more Russian! (Kalinka Malinka)


by Cheezaki

As a follow up to my last blog on the Russian song Katyusha, I will write about one of the only Russian songs that is even more popular. "Kalinka" (little snow flake) was composed by Ivan Larionof in 1860.

You have probably all heard this song before. It's very famous. The main part starts slow, speeds up faster and faster. Then a ballad and then repeat.

This version is by Ilena Merzoian for an Italian TV show named "Non e la Rai". This was a very fun variety show! It was made by teenage girls for teenage girls. The show was canceled over 15 years ago. Many of the young girls who were on the show went on to become models and actresses in Europe.

Another version was by the Red Army Choir in the early 90's.

The guys in suits and weird hair are the Finnish parody/cult band Leningrad Cowboys. Later in the same set, the choir and the Leningrad Cowboys did a legendary must-see cover of the original 1967 song "Happy Together" by the Turtles.

More interesting links

Ivan Rebroff's famous version of Kalinka in a German TV memorial.
A neopunk version by Russian duo TATU
a beautiful all-violin version by the Hungarian trio Princess


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I love this song. Thanks!

by music lover (not verified) on

I love this song. Thanks!