Dariush Homayoun on VOA :Doh Roozeh Aval

Dariush Homayoun on VOA :Doh Roozeh Aval
by Darius Kadivar

Former Minister of Information and Tourism under the Shah was the guest of Bijan Farhoodi last Sunday in his weekly program DOH ROOZEH AVAL. He is also a member of the Constitutional Party of Iran. Sunday 20th June, 2009.

Watch Here  or Visit VOA Website here under Sunday Program.

NOTE: Also notice what he says towards the end of the conversation about the debates over the Iranian Flag. For Those who accuse Monarchists of Provocation Better find another excuse for their Own Intolerant Behaviour.

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He is the most boring person ever

by fozolie on


Couldn't you find a less boring advocate for the modernist movement? Dariush Homayon - a man who never ever lost an opportunity to mince his words.

Mr. Fozolie