengthening them. But, if I were living in a state on the edge, I would have voted for Obama.

Having said, I still say that I am not crazy about Obama's foreign policy, but perhaps it would not be his fault, anyway. Despite all the unfounded claims by Bijan and others about him being "an extremist" and "growing up an extremist" and "socialist" and "communist" which, quite frankly, I find absurd (to put it extremely politely, having difficulty controlling my mouth to prevent saying a stronger word) and BASED ONLY ON HIS MIDDLE NAME, I believe that Obama will be constrained by all the constraints on ANY US president.

Regarding Afghanistan: I am of course for finding bin Laden. But, he is not in Afghanistan, most likely in Pakistan border area living among the supporting local population. But, my point was, there can be no military victory in Afghanistan. So, one should get this fantasy out of the system and start trying for a negotiated solution. Escalation, as Obama wants, will only lead to more bolldshed. Bush had a chance to kill bin Laden and make Afghanistan better in 2001-2002, but he missed it because he wanted to invade Iraq.

Regarding Iran: What I wrote was my guess. In an e-mail to the New York Times's reporter David Sanger, a top Obama foreign policy advisor said, "Barack Obama will not allow uranium enrichment in Iran." So, if that is the position, which as I said will be impossible for any Iranian leader to accept, what option is left? Sanctions? Sanctions are low-intensity wars anyway, and eventually lead to high-intensity war, at least in Iran's case.

Regarding Obama's military budget: How is he going to pay for the additional 92000 soldiers that he wants to add to the Army? Things do not add up.

I am not fearmongering. As I said, Obama's heart is in the right place. It is the constraints of the strategic goals of US foreign policy that constrain ANY US president. One should be hopeful, of course. After 8 years of destruction, war, and lieing by Bush, whatelse can we have other than hope? But, unrealistic hope is also bad. One must have achievable and realistic expectations.



Majid Jaan

by Khar on

How did the send off party outing for Jahanshah go? Was it supposed to be yesterday Nov. 1?

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

Check this shiz out. A military mom's view from CNN boards

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

Mervyn Swanson November 1st, 2008 1:28 pm ET

I want to go on record to letting you know that my son is in the air force and he is due to go to Afganistan in Feb 2009. It makes me very proud when I hear him say he does not want John McCain or Sara Palin as his boss when he leaves. He believes that McCain is way too angry to be in charge and Palin has no experience. If my mind was not made up before then is sure is now. May God Bless Barack Hussein Obama and Joseph Biden when they take the oath of office to fill their terms in safety and good health.

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

Bijan why did you even bother to write this blog?

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

Bijan, for someone who claims to love democracy and all that, you're totally opposed to listening to people who disagree with what you've written and/or are INSULTED by what you've suggested in your blog.

If I or someone else wrote a similar blog, you'd have a cow - oh wait YOU DID. YOU CUSSED THE CRAP OUT OF ME. So we write to you, you say "you're on my ignore list". Honey if you really want to ignore people who disagree with you, I suggest you quit blogging here. 

You're choosing not to play fair, but it's your choice. I suspect it's because you have no weighty answer other than "socialist communist fear extremist Obama scary". I also suspect that you resent anyone who is open to visiting diplomatic relations with Iran. You haven't admitted this, but I think it's the real reason. I'm on ignore, so I'll never know if that's right or not.

I hope you read what American Wife wrote you, because it was thoughtful. I didn't catch whether she's on your IGNORE list too yet.


Find out how much you save with Obama

by Abarmard on

Here is the site that lets you know how much you would save with Obama Tax plan Vs. McCain.

By the way, some have good reasons not to vote for Obama, what ever they may be, but for the most I like to ask: Please don't be afraid of intelligent president.


American Wife


by American Wife on

Sorry... was out of the loop the last 24 hours.  Just getting caught up. I do appreciate your response. I believe it DOES reflect a measure of respect... irregardless of your opinion.  But sorry, your list of eloquent commentors made me spew my beer... and it was chilled to perfection. Several I agree with completely (your inclusion of, not necessarily their content, others of a similar mindset). However the inclusion of some made me realize that posting on this article was pointless.  The same absolutely worthless blather... can you say "cut and paste"?  I'll look for another informative and mutually compatible (again, if not agreeable...:-) post and hopefully we can continue this discussion more in depth.  Your comment about hoping others would be open minded, or provide an intelligent response, etc. has proven to unfortunately find an audience which does anything but. 

Samsam, again the tah dig was acceptable, loobia polow continues to be just a plain fucked up mushy mess. Will continue to work on that.  I have a theory about RT... you disagreed with someone's comment.  We might discuss that further.  If, IF, I am correct, then I'm absolutely thrilled to death to see this side of of a... not sure what word to use... but certainly one of the more interesting characters on IC.  Sorry to sound so elusive but I'm still contemplating, comparing, and drinking cold beer to clear my head.

But anyway... where and for what did I apologize?  Believe me.  I usually know when I do.  It's usually a red letter date....LOL.  That might be wishful thinking on your part.  Continue your delusion...:-0 

Marge... the problem is intimidation.  Always has been... always will be.  A little true intelligence and humor to soften the blow and the freaks start their show.  I know I know, it gets old.

Sorry Bijan, have to pop in again and just ask... what was it... pot or coke?  You're all over the place... Democrat one minute and "whatever" else the next.  Just remember, you can fool some of the people some of the time and some of the people all of the time, but you can't fool all of the people ALL of the  time. Replace the word "fool" with "please" and the same analagy applies.  PC and SCD?  What an insult to SCD.  Zion? In the same list as IRANdokht...say WHAT?????  Maybe you're forgetting to change your screen name when you change your opinion??  I'm sorry, this isn't meant to be ugly and until you yourself insinuate that it is, I won't respond to the uglies.  At that time I'll apologize to YOU.  I'm just not following you dude!!!

Mammad????  What?  Increase tension in Afkanistan?  He's want to win the fucking war there.  He wants to find Bin Laden.  And if Afkanistan and Palestine are participating in his safety, HELL YES, we're gonna go after him/them.  Don't make that an "aggressive" action.  He's taking care of bidness!  Increase military spending??? What channel are you listening to?  One of the Pitbull's pathetic blathering includes the fact the Obama does NOT want to increase military spending.  And Iran?  The fact is NOBODY knows shit what either one want or ARE going to do and you trot out your assumptions like you're sitting right next to him.  What's the word?  Oh, yeah.  Fear mongering.  Thanks dude... you just mongered some more fear for the neocons... way to go.  Mission accomplished.

Khar... can you BELIEVE the hero worship for PC?  And others?  I don't get it.  I truly think Bijan is quite intelligent.  I enjoy his posts... but for Christ's sake.  That was appalling.  I've got to leave before I... no, I promised Samsam.  Yes, I am playing nice nice!!!!   Whoo hoo!  Also I missed what you said that had the Moderator slapping your knuckles... can't believe you said anything offensive.  Not with some of the freaks that have joined the show recently. 

Dang it.. Bijan... back to you.... you lucky guy you...:-)  This is actually something that come to me while I reading your article (and I absolutely did not realize it was supposed to be satirical.  Isn't this the second time this has happened?  I usually "get it" but no, I didn't see much humor or satire.  Anyway, I degress.  I'm totally whipped after a lovely cookout with our fearless leader.  No... I have a new theory.  I'm interested in sharing it with you and will look for another opportunity to do so.  Several suggested starting my own blog on it but no... I don't think so.  When it's someone else, I know I can just leave.  But if it were MINE and the likes of Zion or PC came to visit... it would be rude to slam the door in their face or ask them to leave.  JJ said you just can't do that....LOL.

So... the mutual respect is absolutely still in place.  But I get mixed readings on some stuff and wonder why. 

Samsam... I really think there is hope for you.  I won't give up.  I'm not scared of RT but I think of some of the other possible havoos you wish upon me and I shiver with fear.  So far, the mast o' Khiar is keeping his tum tum happy.  I will continue to press on!!!!

Marge... you're keeping me sane and it's most appreciated.  I'm diggin' your scene friend and hope you stick around a little longer this time.  Ok... time to find some other friends to play with.  Will keep my eyes peeled for the blue haired lady. 

Bijan A M


by Bijan A M on

You are so out of line that you have joined the Blue haired on my "ignore" list.

Have a great weekend my intelligent friend. 



Arash M. K.

by Majid on

And....she's one heart beat away from presidency?...LOL

I think GOP (Grand Oil Party) put their "BEST" foot forward! 

Great clip my friend.


A simple question !

by samsam1111 on

A lotta Democrats are voting for Obama due to their overall trust in Democratic party principles & the system of party's chacks and ballances  and not necessarily Obama . He is basicaly riding his views on the trust of american people for Democratic party & not His hot air record.

The question is ;

Would They honestly , trust & vote for Obama  considering his views & obscure background if He was an independent like Ralph Nader ?. He certainly wouldn,t have got more than 30k votes for his own views & records .


Bijan's less than truthful "facts"...

by Khar on

Moderator 1234 has said not to use personal attacks, you know it also means to refrain from writing lies and character assassinations too.

Let's recap what you wrote to Mammad, shall we:

"Obama’s wealth redistribution":  Meaning, he is a Socialist (I guess giving $800,000,000,000 of tax payer money to the biggest Banks is not Nationalizing and its not Socialism!)

"Obama will kill the sense of entrepreneurship":  Meaning, he is a Communist (please don’t stop there)

"Obama is an extremist":  Meaning he is a terrorist (now you're getting warm)

"He grew up as extremist":  Meaning, his parents were also terrorists (I guess it runs in his family)

"I have had issues with his integrity and continue to do so":    Meaning, He is an African-American or he is Black (now you're hot dude and you should never use the 'N' word, that so 1950ish. Auh the good-old era when Colors where Colors and Whites were Whites!)

"Liberal media’s sound-bites about oil companies and Exxon’s profit":  Meaning Big-Oil is at liberty to suck your pockets dry while making $50,000,000,000 in one year as profits and you can’t say shit about it.

“Rest assured that these bloodsuckers!! Are on your and my side”: Meaning, self expalinatory (by the way the reason big-oil are "on my side" is that I keep my wallet in my side pocket) and you are having too many power lunches with Joe the plumber!

(Exxon) Entrepreneurs who were willing to risk high for high rewards, out of business":  Meaning give them more tax cuts and handout in excess of $15,000,000,000 a year. They are doing a great job back stabbing Joe-Public under patriotic slogans.

"All I wanted to vent was my fear of the same experience I had 30 years ago. The same mass-hysteria that destroyed my land just because they were fed up with the ruling government.”: Meaning, I don't know anything about democracy. (got news for you Bush and his cronies along with big-oil already already brought this country to edge of ruins, no lessons from Mullah's needed)  

“Mark my word: If Obama is elected with a liberal congress, house and Supreme Court, we will witness the death of American Constitution as we know it:  Meaning, according to perhaps your role model (Neo-Con) Supreme Court Justice Tony Scalia "Constitution of the united state is a dead document". Your heroes Bush-Cheney and GOP who had total control for the last 8 years had shot it down and almost killed it!


But it’s not dead yet, we the people on November 4 will bring it back to life by electing BARACK OBAMA & JOE BIDEN.


I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

Bijan I found you a girlfriend!

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

This is what I'm talking about! 

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

Bijan you have no evidence to match your fears

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

That's classic Republican fear mongering success! Way to fall for it. If you really think that paying 1.9-3% more taxes = socialism, you must read up on what socialism is.


Bijan A M

by Mammad on

1. Give us a couple of examples of Obama's extremism. His middle name? Indonesia? Wright? Ayres?

If these are your bar or sticking measurements, I believe we may end up having the big majority of people everywhere to be extremists. Besides, do you really think that a true radical can survive in this country, much less become the President? 

M. L. King was not even a radical and was murdered, and Obama is not even close to his level of liberalism. King was opposed to any war; Obama wants to escalate the war in Afghanistan.

2. The idea that an elected president of the US can actually put this country on a path to socialism is truly absurd. Yes, the military establishment, the corporate world, the intelligence community, the right wing, the ultra-right militia, not to mention impeachment by the Congress, all of these will not be able to do a damn thing, if Obama wants to make the US a socialist country.

To give you an example: during M. L. King marches, the Army intelligence was worried about the stability of the U.S. It has that kind of mentality, and all King wanted was to get rid of all discriminations, not overthrow the capitalist system! 

The idea that liberal democrats are actually leftists/socialists in closets that can help Obama is even more absurd.

True linerals (not phony ones, like Biden), like Ted Kennedy, are only centrists or at most center/mildly to the left. They are never comparable with true social democrats of Europe, such as the Swedish model, or the Party for Democratic Socialism of Germany, or Italy's the New Left Party, or even Spain's socialists.

Besides, classical socialism is dead. The reformed socialism is democratic socialism, which advocates a mixed economy, universal health care, free or affordable education, equality of genders, freedom of expression/thought/religion/press, and a humane and non-violent foreign policy. Obama will never be able to take even the first few steps in this direction.

3. I am not opposed to Exxon, or any oil corporation for that matter, making obsene profits, provided that,

(a) do it in a truly free market, not with obsene tax breaks from the government, and,

(b) Do it in a way that working people are not exploited, and the environment is not destroyed.

4. Every statistics that I gave can be checked and rechecked.

5. You seem to imply that our reading and informing ourselves can be coloured so much by "who we are" that render it useless. I do not agree with this. Our brains are not programmed to be this or that. This is not scientific.  Plus, I am talking about a truly informed decision, REGARDLESS of its DIRECTION.

Your words were marked. We will see.


Bijan A M


by Bijan A M on

Thank you for your post. I really appreciate it.


While I agree with you that the more you read the more informed you get, I am also of the opinion that your reading will be tinted by who you are (personalitywise) and what experiences you have had in life.


With a reciprocal due respects, you make many statements and throw in numbers with regards to Obama’s wealth redistribution plan that is not really what my post was about.


 My issue is with his character, not policy. Obama is an extremist. He grew up as extremist, he believed in extremism and he continues to be an extremist (in my opinion). I have had issues with his integrity and continue to do so. This has nothing to do with being Republican or Democrat, Rush Limbaugh or  Kieth Olbermann.


With the help of a Democratic (i.e. liberal) senate and house, he will drive this country towards socialism (again, in my opinion).  I have never made any comments about the Bush administration or McCain in terms of policy. All I am saying  (once again, as an opinion) is that Obama will kill the sense of entrepreneurship, creativity, and the drive for a better life (hence, killing prosperity).


Mammad, with all your wisdom, you keep on using the liberal media’s sound-bites about oil companies and Exxon’s profit. Sir, you could be right about every statistics you throw around, but you are wrong in analyzing the oil companies profits. I am in the business and  I assure you that those companies are not robbing the middle class American. Their profit comes as a fraction of what this nation is paying to those who commit suicide to destroy this nation.  Just remember, Exxon and any other company which makes any profit are yours and mine. Their profit is what secures your retirement and mine. Yes, their CEOs maybe (or are) greedy and corrupt but most of that 15 Billion dollars are yours and mine. Rest assured that these bloodsuckers!! are on your and my side ( the Americans of all classes). So, you advocate to tax these bloodsuckers more and take some of their fortunes. That sounds very humanistic and just. What’s going to happen next, is that you drive some entrepreneurs who were willing to risk high for high rewards, out of business. I am sure you get where I’m going with this. No, I have not read nearly a fraction of what you have read, but common sense needs no reading.


I’m sorry, I didn’t intend to start a debate over policy, as it is not my gripe about Obama. All I wanted to vent was my fear of the same experience I had 30 years ago. The same mass-hysteria that destroyed my land just because they were fed up with the ruling government.


You keep on saying, “mark my word”, I beg your indulgence to mark my word: “If Obama is elected with a liberal congress, house and supreme court, we will witness the death of American Constitution as we know it”.

Moderator 1234

Dear Khar

by Moderator 1234 on

Please refrain from making personal attacks on other registered users.  Please stick to the subject of the post.

Arash Monzavi-Kia

Vote for Palin, eh!

by Arash Monzavi-Kia on