ROYALTY: Ahmad Shah Qajar welcomed at the Guildhall, London (1919)


ROYALTY: Ahmad Shah Qajar welcomed at the Guildhall, London (1919)
by Darius Kadivar

Film shows Persia's Last Qajar Shah, Ahmad Soltan greeted by Prince Albert ( Later to become King George VI) at Guidhall, London during the Persian King's State Visit. Watch film (circa 1919)

Note: Prince Albert who ascended the Throne as King George VI in 1937 (after the abdication of his cousin King Edward VIII) was no other than the father of Current Queen Elisabeth II of Great Britian. 


H.I.M. The Shah of Persia is welcomed at the Guildhall.

ENGLAND,London,Guildhall 1. LS carriage bearing Shah driven past lines of crowds outside the Guildhall, of icers on horseback follow. TILTE: H.I.M. The Shah of Persia. Presented with an addresses of Welcome at the Guildhall. 0.10 2. SV Lord Mayor steps out of carriage. 0.15 3. SV Shah, accompanied by officers walks through lines of troops. 0.22 4. SV Shah steps into carriage. 0.26 5. MV Shah sitting in carriage. 0.34 6. SV carriage driven past line of troops. 0.36 7. LS officers on horseback ride through street followed by Shah in carriage. 0.40 8. SV Shah steps out of carriage and is greeted by Lord Mayor. (very dark shot). 0.56 9. MV Shah sitting in carriage. 1.00 10. SV Shah accompanied by officers walks past line of troops. 1.04 11. SV Shah sitting in carriage. 1.09 12. SV mace bearer going into Guildhall. 1.13 13. LS Shah in carriage driven past Guildhall followed by officers on horseback.

Date: 31/10/1919
Recommended Reading:

SULTANS IN SPLENDOUR: Monarchs of the Middle East ( 1869-1945) By Philip Mansel

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