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Katyusha is one of the most popular songs in Russian. It was originally sung by Lydia Ruslanova (in the picture). It became greatly popular during World War II as Ruslanova was constantly traveling by truck to visit all the troops and perform this song. She made a final performance in Berlin.

The song is about a Russian girl named Katyusha and her desire to get back with her lover who is fighting in war. I won't bother listing the Lyrics, but they are here with a good translation.

Russians love this song. They perform it everywhere in parades, bars, restaurants, at home. Below performance is by he popular Tolmachevy sisters performed last year live in Red Square. I have links to other versions too.

An original recording by Lydia Ruslanova.

The Red Army Choir version.

Another female live performance with some dancing.

Two girls with nice voices for YouTube.

By another girl at the "Russian Idle" show.

Version adopted by Chinese Communists

A bizzare version by what looks like a High School history teacher trying to be cool!


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great song

by femme (not verified) on

This is a great song and brings back a lot of memories for me. As a kid, our music teacher played it in class with accordion, and we loved it. I have a sheet music book and the same song is referred to as "castschok", instead of katusha. I love its fast, energetic rythm, and it feels great to play in on piano also. PURE FUN!



by Kurush (not verified) on

Thanks for posting it. The song warmed the heart of many a Russian soldier fighting for their country in nightmarish conditions. They singlehandedly saved the world from the spectre of Western fascism's onslaught during BARBAROSSA. Bolshoe cpaciba.



by Khar on

1970's German band-Boney M, Rasputin: