Darius Kadivar
by Darius Kadivar

Phew ! We can finally breathe. The French Animation Persepolis is definitively in the Race for the upcoming Oscars®. If it has not been selected for best foreign film amongst the 63 submitted films in this category it has nevertheless made it to the final nomination list in best Animation. What a suspense ever since its incredible Box Office and critical success in Europe and struggling its way through the tides and troubled waters of this year’s particularly tough competition. Having earned the Prix du Jury aka Jury Prize in Cannes for its 60th Annual, Persepolis may well win the ultimate recognition at the 80th Oscar® ceremony that will be held on Sunday February 24th 2008 at the Legendary Kodak Theatre at Hollywood & Highland Center®, and televised live by ABC beginning at 5 p.m. PT, beginning with a half-hour arrivals segment. OK Let’s Not provoke fate for the Oscar’s are always incredibly unpredictable in its final choice and all will now depend on the Academy members to make to definitive choice … Let’s hope however that Marjane Satrapi and Vincent Parronaud’s animated bio epic based on the real life story of its Iranian born ( but French Citizen) author will be honored by the Academy a FIRST for an Iranian artist to date. It would indeed be a recognition towards an entire community and country ( But definitively not its Regime) who has alas been on one hand wrongly labled as part of an Axis of Evil by political neo cons in the White House and for a film judged as Islamophobic on the other hand by an unpopular Islamic Fundamentalist regime in Iran out of touch with the realities of its time as well as with its own youth.

Persepolis has been chosen to run against two other nominees in Best animated feature film category : Walt Disney’s Ratatouille and another Sony Pictures production Surf’s Up.

It is interesting to note that fans of La Mome aka La Vie en Rose and those of Persepolis ( who also happen to often be the same) won’t be disappointed by a useless rivalry between two excellent films which would have otherwise been competing unfairly in the same category. Fortunately both films ( and unlike predictions triggered by the Golden Globes results ) will be in the race one Persepolis as best animation and the other La Mome for best Actress for Marillon Cotillard and a nomination for best costume for the Edith Piaf Bio Epic film.
The upcoming Oscars will be as unpredictable as ever since even in the Best Foreign film category the Oscar Academy seems to have made a totally different choice from that of the Golden Globes by nominating films from such newcomers as Poland, Austria, Russia, Israel and believe it or not Kazakhstan. The eclectic choice may be motivated by the 80th anniversary of the Academy which hopes to mark a milestone in recognizing World Cinema in the same lines as the Cannes film Festival. Also the choice of the Golden Globes in Foreign film category be it in nominations or ultimate Award is not at all reflected in this years Oscar Nominations in the same category which makes the suspense all the more intense.

On a final note what can be said is that Persepolis is not only still in the Race but also has probably a stronger chance of winning an Oscar.


Authors Notes: See complete List of Nominees

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persepolis is indeed a fine

by mosleh (not verified) on

persepolis is indeed a fine movie and a critics' favourite but I just don't see the academy awarding it an oscar over ratatouille which is clearly the industry's favourite. damn shame. still as you said it's still in the race and anything can happen on oscars night.


Persepolis look-alikes

by Aref-Adib on



by n (not verified) on

It has no chance of winning!!!! Ratatouille will win! It is better known especially with the voters who are actors themselves! It may have had a chance to win if it was nominated as a foreign film. But, they probably had the trouble of figuring out which country it would represent. France is not going to take claim as it has always been a supporter of the revolution! And Iran, forget that! Don't worry..Ms. S. you tried and got something at least in the other awards! It wasn't that great either! It came a little too late - you should have released it when Hollywood came knocking! Then you would have won!


I'll order for 100 DVD

by :-D (not verified) on

100 DVD * about $ 20 = $ 2000.00. I'll have 100 gifts for all occasions.

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