Baha'i Leaders' Show Trial Scheduled on First Anniversary of Presidential Election

 Baha'i Leaders' Show Trial Scheduled on First Anniversary of Presidential Election
by bordbar

The next session of the trial of the former members of the Yaran, who attended to the spiritual and social needs of Baha'is of Iran, has been set June 12th .

The date coincides with the first anniversary of last year's contested presidential election in Iran, as well as a global day of action aimed at calling attention to human rights abuses in that country.

As part of the Global Day of Action (//, one group has led a creative campaign bringing attention to the size of the cells that the seven former members of the Yaran are held in. The picture is one of their efforts.  

The latest story announcing the upcoming trial date: //

This story contains moving details of the conditions of imprisonment: //


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by sag koochooloo on

Thank you for posting this, our thoughts are with their families.


Prayers for the Baha'i 7 & all suffering human rights violations

by unity4all on

Thank you for this post and bringing further attention to the human rights issue in Iran. Hearing of the inhumane conditions that so many innocent people are suffering through, being detained in Evin prison, saddens my heart. My thoughts and prayers are with all of these dear souls especially the former members of the Yaran on this day, prayers that they may gain continued strength and that these injustices will come to an end.

Anahid Hojjati

Dear Esther, thanks for your comment

by Anahid Hojjati on


Dear Esther, thanks for your comment addressed to me. It really does not matter. IRI is wrong to persecute anyone based on their religious views. Bahais have been in Iran for a long time but if even today, two young Iranian guys come up with a new religion in Iran, IRI would be wrong to persecute them either. I like where you wrote in your comment:"No one is safe and no one who remains silent is innocent. I hope and pray for an end to this intolerance, and this violence based on intolerance."



by Esther on

That is one of my favorite quotes :) (although I have seen different attributions for it). I have been thinking about it since one of the commentators elsewhere referred to women in Iran as "low-hanging fruit". I like your version, and the point is very well-taken since it doesn't really matter if it is women or Baha'is or other political dissidents. No one is safe and no one who remains silent is innocent. I hope and pray for an end to this intolerance, and this violence based on intolerance.



by Anvar on

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by Gavazn on

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Prayers for the Yaran as well as for the people of Iran

by inquiringmind on

Thank you for drawing our attention to the upcoming trial date... I will be watching and praying that justice prevails on this day for the Yaran and for the people of Iran, who too are seeking for the government to live up to its human rights obligations...



by Shepesh on




by Xvarnah on

Anhaa'ee keh daa'em mazloom namaa'ee meekonand, az hameh zaalim tarand.




I am praying for all Minorities and political prisoners in Iran

by Gavazn on

Good luck to the Bahais and their unfair trial. Hopefully God will let us become a democratic nation for all Iranians.

Anahid Hojjati

Dear fooladi and Esther, let's hope this nightmare will end soon

by Anahid Hojjati on

Dear fooladi, you are correct about situation that IRI is in. Their incompetence has caused many problems.  Also they cannot say that Iran is in war with IRAQ like they used to say for years. As you noted, for the first few years, IRI enjoyed popular support and that is why they got away with executions.  This time it is not the case.

Dear Esther, yes, my comment is based on quote from BERTOLT BRECHT (If I am not mistaken).  Ordinarily, I note that my comment is based on a quote but this one is a very familiar quote to many. It is also very true about what happened in Iran during IRI. For that matter, look at people like Moussavi. He was a prime minister when mass executions in 1988 happened and now his followers are put in jail.  When "Ayatollah Beheshti" 's son was put in jail few months ago, it was ironic for me since Ayatollah Beheshti was no icon of democracy.  Beheshti (father) during televised debates in early 1980s, alluded to the fact that communist leaders should go to jail.  Yes, they did go to jail and some died but same mentality that Ayatollah Beheshti helped establish in IRI, which was not tolerating other people's ideas, resulted in imprisonment of his own son less than thirty years later.  Persecution of Bahais is also another exampl eof this utter lack of tolerance than IRI has exhibited from early 1980s.


Thank you

by Esther on

Bordbar, thank you for raising this issue and Anahid, thank you for your moving and challenging comment.  I have been thinking about the quotation on which I believe your comment is based, as well as the upcoming anniversary of the 2009 election protests.  I will post a poem soon.  I believe change will come to Iran someday, but I hope it is sooner rather than later!


anahid, Thanks for sharing your experience

by fooladi on

Dictatorships can survive under harshest conditions, so long as they enjoy popular support. 

IRI  had solid popular support for the first few years of it's existance. This suppurt has been dropping steadily. Now, what is happenning is that due to economic issues caused by a combination of sanctions and government incompetence, the backbone of the regime's support, the religious zealut, mostly living in villages are turning against the regime. This is a key turning point. The demonstrations last year were not accidental. They were caused by huge economic issues at home. Regime knows what a big trouble it is in, and this is precisely why it is acting so desparately. They are hoping to survive by intimidation and execution. but, "Zahi khiale bottel"

Anahid Hojjati

First they killed ministers from Shah's era

by Anahid Hojjati on

To every reader of this comment:

When IRI came to power:

First they killed some people including minsters during Shah, so I though every revolution kills the leader s before.  I was too young and too unaware to even be bothered by the fact that why would someone like Farokh roo Parsa had to be executed.

Then they killed kurds and Mojahedin so I though that they were involved in military activity against government.

Then came to putting in prison and killing of leaders of communist groups that had not done any violent activity against IRI such as Tudeh. This time I said at least they are not killing the low level members.

Then came to mass executions in 1988. By then, I had left Iran because of all the "ekhtenagh and erteja" and I was so traumatized by what had happened in Iran in early 1980s that I was not into reading news about Iran.  There were also not that much publicity about mass killings of 1988 and execution of Bahais. So again, I did nothing.

Then came killings after election in 2009.  This time, I was not quiet. What about you?


End the apartheid regime in Iran

by Bavafa on

My heart goes to all the victimes of the apartheid regime in Iran.  With the hopes that one day and hopefully reall soon, all prisoners of religon and conscience will be freed in Iran and every where else.



Sharing the knowledge

by daryoush38 on

Our prayers go out to the Baha'i Yaran and all of our brothers and sisters who have been wrongfully imprisoned by the regime. The pictures of so many people around the world showing the size of the Evin cells is so inspiring, makes me feel more and more that justice will prevail once enough people know the horrors that are currently gripping Iran. Thank you for sharing and for the 12june link my friend.


News to the world

by DASLOT on

Wonderful post.
Its so great to se that through their struggle in Iran, that these leaders create such unity of thought throughout the world. Adventuring across the internet you see that everywhere people's  hearts go out to the Baha'i's in Iran and especially the Yaran.

If any of you readers haven't checked out some other collections of news on this subject please check out places like:




Beyond daily life

by fakemannered on

I'm glad somebody voiced this issue. Thank you.


My heart and thoughts are

by fooladi on

My heart and thoughts are with my Bahai countrymen and women who are suffering at the hands of this velayate vaghih islamic dictatorship for no reason other than their religious beliefs.


Test of Iranian government's legitimacy in human rights

by Bobby44 on

The treatment of the Baha'is really is the litmus test of the Iranian government's legitimacy and truthfulness in human rights. What a sad reality for Iran's people right now.


Test of Iranian government's legitimacy in human rights

by Bobby44 on

The treatment of the Baha'is really is the litmus test of the Iranian government's legitimacy and truthfulness in human rights. What a sad
reality for Iran's people right now.


The sacrifice and

by AmR on

The sacrifice and forbearance of these precious souls throughout their ordeal has been inspirational to behold and should serve as a reminder of the power of the quality of faith.  Let the whole world note the abyss that prejudice, hatred and fear can lead us to and may this example of needless persecution galvanize us all to strive to eliminate the injustices that plague humanity.  Thank you for drawing attention to this.


Thank you for bringing

by miquela on

Thank you for bringing attention this important human rights issue. Throughout history, huge violations of human rights have been able to occur because the world turned a bling eye, from the holocaust, to the genocide in Rwanda. Staying focused on the issue is the way in which an even worse violation can be prevented. The killings of Baha'is back the 80s were able to occur because the world was not aware. So let us prevent another genocide from occuring!


Hope to see an end to all

by Farha9 on

Hope to see an end to all these injustices!


Free the Baha'i 7

by UtterNothingness on

Thank you for the post. I hope that these innocent Baha'is are set free.