STRANGE PREDICAMENT: Afrasiabi's Physical Transformation


STRANGE PREDICAMENT: Afrasiabi's Physical Transformation
by Darius Kadivar

Not Long ago Iranian-American academic and senior political analyst, Kaveh Afrasiabi, complained of US police brutality against him while in custody in Cambridge. In a recent interview his loss hair and pale skin contrast sharply with his previous appearances.

Has he aged in a matter of months due to post traumatic consenquences resulting from his alledged beatings or is he (or was he ? ) suffering from other unrelated health problems ?

Whichever the case I wish this well known IRI Apologist a Prompt Recovery ...

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Anonymous Observer

I loved it when he complained to the cops

by Anonymous Observer on

for bad service that had received at a fast food joint in Cambridge.  If you recall, that's when he got himself arrested and claimed to have suffered from police brutality...hence, the ridiculous neck brace. :-)) 

Hoshang Targol

Is this the same scu..bag that was operating a discoteque, in

by Hoshang Targol on

Boston area, no too long ago.

Gorbeh shod abed'o zahed'o  mosalmana!

As far as his "position": IR's Senior Rabid Barking Dog(SRBD) seems a description much closer to reality. Althought there's a tie between him and Areshire, O. as IR's SRBD!

Though I 've known of this character for a long while, none of these  "discrepencies" in his appearance, ever registered! Good catch!

Away with all Senior Rabid Barking Dogs ! 


Sargord Pirouz

Darius, it almost looks like

by Sargord Pirouz on

Darius, it almost looks like he stopped going to Hair Club for Men! (that's an American outfit that specialized in hair pieces and hair replacement)

Speaking for myself, five years ago I went from shoulder length hair to a buzz cut. For me, it made me look younger. Doesn't look like Kaveh has been so fortunate.