TITO's GHOST: Shah of Iran's State Visits to Yougoslavia (1966 – 1973)


TITO's GHOST: Shah of Iran's State Visits to Yougoslavia (1966 – 1973)
by Darius Kadivar

During his eight day visit to Yugoslavia.
Shah of Iran arrives in Belgrade where he is met by the President of Yugoslavia Josip Broz Tito (1966). Another state visit took place in 1973. (Source: persianrealm.com)

Shah of Iran State Visits to Tito’s Yougoslavia (1966 – 1973)







Tito’s WW 2 heroism was acknowledged by equally the allies and the Soviets. His exploits during the war were celebrated in a Propaganda film co produced with Richard Burton ( himself provocatively known for his communist sympathies).

Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton invited on the island of Brioni by Tito and his wife in 1971:

Richard Burton was to play Tito in an epic motion picture on the Yougoslavian leader’s


Richard BURTON as Josip Broz TITO in the movie "SUTJESKA" :

Elizabeth and Richard on the set of "Tito" :

09/09/71 Elizabeth Taylor comes to see her husband on the shooting of the Richard's film "Tito" in Yougoslavia.






BBC Documentary looking at why, despite being dead for over 25 years, communist dictator Marshal Josep Broz Tito's official birthday on the 25th May is still celebrated in the former Yugoslavia.

Part I

Part II :

Part III :

Part IV :

Part V :

Part VI :

Part VII :

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Wow !

by Rea on

Missed on this blog while trying to settle down and get my life organised on this island.

Thx, @DK.

Now, Tito and the late Shah.

I've said once there were similarities. Most important of them all, while they had both ruled their countries (rural and underdeveloped at the time) with an iron fist, they had set them on the path of industrialization and development and they gave their peoples sense of importance, reason for being there and counting for something.

First Amendment

Thanks Mr. Kadivar, this is a precious blog and everything...

by First Amendment on

Let's admit it. Tito was far more original, charming, and charismatic than His Majesty.......was a good cook too, according to Oriana Fallachi's memoirs.......or was it Sophia Loren after this visit?.............Anyway......his legacy was NAM, which supercedes every single piece of nonsensical propaganda about the Shah....


MA, You Said the TRUTH

by Azarbanoo on

IRANIANS in particular lefties were not GREATFUL to SHAH and what he & his father did for IRAN. Afsoos!

Arash Kamangir

Mr. Kadivar: you live very much in past

by Arash Kamangir on

With all respect take this from me who is like yourself a monarchist that we should not focus so much on the past which is indeed a matter of proud  for Iranians however our country is going through very crucial times and we need to focus on how we can get rid of evil in our country.

Mohammad Ala

Many Iranians and non-Iranians were not kind to Shah ....

by Mohammad Ala on

I was in Yugoslavia before it split and Belgrade (which means white city or castle) was very similar to Tehran when Shah was in power.  Both leaders had many things in common.  Tito is revered in Eastern Europe but Shah poorly remembered.  Shah did as much for Iran as Tito did for old Yugoslavia.  Iran and Iranians did better under Shah than Yugoslav people under Tito.  Many Iranians and non-Iranians were not kind to Shah.