The Last Darvish Warrior


Cyrus Angha
by Cyrus Angha

In God's Great Name

My name is soul and I'm from a land called the Heart. My mother is hope and my father is faith. I look to the past for understanding, only to look at the future with love to know the truth.


I tell you my story in truth that you will find your own some day with the help of god.



The Last Warrior’s words of Wisdom.

In God’s Great Name


    In 2001 I went back to the father land Iran (Persia), where I learnt a lot about my history, Persian culture, mythology, Persian martial arts and ancient legends. My name is Cyrus Angha,  the founder and supreme guardian of The Lion Heartz.  I have made two trips back to Iran and met many interesting people along my way of self realization. I have come to learn more about my country’s history by an old man who interested me a lot more then others that I have met. His name was fereydoon the wise, and he was a Zoroastrian from Yazd. Every morning I noticed this old man who would light a fire for prayer and pick up some sand and kiss it. After, he would just stand there for a while and then begin his daily training with a piece of wood. One morning as I passed his front yard, I would always salute and say SALAM as I passed by, thinking he was an old soldier or a veteran of Iran and Iraq war. He would never reply back to me, so one day I took it upon my self to ask him why. Agha Fereydoon, whose name I found out from a neighbor, replied back by asking me a question with a question: do you answer when you’re praying to your holy Lord? And right away I understood him and apologized for disturbing him. Towards 5pm I saw he was watering his plaints, and he suddenly said: “young pahlavoon come here a moment.” So I walked towards him and ask how I can help. He asked me to push a wooden box forward in which I struggled to do so. He then asked me to lift up some metal pipes and put them in the back yard, and again I struggled to do so. He smiled and said: “do you know why you can’t pick up the heavy pipes or push the box with a ease?” He then continued to say:  “because you are thinking about it.” It then occurred to me that this old man is different from a lot of Iranian old man that I have come across. One day I asked him if he was a soldier as I was helping out with the garden every day. He laughed and said: “what gave you that idea huh?” I then explained to him that it’s because he got up every morning at 6am for his fire prayer and then his training, and he did not talk to people, or me for that matter. He then went on to say:  “I know you’re not from around here,” and I replied by saying that I’m from London sir. He carried on telling me that his name was fereydoon and he was from Yazd. I told him I already found that out through a neighbor. He said: “listen to me young man, the Arab Iranians love to gossip a lot about peoples personal lives here and lie a lot, so please do less talking and more action. I asked him why he said Arab Iranians and not just Iranian? He went on to explain that after the Arabs invaded our great land a lot of the past went with its people toward Yazd and India, and that a lot of the our history and knowledge has been burnt and lost by the different kings of Iran. I asked if he was a Muslim, and he smiled and said: “no, I am not, but I like the Sufi people a lot, because they spend less time talking and more time loving thy lord with all their heart. I told him that I am a Darvish sufi warrior! Agha feryedoon said without being offensive that I was a Sufi, but not yet a Persian warrior. I asked him how I can become one and he went on to say: “well young pahelvoon, you first must learn more about Cyrus the great and the great immortals, then I’ll teach you the way of a true Persian warrior, so go now and come in at 6am and no later!

 The following morning I went to see him at 6am sharp, and he asked me why I looked so tired and whether I had fully rested. I told him I had not rested fully. Agha fereydoon turned to me and told me to go home and come back when I  have fully rested, and to never come back without resting! I was surprised and did not question him any further and went home.

 The next morning I came fully rested and was ready for training. Agha fereydoon then asked me if I had eaten before coming, and I told him that I didn’t. He told me that everyone needs food before any sort of training, so he asked me to pick up some eggs and fry them for


Breakfast, and I did as I was told. He told me it’s the most important meal of the day and that I should always eat before any sort of training! He explained to me that he was the descendant of Koorosh(Cyrus) the great’s imperial royal immortal guards, and the keeper of the old ways of the Persian people. He explained to me that because the Persian army lost to the Arab and Mongol invaders, a small group of ex-guard’s swore an oath to keep all their training and their knowledge of history a secret, but only pass it by word of month from father to son so that it may survive for the next generation. After learning who this old man was and how wise he was, I was honored to learn from him.  At 6am it all begin for me by pushing and pulling a large wooden box and said that’s the only way to gain ultimate strength and power without lying to your body. Remember the Zoroastrian way above all is truth, so use all your body to push and pull the weight and do not think. Never think, because time will pass you and it will pull and push you back into place. Cyrus, remember to keep this to your self and never talk or tell any body about the training. I asked him why I shouldn’t. He replied by saying: “do you tell every body you breathe every day, no, and it is just that simple. Some things are better kept to your self then to show others your strengths and weaknesses right? That is why I train only by my self and not to show it or to use it for money You are never to teach or show this to any body, just like you would never give a child a sharp sword to play with, right?”

  As a few months passed, Agha fereydoon had to leave for Yazd and reminded me of my oath of brotherhood, and to only teach my son the old ways again. I asked him why one, he said, you only have one heart and only one can follow you. Koorosh the Great only picked a group of small children for training to become men and the best in old times for war only.

Before he left I asked for his permission to write a book on his widsom and to let Persian people know of the past. He said that some things are left to the best, so I’m sure you will find the answer to that in due time. Before the old man left for Yazd, I asked him for wisdom on fighting if needed to defend one self towards other men, he said: “a true warrior must only react to an action and no more and no less. Man must always train his body and mind from the morning he awakes, till the time that he rests. Life will test you in many ways, demons will play tricks on you, people will push you, and mother nature will hurt you. Stand tall Cyrus in the face of times and never give in or up and fight till there is no fight to be won. I never had the opportunity to thank him properly and ask him for more knowledge about a lot of things that don’t make sense. I remember him saying, look hard and you will find what you’ve been looking for. Three years later I heard from a very good friend of mine the Agha fereydoon died in Yazd and made one last salute to khorosh the great’s tomb in shiraz before he made his last trip home to Yazd. My grandfather always said that a man’s action speaks louder then words.

I guess my last words of warrior wisdom to all that read this is to watch over your thoughts as they become words, and watch over your habits as they become actions and define your character, as your character will become your destiny.

Live life the good way, say good, think good, and act good” By Prophet Zoroaster (A.S.) 


(I’m real sorry if anything from this article should offend any of the Iranian People.) The truth can’t ever hurt unless you don’t really understand it.

Cyrus the Great, Rostam, Ali, Muhammad, Solomon, Jesus, Gandhi, Sufism, Bruce lee, Zoroaster, My own father Faird, They all have inspired me to become a Man and a better one. As a Darvish Warrior should,always hold the sword in his or her right hand and the holy book in my left hand. Prophet Muhammad (S.A) said if knowledge is Far East then go and find the truth.

The truth my friend will set you free and give you inner peace, That I know the more I learn, I just realize how much I didn’t really know at all.


May God bless you all and your Heartz with hope to find what you’re really looking for?

Thank you very much for taking the time to read this and to understand it.


BY Cyrus Angha

With the help of my Love one’z.