pictory: Robert McNamara with Shah and Kennedy (1962)


pictory: Robert McNamara with Shah and Kennedy (1962)
by Darius Kadivar

Left to Right: The Shah of Iran, President Kennedy and US defence secretary Robert McNamara at the White House ( Or Pentagon ?) 1962.

Shah, Kennedy and McNamara assist to Military Manouevers by US Army( Shah smoking next MacNamara with Cup) 1962:

Mr McNamara, who served under presidents John F Kennedy and Lyndon B Johnson, was also an architect of the US policy of nuclear deterrence. After leaving the Pentagon he became president of the World Bank. Before taking up the post as Pentagon chief in 1961, Mr McNamara was the president of Ford Motor Company, turning the company around in the post World War II era.

He is most closely associated with overseeing the involvement of the US in Vietnam from 1961 to 1968. Mr McNamara became to many anti-war critics the symbol of a failed policy that left more than 58,000 US troops dead. Even his son, as a Stanford University student, took part in protests against the war while his father was running it.

However, in his 1995 memoirs In Retrospect: The Tragedies and Lessons of Vietnam, Mr McNamara wrote of his regret over his Vietnam role.

He described the war as "terribly wrong" owing to a combination of the anti-communist climate of the times, mistaken assumptions of foreign policy and military misjudgements.


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Kourosh Aryamanesh

آقای کديور

Kourosh Aryamanesh

فقط اگرشاه فقيد پهلوی خبر داشت که نقشۀ براندازيش ازهمين آقای کندی و دار ودسته اش شروع شد و همينطور اگه آقای کندی ميدونست که کمونيسم اخته ميشه و پاچه اش را از تو آستين کمربند سبز بيرون ميکشيد، شايد دنيا امروز فرق ميکرد.



same kennedy who put pressure on Shah to reform?

by fozolie on

thereby bringing land reform and creating the biggest rift between the Shah and moftkhor-Akhoonds? Bringing in the young guns into government thereby opening the doors to corruption? "Applied scientific priniciples and Operations Research" provided by McNamara RIP.... shurely shome mishtake.

Mr. Fozolie

My God protect you from Engineers and Polytester-wearing-ex-Islamic-Student-Society-turned-Revolutaionary Geeks Darius so you can post more of this stuff.