ROYALTY: King Juan Carlos of Spain Greeted by Shahbanou at Sa'ad Abad Palace State Dinner (1978)


ROYALTY: King Juan Carlos of Spain Greeted by Shahbanou at Sa'ad Abad Palace State Dinner (1978)
by Darius Kadivar

King Juan Carlos the First Di Bourbon of Spain and Shahbanou Farah of Iran at Sa'ad Abad Palace reception. (circa 1978)

Note about Photo: The Spanish King wears the Grand Pahlavi Cross and Collier ( Only delivered to Kings and Presidents) and the Pahlavi Blue Chest Ribbon while the Shahbanou wears the Spanish Royal House Chest Ribbon ( Only Delivered to Kings, Queens or Presidents) . This is a tradition in all royal State Visits where the Host and guest exchange Royal Emblems in a Sign of Peaceful and Mutual Respect. France's Nicholas Sarkozy and King Juan Carlos ( Republic VS Monarchy In Style ...) also exchanged respectively their Republican Grand Collier of the Legion D'Honneur and the Spanish Order of the Golden Fleece. The King of Spain is dubbed Di Bourbon Di Bourbon ( pronounced Twice) because of his French Boubonne Acendency that links his family to French King Louis XIV

King Juan Carlos the First Di Bourbon of Spain Takes Ceremonial Oath at Spanish Parliment (1975):

Shabanou Farah a Musical Tribute:

Coronation in Tehran (October, 1967):

Juan Carlos' Father Don Juan Abdicates his right to the throne in favor of his Son ( Then Just Crown Prince) at Palace Ceremony in Presence of Royal Family (1970's):

Spain's Dictator Franco names Crown Prince Juan Carlos as his Successor in Parliment (early 1970's):

Upon Franco's Death Coronation Ceremony of King Juan Carlos Di Borbone-Di Borbone in Madrid (1975):

King Juan Carlos in a Rare gesture of impatience tells Venezualen President Hugo tChávez: "Shut up" (ENGLISH SUBTITLES) during the  17th Ibero-American Summit. Socialist Prime Minister Zapatero defends the King's Outrage :

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