LET THE HEALING BEGIN: Memorial Ceremony For Shapour Ali Reza Pahlavi (VIDEOS)


LET THE HEALING BEGIN: Memorial Ceremony For Shapour Ali Reza Pahlavi (VIDEOS)
by Darius Kadivar

Pahlavi Family and compatriots gathering Sunday, January 23, 2011 at three o'clock in the  afternoon at The Music Center at Strathmore in Bethesda, Maryland. (NOTE:  Missing Videos will be posted once available )

VOA Persian Coverage of the Ceremony:
Crown Prince Reza's Tribute to late Brother:  

Shahbanou Farah's Tribute to her late Son :
Part I (Incomplete):
Double Click Here

Part II (Incomplete):

Zendeh Yad Mohammad Noori - Chehreye Hamishe Mandegare Iran:

Tasavor Kon - Siavash Ghomeyshi:

******************************************************* ******************************************************* Various Footage on Ceremony by Andisheh TV ******************************************************* ******************************************************* Part I: 

Part II:  
Part III:  
Part IV:  
Part V:  
Part VI:

Part VII:  
Part VIII:  
Part X:  
Part XII:  
Part XIV:  

************************************************* ************************************************* LET THE HEALING BEGIN: The Tears and Laughters ************************************************* *************************************************
Aref - Ey Khoda:

Fereydoun Farrokhzad - Marge Man - Safar Bekheyr:
  Q Q Bang Bang - Googoosh:

Sokoot Golshifteh Farahani:

Simon and Garfunkel Sound of Silence in Central Park:

France Gall - Evidemment:

Les Feuilles Mortes - Yves Montand:

  Zartosht - Googoosh:

Ba Ham Googoosh:

Farrokhzad: The Happy Years:

Mahasty - Sayeh:

Hamkhooneh - Hayedeh and Vigen:

Ramesh and Nozar Azadi ( Gatebeh):

Iraj Pezeshkzad - Bebin TV London:
Part I

Part II

Best of Daie Jaan and Mash Ghassem:

"Dar Emtedade Shab" by Parviz Sayad
cast: Googoosh, Saeid Kangarani:

Kohandiara - Dariush:

Farrokhzad: Yadeh Iran Bekheir:

Shenasnameyeh Man- Googoosh, Mehrdad:

*************************************** *************************************** RIP Ali Reza *************************************** ***************************************

Global Candlelight Vigil For The Persian Sphinx:

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by afshinazad on

My Condolences to our Royal Family and Iranian nation.

Hope for unity, hope for freedom, hope for free Iran

This is national unity and I hope all walks of life in Iran and outside of Iran to join hand in hand to remove the darknes from our beloved country,In democracy all oppinions and parties and races and religions and belives are respected and all have same right, there is no minority or the majority and there is no right or wrong. My wish is for united and free nation of Iran, land of king of kings.


قربون جمالت آقا داریوش



درد و بلات بخوره تو سر هر چی‌ بدخواه داری  


The exact quote from Shahbanou

by pas-e-pardeh on


نباید که بشکنم و نباید که بشکنیم

And the Shahbanou quote Anahid Hojjati is referring to is this: 

غم این مادر که چون دو فرزند از دست رفته اش شاهزاده بودنداز غم هیچ مادر دیگری که فرزندی از دست داده سیاه تر و سنگین تر نیست.  هر مادری شازده خانم و شازده پسری دارد

This one was exceptional as well: 

در واکنش رفتن او آنچه بیشتر به گوش میرسد آوای بخشش آشتی و هم دلیست. و اگر حاصل زندگی پسرم فقط همین بوده باشد عمر پر باری داشته است 


Thanks DK

by oktaby on

For video reporting.

It is difficult not to feel for this family; and nation.

Shemirani, I wonder if there will remain sufficient forgiveness for reconciliation post IRR, or justice will necessitate aggressive retribution for healing to even become possible.

Pas-e-pardeh, we shall not be broken but break those inflicting historic pain on Iran and Iranians. Our time will come and it is not distant.


Anahid Hojjati

Every mother has Shazdeh khanoom and Shazdeh agha

by Anahid Hojjati on

I don't know whether Farah said this in the memorial but it is a great quote when she mentioned that

Every mother has Shazdeh khanoom and Shazdeh agha


Best quote of the memorial

by pas-e-pardeh on

نمی شکنم و نشکنید

شهبانو فرح 

"I won't break, and don't you either".  I got goose bumps hearing this from the grieving mother, who was giving courage to the rest of us.  Amazing woman. 

One of the most touching moments was when Princess Farahnaz "the quiet one" got a standing ovation.  And she handled it with grace and humility. She is loved too. 

Darius Kadivar

Bahram Moshiri Apologizes for inappropriate comments ? ... ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on

So it seems ...

Bahram Moshiri's condolences to Pahlavi Family:

Darius Kadivar

SATTAR: Song in tribute to Shapour Ali Reza (clip)

by Darius Kadivar on

Darius Kadivar

THE VOICE: Fereydoun Farhandoost Reads Poem for Ali Reza

by Darius Kadivar on

Famed TV Anchor and Producer reads poem in honor of the late Prince:

Darius Kadivar

Highlights of Ceremony

by Darius Kadivar on


Monda jan: I think you are

by vildemose on

Monda jan: I think you are right. Farahnaz does not look healthy and almost anorexic to me. SHe looks older than her own mother.

What can we do to help her?How can we reach out to her?

Darius Kadivar

FYI/ Shahbanou's Complete Speech à Ali Reza's Memorial

by Darius Kadivar on

Video In continuity:


Heartbreaking !

by Shemirani on

J'admire votre courage et dignité. je souhaite à tout ceux qui l'ont aimé et chéri de trouver la force de vivre malgré son absence!

 Rest in peace beloved Prince.

This Family symbolises our good days but also our bad days !I never met an iranian who didn't deeply suffer from this bloody revolution. Rich or Poor we all paid a huge price (and we still do..).

(Thank you for posting )


Thank you, DK!

by Princess on

Thanks for sharing these. May god give them strength and patience.

PS: Monda, you spoke my mind about Farahnaz. In the past weeks I have also looked at the funeral videos of Leila, even based on those I felt she needs serious help. It was heartrending to see a grown up woman stand like a broken little girl half behind her grieving old mother almost as if she needs her protection. Delam kheili baraash sookht!


Thank you Darius jan...

by Monda on

For sharing such complete report with us.

You know, now that I have seen Princess Farahnaz in a photo - I think she may need serious care. 


God Bless You All. Farewell Ali Reza.

by AlexInFlorida on

Condolences to our "national family" in the words of our late king.  I hope to see our three angels soon in a place of lasting peace and happiness.  You are each of you one of the best gifts of our lives, thank you and please heal with us during these terrible days of grief.

Darius Kadivar

Part 9: Tara Kamangar Performs during Ceremony

by Darius Kadivar on


"...Omidvaram ke ziyad tool

by vildemose on

"...Omidvaram ke ziyad tool nakesheh ke dobareh hamdigar ro bebinim..." --Shahzadeh Reza Pahlavi

Profoundly painful and sincere. That was exactly my wish when I lost my brother.