Introducing the Baha'i Jewish Lobby


Introducing the Baha'i Jewish Lobby
by Covenant

The anti-Iranian nature of the missionary affair continues to reverbate within the Iranian Baha'i community. Iran has been the cradle of this British manufactured, Zionist supported cult from the very beginning. Most of its adherents have come from Iran. In fact, for all their posturing that they have managed to convert large populations in the Third World - and who for some reason can't actually be found any rolls --, no other country in the world has been so receptive to the Baha'i idea than Iranians and particularly Iranian Jews.

These days, predominantly of former Jewish and sometimes Zoroastrian backgrounds, the current make up of Baha'is in Iran is vastly different to what it was in the late nineteenth centuary. The Baha'i faith lost its appeal to the mainstream Iranian community in the early 1900s during the Constitutional Revolution when Abbas Effendi not only failed to support the constitutional movement, but tacitly even supported the Russian involvement in Iranian internal politics and its sponsoring of Muhammad Ali Shah's coup d'etat against the Parliament and people of Iran. Later in the mid 1950s Shoghi Effendi directly instructed Iranian Baha'is to work closely with the Pahlavi regime, ergo Habib Sabet. The exodus of Baha'is from Muslim backgrounds resulted in the reduction in the intellectual output of the community.

Coupled with that came the influx of new believers from these Iranian Jewish and Zoroastrian minorities. The new believers had been under persecution in their respective religions and saw the new faith as an opportunity to exert control over others. Introducing the powerful Baha'i "Jewish" Lobby.

Brought together by their dislike of Muslim influences on Iranian culture, the Jewish Baha'is began to gradually purge the Iranian Baha'i community from its Islamic roots and origins. This can be witnessed in their whitewashings of the militant Shi'ite and Babi past.

This agenda fitted well with Shoghi Effendi's vision of abandoning Iran in favour of exporting the cult to other parts of the world. With the death of Shoghi Effendi in 1957 and the rise of the new UHJ oligarchy, the new Jewish (and sometimes Zoroastrian) adherents were quickly promoted through the ranks to high places within the Iranian
and International Baha'i communities. Key members of the Iranian NSA and continental Board of Counsellors came from this new ethnic grouping in the Baha'i cult. Following the 1979 revolution, most of the Jewish Baha'i elite migrated to Western Europe and California, USA, where their monies helped buy properties for the AO. The completion of the ARC project is owed to a large part to donations given from these two groups. Several confidential trips by UHJ members Fatheazam and Nakhjavani to LA and Australia in 1989 ensured that all the monies required for the ARC were secured from these groups. In fact the whole of these monies had been raised long before the advertising campaign for fundraising ever begun, much of through their own investments, with smatterings of large grants and subsidies given them by the Israeli government.

During the late 80s and early 90s many of the donators and their relatives were rewarded by the BWC by being nominated to key positions on the Continental Board and the ITC. In fact a quick scan of existing Counsellors in Europe, Australia and North America since 1985 suggests that former Zoroastrians and Jews have done quite well in this regard, but not their Muslim background counterparts.

The UHJs decision to adopt a more rabid form of fundamentalism and hardline position in 1996 bode well for the Baha'i Jews especially.

They were the ones that successfully lobbeyed the UHJ to:
1) Instruct Iranian Baha'is not to attend Naw-Ruz celebrations by Iranian exile communities;
2) Instruct Iranian Baha'is not to associate with the general Iranian community in exile, thereby attempting to foist a Baha'i-only -rather than a universally Iranian - Naw-Ruz culture.

Counsellor Manijeh Reyhani, for example, who was instrumental in getting Hamid Taheri excommunicated comes from a dual Zoroastrian and Jewish background. These people control the Payam-i Bahai magazine (run by '60s-'70s Pahlavi insider Shapour Rasekh a.k.a. Delaram Mashhuri), the Andalib magazine, and, until its demise Landegg in Switzerland, as well as Radio Bahai (broadcasting in Persian), not to mention composition of the Ruhi modules.

Iran has always been rich in supplying and exporting Baha'i travel teachers around the world. The Baha'i Jewish lobby now wants to dominate and silence the mainstream Iranian Baha'i community by exporting their hyper-fundamentalist reading of the cult into Iran. They have funded companies and businesses through the missionaries in order to "teach the youth" and set up Ruhi Institutes. The Baha'i community in Iran has suffered enormously at the hands of the Islamic regime. It has lost some of its most charismatic Baha'i intellectuals like the Bakhtavars or Davudis. The present elite leadership is exclusively made up of former Jews. There are deep divisions in the community and some of the truly learned ones have boycotted the current crop of leaders and their activities.

So this latest effort to export missionaries is aimed at demonstrating "the correct version of the faith" to the rank and file at the same time isolating (and hopefully driving out) the voices of dissent. It is also a means, among others, by the Israelis to gain further footholds inside Iran itself. Both policies, it would appear, have now failed. The Iranian Baha'i community is racked with dissension and schism, and the IR finally blew its top (and reasonably so given all the freedoms they had given the Baha'is since the mid '90s) with this ridiculous allegation of genocide by the Jewish Baha'i leadership. One wonders if maybe deep down these Jewish Baha'is actually pray for a holocaust to occu in Iran so that they can politically capitalize on it for their future designs, just as their European Jewish counterparts vis-a-vis Palestine.

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If you are light, we are the darkness that is NUR...

by NUR on

True misery is you Haifan Bahaim and all that is associated with you, would ye but know it! Yes, indeed, if you are light, we are darkness, but the darkness that is the Divine Shadow! So we are Zill'ullah (the shadow of the Godhead) while you and all those associated with you are zalil'ullah (misled/abject by the Godhead).

You speak in simplistic psychologistic formulas that neither you nor your fellow co-cultists remotely understand - formulas that have no substance or reality as either understood or pontificated by you. And you speak arrogantly from a place where you think the Truth is with you, yet you are as far remote from the Truth as can get, since you have no interest in (let alone notion of) the Truth and continually misdirect and obfuscate when the manifest Truth is placed in front of you; meaning, that based on the true definition of the word kafir (from the root k-f-r meaning 'to cover', to hide') you and all those in your creed are in reality kafirs - you hide and misdirect from the Truth because you are afraid of it as it contradicts your cherished and received vanities that you call the Bahai faith.  

Now it is interesting that you cultists accuse me, almost verbatim, of the same things that the elite family of pagan idol worshipers of Mecca, the Quraysh, accused Muhammad the Messenger of the Godhead of (splendor, peace and salutations be upon Him and His Immaculate Household). That is because in my eyes (archetypally) the very substance and essence of you people is from the same hellish essence and firey (jahanami) substance as those people, esp. the Sufyanis. And this is what the Messenger of the Godhead (the Splendor of the Godhead be upon Him) had to say to those people,

ya ayyuha'l-kafirun/O ye coverers of the Truth/disbelievers [i.e. infidels]

la a'budu ma ta'budun/I do not worship what ye worship

wa la antum 'abidun ma a'budu/And neither do ye worship what I worship

wa la ana 'abidun ma 'abadtum/And neither will I worship what ye worship

wa la antum 'abidun ma a'budu/And neither will ye worship what I worship

lakum dinukum waliyya din/To me my religion and to ye yours!

(Chapter of the Infidels/Surat'ul-Kafirun Q.109)

Moreover, this poem by Shaykh Ahmad Ruhi - a champion of freedom, reform, democracy, and a Bayani - says it all about you, your creed and its founder. You would do well to ponder it: 

If Husayn 'Ali be the manifestation of the Husayn of 'Ali

A thousand mercies of God be upon the pure soul of Yazid!


agar husayn 'ali mazhar-i-husayn-i-'alist

hezar rahmat-i-haqq bar ravan-i-pak-i-yazid


The profound antimonies and antipodal imagery of this simple poem are truly deep, almost prophetic, in what they say about what you people are and the founder whom you think is divine.  As such, and contrary to the warped pseudo-ethics and pseudo-morality of contemporary political correctness, indeed hate of the lie (which here is Baha'ism) is nothing more than Love of the Truth (which is NUR/Light of ALLAH/the Godhead). Unfortunately in this age of inversions, bogus relativisms and spiritual subterfuges, people seem to shun the virtue of spiritual hatred of counter-spiritual untruth that is enshrined in virtually every scripture on the planet, Abrahamic and non-Abrahamic alike, since even hatred directed in the service of Truth is a supreme spiritual virtue! G-d "hates" wicked nations in Genesis and Exodus, so destroys them -- and not once, but several times (i.e. the deluge that saved Noah, the people of Sodom & Gomorah, etc). In Exodus 15:3 we even read "Adonai ish milchamah Adonai shmo/The Lord is a man of war. The Lord is His Name." In Twelver Shi'ism, for example, implacable hatred for the enemies of the Imams and the People of the House (ahl al-bayt) (the Splendor and the Salutations of the Godhead be upon Them All) has been enshrined as an article of faith, and it is called tabarri. To wit,

…For the Imams, bara’a (or tabarri) is the indispensable complement to, and opposite of, walaya (or tawalli). If we translate walaya (or tawalli) by “faithful, tender love” of the Imam, then bara’a (or tabarri) would be “wild, implacable hatred” of the Enemy of the Imam. We should be simultaneously mindful of everything that involves this opposition of “Imam/enemy of the Imam” or “the imams’ faithful believers/the partisans of the imams’ adversaries,” as well as all the corresponding pairs of opposites: the Hiero-Intelligence (‘aql) and those of the counterpowers of ignorance (jahl), the battle waged between the two from before the beginning of the creation of the physical world, the People of the Right and those of the Left, the People of Paradise and those of Hell, the continuation of the universal battle throughout the cycles of sacred history between the Imams and their faithful, on the one side, and the adversaries of the Imams and their partisans on the other, the Guides of Justice and the Guides of Injustice (a’immat al-‘adl/ a’immat al-jawr), the Guides of the Good and those of Evil (a’immat al-khayr/a’immat al-sharr), the Guides of Light and those of Darkness (a’immat al-nur/a’immat al-zalam), the initiated Masters and their disciples as opposed to the counter-initiated and their masters, the People of the exoteric and the esoteric as opposed to those of the exoteric alone, and so on. According to the Imams, one cannot fully love the Imam and his Cause without simultaneously hating the Enemy opposed to him and to his Cause since the time of creation; the “believer” who is faithful to the Imams should pledge Love and Obedience to the Master who initiates him into the Divine Sciences, and hatred and disobedience to him who stands for the opposite of this Initiation. If the world is the way it is, invaded by evil and darkness that will only increase until the triumphal return of the Mahdi, it is because the Masters of Injustice and the mass majority (‘amma) that follows them is dominant, condemning the Sages and the chosen minority (khassa) that follows them to isolation and suffering…

From Mohammad Ali Amir-Moezzi. The Divine Guide in Early Shi’ism: The Sources of Esotericism in Islam. (Trans.) David Streight (SUNY:
Albany, 1993) 87-88.

This is the case in the Bayan as well since we Bayanis are Shi'a.  But this all is not really hatred in any negative sense. It is raw, uncompromising committment to justice - and, as they say, justice is blind! 

That stated, now where is that Mendel so I can debate him his religion with some of the cool fire and brimstone imagery of the Old Testatment, which I adore - esp. the Book of Kings/Malakim where the Prophet Elijah/Eliyahu (upon Him be peace) bests in argument and then beheads on HaShem's (G-d's) command all the high priests of the pagan god Hubal/Belial on Mount Carmel; this, since it appears that the priests of Hubal/Belial have returned to Mount Carmel requiring the appearance of yet another Elijah for these times to send them back to the qelipoth/hellish realm from whence they came! But our Mendel went pretty quiet, pretty quick as soon as I brought up the Sabbatians and the Frankists! I wonder why that could be?!





by Happy Nur (not verified) on

I can tell that you have a miserable life and I understand why. I really really mean it and I am so sorry for you. I think you are a very smart person but not a wise one. You left the nur and joined the darkness. That was your own decision and did it to yourself. I really can not see any spirituality in you. All I see hate and darkness in your soul. People sometimes make terrible mistakes they get a second chance in life to correct themselves but decide not to use it. Even their best friend advise them to reconsider like in your case (if you know what I mean) but, because of too much hate decide not to. Now you are left alone in the dark have no one left to listen to you. All you do every day sitting behind your laptop searching and searching and searching for some negative things to find about the Baha'is and post it here. You no longer see any positives. In fact any positive you see bothers you and you try your best to make it negative. What a miserable life you have I am sorry for you and I am more sorry for your Baha'i family and relatives. Go ahead and call me what you want call me close minded ignorant. It doesn't matter; all I can tell you is that I see more truth in the Baha'i Faith than in any other. All I care is to help bring peace on earth and this is the way I think it can be achieved because I have seen that all other ways had end up in failure. Open you heart and be nice to your old friends. Present your issues in a way so other can join and discuss them in a friendly environment.

Thank you and God belss you.


Just one question

by tsion on

NUR dear, have you ever considered seeing a shrink?



Damet Garm ,Dr.AZAL

by 13 baa Dar (not verified) on

Hey Anonymous 111,
Go read some " monajat "(sleep pell),your "Allah Baha" it may forgive you KE TER ZADI( yani 111 kardi ) ,all of the 7 million Bahai were watching & hopping, that, some one may picked up Dr.Azal, if not at least on his vocabulary. YOU "BESAVAD" like me disappointed all,,,,

p.s (braking news)3 day mourning in Israhell Anonymous111111111 throw himself out of zoo windows and BE MOSTARAH E MALAKOOT ABHA PEYVAST .KHODA BEYAMORZE mano va..pedar pozorge molla Nasreddin ra..


Mendel to the Bahaim's rescue?

by NUR on

 (Note my use of Bahaim with an ‘m’ at the end. In Hebrew it is the plural of behemot’, meaning ‘Beast’. ‘Bahaim’ as such means ‘beasts’ or ‘animals’ in Hebrew.)


Well, well, well, finally the Bahaim have beseeched the resident ‘Mendel’ of to come to their rescue here. Obviously the bait worked in bringing to shore one of the local skullcap donning predatorial sharks to prove the axiomatic proposition of ZioNazi support for, and collusion with, Haifan Bahaism. I’ve been very much looking forward to this…


Dear Mendel, if you know anything about the history of nineteenth century Iranian Jewry – do they even teach such subjects at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem or are all the subjects catered towards teaching homicidal maniacs illegitimately occupying other people’s land how to kill defenseless Palestinian women and children using depleted uranium and white phosphorous shells, or other ingenius means and methods of war-criminally liable ethnic cleansing? – then you would know that the fundamental reason for Iranian Jewish conversions to Bahaism had to do with the unequal social power relationships within the Jewish community of Iran vis-à-vis  the larger Shi’ite majority, on the one hand; and, I conjecture, the lingering legacy of Sabbatianism, on the other.

Conversion to Bahaism was therefore both a form of internal social protest by modernist seeking Jews to the backward and obscurantist reality of the Iranian Jewish community itself as well as one simultaneously against the predominant society. As such the conversion of Iranian Jews to Bahaism, mutatis mutandis, can pretty much be explained by the same sorts of factors which had countless Jews turning Marxist throughout Europe in the mid-late nineteenth to mid-twentieth centuries. Note that there were virtually no Jewish conversions to Babism!


Now your typical ZioNazi conceited sarcasm aside, the existence of a Baha’i Jewish clique and elite – ergo lobby! - is prima facie, and that the same sorts of realities which exist in the mind of Jews which distinguishes the world into Jews (sayanim in your case) and goyim prevails amongst Iranian Jewish Baha'is as well, is axiomatic. How do I know this? I came out of this sub-culture. And how do I know that a powerful and very wealthy Jewish Baha'i clique/or lobby exists directing things behind the scenes? Because one portion of my maternal side of the family are these people...


As for the Shi’ite mullahs hating the Bahaim: it is no more and no less than the general and long-standing hatred that Orthodox Jews of all stripes hold for Sabbatians and Frankists – not to mention the general hatred that all political Zionists, like you, hold for Arabs! Mendel, you do know about the Sabbatians and Frankists, right? These are your version of the Babis and Bahaim, with the Sabbatians (i.e. followers of the failed Jewish messiah Sabbatai Zevi who apostasized from Judaism and converted to Islam) standing for the Babis with the Bahaim being the Frankists. This is to contextualize for a Jew such as yourself so that you have something similar to compare developments to in your own historical, religious experience. 



BTW the predominance of scumbags these days weighs inordinately on the side of those who refer to Palestine as Eretz Yisrael - sayanim such as you, for example!



NUR (shark killer)  413 


Wow! who knew?

by tsion on

There is a "Jewish Lobby" inside the Bahai administration that discriminates against even ex-Muslims, eh? Oy vey!
And of course, the Jews created this "lobby" among Bahais because:

'The new believers had been under persecution in their respective religions and saw the new faith as an opportunity to exert control over others. Introducing the powerful Baha'i "Jewish" Lobby.'

Right! So by converting to Bahaism, the one creed that shia mullahs hate over everyone else including even the Jews [because it rubs them of their alleged legitimacy as surrogates for the hidden Imam], they would be better off and exert power over others! If you say so. It sure makes perfect sense!

[Hey JJ, give the poor guy his place on the front page. can't you see, he is been here long enough to learn the tricks of what makes you lovely bunch who run this site tick and kick, what it is you like to hear and what needs to be done to become a honey. Come on, stop discriminating among scumbags on your site. Give the man his place of honor. Don't you see he is trying hard?]




by NUR on

First of all, the history of Bahaism does not extend to 166 years. It extends only 142 years from 1867 when Husayn 'Ali Nari openly made his bogus claim to being man yuzhiruhu'Llah, i.e. the Promised One of the Bayan. You Baha'is have tried to illegitimately claim Babism as your own, but the facts decisively prove otherwise. The religion of the Bayan and yours are two different things as the difference between sulphurous fumes are to lightning.

Second, it does not make any sense for you Baha'is to calculate from March 1844, since the Revelation of the Bab in Shiraz had not occured in March, but in May - i.e. two months later! Furthermore, per the diary of the Bab, the Badi' calendar does not begin until the Naw-Ruz of 1850 nor is it a solar calendar. Per the correct computation of the kullu-shay'=361, today (March 25th 2009 CE) is the 16th day of the month of Sultan in the Bayani Year 161. Not that anything I say will make the slightest difference to any of the blind Baha'i zombies here...

Now you say that the charges that Haifan Baha'is are spies is spurious. Can you explain, then, how it is that Kuwaiti-Bahai Mia Pederson Sadat was working in the capacity of an intelligence agent for the US Pentagon in the lead up to the war with Iraq? Also, can you explain the following story that appeared in July 2006 in the Indian HINDUSTANI TIMES,



New Delhi
July 13, 2006

IN A complaint filed in a city court, a few trustees of the National Spiritual Assembly of Bahais of India have been accused of espionage by their colleagues. Apparently, they were supplying classified documents from India's defence establishments to Israeli and Iranian spying agencies and making huge amounts in foreign currency. Taking cognisance of the complaint, the additional chief metropolitan magistrate, Kamini Lau, has directed the Economic Offence Wing Cell to immediately register a case against the accused persons. The court has also asked the cell to file a status report with it by August 10.

As per the allegations in the complaint, one of the accused, N.K.
Bhudhiraja, general manager of finance with the spiritual organisation, forged an identity card and affixed his photograph on an armed forces concessions form for free baggage allowance, which is needed for military officials travelling to places in India and abroad. Apparently, he also used to travel under the fictitious name of 'Captain S. Budhiraja' of the air force station at Yelahanka.

Apparently, the accused, by using such impersonations and forgery
managed to clandestinely penetrate into the prohibited defence
establishment of the country and get hold of classified documents. In turn, he supplied the sensitive documents to spying agencies in
Israel and Iran in return of foreign currency.

The complaint has also alleged that the stamp of the air force
station at Yelahanka had been forged with some amount of accuracy and was being used by the accused trustees of the 'spiritual assembly'.

The complaint also alleges that another accused, Payam Shoghi, also a trustee with the society, is in truth an Iranian national. He
fraudulently got his name inserted in the ration card of another
accused and also got it attested.

On the basis of the ration card he managed to procure an Indian
passport. The complaint also states that such passports have been
issued to a number of other foreigners by the accused people through a similar fashion of forgery.

The counsel of three complainants Swadesh Kumar, Khub Singh and
Gulshan Kumar told the court that they have definitive documentary evidence to prove that the accused were, in addition to the other violations, involved in a large scale Hawala transaction network.




Ha Ha Ha....FUNNY

by Anonymous111 (not verified) on

Get a grip dude....go listen to some Rozeh and calm much anger....bad for your health...

Plus, how can I possibly argue with someone who makes such effective use of bold text?!!!



by NUR on

Evidently the one trick pony is yourself. And the labeling towards people who disagree with you is all yours as well. You are a Bahai - and by implication a ZioNazi - and are doing taqiyah because you are following the letter and script of the following:

1. As far as possible they hold back from responding
2. Then they claim no knowledge of the given issue by feigning
3. After the exposer has exposed they will try to divert to secondary
and totally peripheral and irrelevent side-issues
4. The exposer is then painted as someone with an axe to grind,
biased, deluded (while they, the bahaim, still have not responded to the main issue exposed)
5. Next they relate mental instability and insanity to the exposer,
i.e. shoot the messenger
6. Then, the last tactic, is to wheel out several dubious personas on
the scene who claim to be neutral non-bahai observers who then begin attacking the exposer as well as the issue exposed and supporting the bahais and their issues as so-called non-bahais

Instead of answering the facts presented with reasoned counter-evidence, in a typical misdirecting, wave of the hand and smokescreen manner, you start calling people agents of this or that government. In your utter imbecility and obliviousness to the rules of evidentiary discourse you think that like a magic wand this silly trick of yours is supposed to make the issues disappear. And the fundamental reason you do this is because of a fallacious axiom that animates the back of your twisted, cult-ridden mind that Baha'is are innocent in everything no matter what the prima facie evidence to the contrary, and the perpetrators those who point to the big elephant's head of Baha'i duplicity and widespread economic corruption clear to all.

This is why your deception is completely hollow and transparent to me and then why YOU must resort to ad hominem and shooting the messenger rather than addressing key points and the message - i.e. to absolve yourself in your own mind! You have nothing else to attempt to refute the message so you go for the messenger. But this is a fallacy of reasoning, a red herring, not to mention implied evidence of the veracity of the primary message being conveyed, should you understand your own mindboggling stupidity here.

You see, Mr BahaiAnonymous111, I read you and your type like an open book! You are all, to the last of you, the same bunch of yellow bellied, duplicitous, glaze-eyed drones and liars that many everywhere are coming to know you people as. And it doesn't take an IRI agent to figure you cultists out, either. It just takes two pairs of eyes, two functioning lobes of the brain and solid determination; or, in my case, having lived amongst you for as long as I did and then locking horns with you for as long as I have.  

And if I am an IRI agent, kindly point me specifically to the bank account where my money is supposed to be deposited for imaginary services rendered to the Islamic republic, since given the hard economic times at the moment I could use the money for something right now...

YOU are an utter FOOL!



such astounding beauty

by scb (not verified) on

Dear "A Non Baha'i:"

Imagine if you were asked to present the weak points of God in order to be "balanced". You would be unable to do so. God has no weaknesses.

Baha'i believe their Faith is divinely revealed. Part of what we learn as Baha'is is to overlook human frailty (which exists in unending abundance) and depend upon that which is Mighty,
Unfailing, and without Peer: God.

What enables us to do this? Belief in Baha'u'llah.
Ah, such beauty in this belief, such astounding beauty.

So so sorry for Covenant, that he is somehow compelled to spend his time attacking this Beauty.

Its springtime!! . . .Go outside, Covenant, and breath God's fresh air, say a prayer of thankgiving and see how good it feels to do no attacking, to give up slander. How wonderful to know goodness and be freed of all hateful things.

Joyous Naw-Ruz!! Joyous Naw-Ruz to everyone!!
Isn't life good?


Then you win

by scb (not verified) on

Mahatma Gandhi said:

First they ignore you.
Then they laugh at you.
Then they fight you.
Then you win.

There are currently six to seven million Baha'is in the world. This has taken place in only 166 years. It exists in virtually every nation on the earth. Most Baha'is are not Iranian, but most Baha'is admire Iran and long to go there. We know the Iranian people are not hateful.

The Baha'i Faith is an independent world religion world dedicated to the unification of mankind in one universal cause, in one common faith. Our path is peaceful.

To label Baha'is as spies, conspirators, etc., only demonstrates the fear and reaction with which some Iranians face the future.

Go to See for yourself. There is nothing to fear. No outlandish amount of bloggery can obscure the establishment of the Baha'i Faith as a recognized world religion established by an the Iranian known as Baha'u'llah.

Isn't that alone worth your regard?


Yeap...You're Right

by Anonymous111 (not verified) on

I'm Bahai...and I'm doing taghiyeh. You forgot Zionist, which should come naturally....

You have confirmed my theory about youself and other IRI stooges. You are all one trick ponies. You can only label people. You have no other abilities when it comes to opposing points of view. I guess though you have to follow what the "memo" says! Stick to what works, right?



Anonymous111 = Baha'i doing Taqiyya: CAUTION NON-BAHAIS

by NUR on

Baha'is In My Backyard 

Also see,
Recent court victory by the Orthodox Baha'is (OBF = Orthodox Baha'i Faith), and the suit brought by the Haifan Bahaim organization against them:
// (judge's actual
Note particularly,

BAHAIM Tactics & Techniques - CAUTION NON-BAHAIS

"Slanderous Vilification" = The Baha'i Technique - Ad Hominem, Libel, Slander, Demonize, Scapegoat, Ostracize, Shun, Banish, Backbite, Defame, Vilify, Discredit, Smear, Revile, Suppress, Attack, Bully, Intimidate, Threaten, Malign, Blackball, Deceive, Coerce, Silence, Harass... etc., etc....  CAUTION NON-BAHAIS

1. As far as possible they hold back from responding
2. Then they claim no knowledge of the given issue by feigning
3. After the exposer has exposed they will try to divert to secondary and totally peripheral and irrelevent side-issues
4. The exposer is then painted as someone with an axe to grind,
biased, deluded (while they, the bahaim, still have not responded to
the main issue exposed)
5. Next they relate mental instability and insanity to the exposer,
i.e. shoot the messenger
6. Then, the last tactic, is to wheel out several dubious personas on
the scene who claim to be neutral non-bahai observers who then begin attacking the exposer as well as the issue exposed and supporting the bahais and their issues as so-called non-bahais


Also see S.G. Wilson,
BAHAISM AND RELIGIOUS ASSASSINATION The Muslim World vol. 4, issue 4, 1914
BAHAISM AND RELIGIOUS DECEPTION The Muslim World, Volume 5, Issue 2, 1914-1915.




to anonymous111

by religion=cult (not verified) on

If you've been a bit more educated or curious, you would've at least searched the word " donator" in dictionary, and seen that that donator=donor.

This blog makes sense. It is always refreshing and more informative to hear viewpoints of ex-Bahais. They are able to portray the lies and sneakiness that the Bahais don't want anyone to know.


Total Garbage

by Anonymous111 (not verified) on

I am not Bahai, and frankly, don't care much about that religion. But this article is just total nonsense. First, the writer's bad grammer makes it barely understandable (which actually brings up another interesting question, and that is who is this "ariter", who apparently writes under various names. In fact, the poor grammer reminds of IRI's government writings. You draw your own conclusions). For instance, there is no such English word as "donators". The correct word is donors.

Second, the piece is full of acronyms which are not explained, such as HUJ, AO, ITC, BWC, etc. What do these stand for, and how do they relate to the article (again, it appears that this piece was written by someone who is deeply involved with investigating Bahai's on a political / organizational level).

Lastly, and most importantly, the piece is full of accusations and claims that are not explained and / or supported by any data or facts. For example, take a look at this claim:

"During the late 80s and early 90s many of the donators and their relatives were rewarded by the BWC by being nominated to key positions on the Continental Board and the ITC. In fact a quick scan of existing Counsellors in Europe, Australia and North America since 1985 suggests that former Zoroastrians and Jews have done quite well in this regard, but not their Muslim background counterparts."

Can the writer point us to the source of this data so that we can look it up and verify his (their) claims?

This piece is just total propoganda garbage, and everyone should recognize it as such.


One of my own posts from a lost blog...

by NUR on

This was one of my own posts, from a blog back in 2005. Here is the original link to the post I made of it on USENET

What does not cease to amaze is that the issues alive and pertinent four-five years ago are still as relevant now as they were then, especially:

One wonders if maybe deep down these Jewish Baha'is actually pray for a holocaust to occu[r] in Iran so that they can politically capitalize on it for their future designs, just as their European Jewish counterparts [did] vis-a-vis Palestine.

And this is exactly what is happening. The Haifan Bahai organization has been playing a dangerous game of chicken with the IR leadership, daring it to unleash the genocide in Iran it cries wolf about in the Western corporate controlled media in order to goad the US government or IsraHELL to do in relation to Iran as they did in Iraq. To wit,

From: Ian Kluge
Date: Sat Apr 15, 2006  3:15 pm
Subject: RE: [talisman9] Re: Juan Cole on Iran's 'nuclear defiance'


Dear Bacquia,

Two points:

(1) RE paying attention to what they say: many German Jews made that mistake once too. They dismissed Nazi anti-semitism as 'talk' and cheap vote-getting propaganda. They were wrong - and Israel can't afford to be wrong again. I fully support a first strike on Iran's nuclear facilities wherever they may be hidden and by whatever means are needed to destroy them. If the Iranians deny us their oil, destroy their oil facilities - if we can't have their oil, neither will they.

The US can get most of its oil needs met by Canada (already your
largest supplier anyway of oil, gas and electricity). The MacMurray
(Alberta) Tarsands have more oil than Saudi Arabia just for starters.

2) I have no idea why the Universal House decided as It did, if It did (I haven't even seen the letter allegedly saying these things.) but
off the top of my head, I can imagine at least one major reason.

Regime change (one way or another) is coming in the relatively near future and Baha'is must be there when a new regime is established to make their mark on the new government and help move it in genuinely new directions. If they all Baha'is leave they will have lost all credibility as well as opportunities to legally prosecute their former tormentors.

If you want to play hockey, you've got to be on the ice at game-time.

Best wishes,

Ian Kluge



Given the facts, what other evidence does Sen McGlinn require that while the leadership of his cult sat on its hands in 2006 when Baha'i Mr Tabatabainejad was tasered at UCLA (a clear civil and human rights violation by any definition) and did nothing - even denying at one point this gentleman as being a member of their community - the government of Iran is regularly campaigned against for far, far less in regard to the Bahai issue - even accused of cultural genocide by misters Moojan Momen cum Friedrich Affolter. Obviously the Haifan Bahai leadership is trying to get the Islamic government of Iran to unleash that very thing, i.e. to unleash a massive genocidal pogrom so that it can get it's regime change.  

Now regarding this individual, Sen McGlinn, someone made the following apropos observation about him to me on facebook:

...Sen really works hard at obscuring things to make them seem less ridiculously absurd...Sen is the ultimate liberal obscurantist...(Dan Jensen, January 15 & 17, 2009)


It should be noted that he makes some outlandish, off the wall and totally unsupported and unsupportable statements in his book when he discusses the Bayan, so this individual should watch themselves before accusing anyone of making unsubstantiated statements...


For everbody else, Naw Ruzetan khojasteh bad!



Please change ur AVTAR

by Erooni (not verified) on

Dear Covenant - I am very fond of your postings - where do you find this kind of Censored material. I loved this article and forwarded this to many of my friends. ONE REQUEST - Please change ur Avtar and contribute your postings.

Reza 41

REZA 41 Thanks Covenant

by Reza 41 on


Thanks Covenant for such a enlighten view that take us deep throw dark heart of these subtle manufactured cult who orchestrated remarkeable deceit against Islam & Christianity ,as far as elite Jew background Baha'i ran away to California? you are right on money. only one thing I Need to correct or ad is Mr. Davoodi, ALSO was or is from Jew background. which ran away along with other at least 11 high commission Bahai(NSA) , which  their absent and fleeing the country was kept top top top secret, till some of them  being seen by Baha'is,one of the high rank Bahai who realize what is going on, his head was found in dumpster in NY air port, for whom like to know and see any evidence, I would suggest first officially ask UHJ if they know any thing about this, or what is their final status of those missing in writing WITH UHJ LETTER HEAD,if they can bring declaration that they are still missing, than I have my document and their addresses which to show that they are lying , but I bet each one of you die hearted hezbollahi Baha'i ,YOU CAN NOT get the UHJ to give you any thing in writing .

why they did such despicable deceits ? simple , to sent down naive Muslim background Baha'i to slaughterhouse by taking and filling their position and finally meet their death and following that, use their dead body  forth their international propaganda's against Islamic revolutions, and "mollatriz" true nature of the movement which was pure people motivated Islamic movement , simply catching big fish and do what they have been ordered by their creators ZIONIST, till today they gain so much money, sympathy and all kind of benefit for themselves and Enemy of Iran and Islam, and most probably at end which complete truth comes out , they will total deny if they ever said officially they were dead,and only concerned adherents made those up. 

Sen, do you think this guy also got his info from Keyhan? you are asking about evidence, if you willing to accept  the truth what ever might be, than you as, knowledgeable Bahai, will find much more than this Mr or Mrs covenant , they are hidden. look, you will find as you found many of their lie ,before . 1917 prophecy does it ring the bill? which still carelessly spreading... GOD bless whom are soldier of light, hitting and hurting the darkness,covenant most definitely is soldier of light ,whom has thing to hide, most definitely should be afraid of GOD soldiers of light like him. NO ONE CAN HIDE ANY THING FROM ALMIGHTY..

Happy new year to all.

peace Reza


Dear Phillip

by A Non-Bahai (not verified) on

As a Non-Bahai who visits regularly, I have to share something with you that you may find interesting:

For the past several months, I have read a number of blogs by Bahai Bloggers at who have presented to us the virtues of the Bahai Faith.

As some one who is not a Bahai, I have to say that after a while, it became obvious to me that the Bahais MUST HAVE also some negative aspects as other religions do.

I belioeve that people such as this character, Covenant, serve a purpose to allow the rest of us (Non-Bahais) to see a side of the Bahai Faith which was not shared with us by the Bahai Bloggers. I also DO KNOW that his (Covenant's) blogs are at best HIGHLY DISTORTED. Nevertheless, every once in a while, a ray of light does shine through.

Thank you for your comment. However, if the Bahai Bloggers had presented a MORE BALANCED view of the Bahai Faith, then I am sure that people wouldn't be paying so much attention to characters such as this fellow 'Covenat'.

Take care :)



by Phillip Tussing (not verified) on

My comment is directed not at the malicious individual who put together a piece of lies and trash. This is his prerogative. My comment is for the editors of By what standard of journalism can you accept such an obvious piece of hate? Normally can be rather objective. A piece on the Baha'i Faith from the point of view of someone who has criticsms is fair; this piece, however, makes look as though it is a supporter of hatred against Baia'is.
1. It is by an anonymous person, so there is no name for the attacker.
2. Most offensive of all, it contains a doctored photo of the Blessed Beauty, the Prophet/Founder of the Baha'i Faith, with His tongue stuck out. Tell me, would you publish such a photo of the Prophet of God Muhammad? God forbid! Do you think that such nastiness is acceptable when it is directed against Baha'is?
3. The piece is filled with falsehoods throughout -- has not checked a single fact.
My friends -- balance is a good principle in journalism; but it is not balance when one prints both supportive pieces as well as malicious hate-mongering. Please take the photo out -- it degrades your site. Baha'is can refute lies, though it does not do your reputation good to have given them the benefit of having published them.
With respect,
Phillip Tussing

Sen McGlinn


by Sen McGlinn on

So many claims, and not a single source, not one scrap of evidence ! 


What I can do, is keep my arm
from bringing others any harm.
How can I give the enviers ease?
They are themselves their own disease.
(Sa'di, Gulestan 1:5)

Email: Sen.Sonja[at]Casema.


Navruze Mubarak to you dear !

by Erooni (not verified) on

This is fantastic, majority of Iranians know this fact and this is not new.
Anyways - thank you for this rich text.


Happy New Year to all

by Covenant on

Happy Navruz to dear Baha'is ;-)