WOMEN KNOW YOUR LIMITS: The Shah's Post Mortem Apologies to Barbara Walters and Oriana Fallaci


WOMEN KNOW YOUR LIMITS: The Shah's Post Mortem Apologies to Barbara Walters and Oriana Fallaci
by Darius Kadivar

In response to Tapesh’s tactful BlogHis Imperial Majesty wishes to extend his Post Mortem apologies to all concerned. His majesty in his most gracious generosity may well be Apologetic ...BUT NOT ME ! ;0)

In anycase as future Master of Ceremonies of the Restored Pahlavi Court to be I have been Anointed to convey His Majesty's Message Via this Heavenly Telex: 

My Dear Fellow Compatriots, 

In response to Tapesh’s Blog on the My Interview with Barbara Walters and the humourous Lokht dar Ayneh: Pahlavi & Khomeini , We are extending Our Post Mortem apologies to all concerned via a télex directly fromheaven.

I want to particularly congratulate Tapeshfor his tactful post barely two weeks after my Son’s Suicide which has thrust myfamily into an irreversible grief.

In addition I would like to reassure my wife the Shahbanou, my heir Reza Shah Dovom as well as my beloved Farahnaz by letting them know that Leila and I will greet our Beloved Prince with open arms inorder to catch up for my shortcomings and missed opportunities where at times Imay have failed to live up to their expectations as a father.


Your Sovereign

Mohamed Reza Shah Pahlavi

PS : No worries Barbara, Oriana Still Bugs me but we have become good buddies since. Hope to See You Soon … Well Not Too Soon I hope for Your Living Sake ;0)





Barbara Walters and Shah’s Views on Women’s Intelligence :

Barbara Walters reprises similar questionsas in Italian correspondent Oriana Fallaci's infamous interview with Shah of Iran on the subject of women and their rights:

Women in Pahlavi Iran (1970's):

Promotional Film commissioned by Iran'sMinister of State for Women's Affairs to showcase the various organizations dedicated to defending Iranian Women's status and demands in society during the Pahlavi Dynasty.  

Singer Parissa Interviewed by Journalist Jaleh Kazemi


Shah of Iran on Women's Day Rights (1970's):

Oriana Fallaci with Khomeiny:


Oriana Fallaci interviewwith Khomeiny shortly after the Revolution’s victory where she dared takeoff her veil in his presence

Oriana Fallaci on Charlie Rose:

OrianaFallaci on Charlie Rose to speak about her last book condemning Islam:


And Excerpt:

Women Know Your Limits -Harry Enfield :



Sean Connery interview with Barbara Walters:

Sean Connery imitator goes even further in a Spoof on the Barbara Walters infamous interview:

Sean Connery Slaps Jill Saint John in a scene of Diamonds are Forever:

Sean Connery in another Scene from James Bond girl "Plenty O'Toole":

Roger Moore as James Bond in Moonraker meets Dr. Goodhead :


Alec Baldwin to daughter - "thoughtless little pig"... :

Barbara Walters interview with Alec Baldwin:

Alec Baldwin Comes to Explain hisverbally rude and violent rage against daughter and his divorce with Kim Bassingeron the VIEW with Barbara Walters.

So My Hats Off to All You Jomhurykhah Worshipers here on IC for Your Tact and Understanding for a Fellow Royal Family's Grief:



A Special Note for Those Rare Iranian Dot Com's Who Do Care 



Official Memorial Ceremony For Prince Alireza Pahlavi

Will be Held January 23, 2011 3 PM

The Music Center at Strathmore in Bethesda, Maryland.

We hereby inform our compatriots and friends that amemorial service will be held on Sunday, January 23, 2011 at three o'clock inthe afternoon at The Music Center at Strathmore in Bethesda,Maryland.

We appreciate your cooperation with the rules and guidelines provided outlined below.

The Secretariat of Reza Pahlavi & The Secretariat of Farah Pahlavi


ANote From Darius KADIVAR:

I would like to say that I have the utmostrespect for both women journalists (one still alive Barbara Walters the other dead Oriana Fallaci) who will leave a lasting memoryas two of the most talented professionals in their field. Ironically however OrianaFallaci was to interview Sean Connery in 1965 for Paris Match wherethe latter was to express his views on women in slightly  different terms than he did withBarbara Walters. Should we conclude that there is more than One dimension to aliving individual like Sean Connery than there ever was to a DeadKing ? …


OrianaFallaci was to interview Sean Connery in 1965

Oriana Fallaci: So then, Sean, let’s finish with a little test: thenames of three men & three women whom you admire, for whom you feel respect& envy.

Sean Connery: The first is Khrushchev. That sense of humor of his,that appetite for living, that non-conformism. Great man. The second is StanleyMatthews, the soccer player. He’s 51, and still plays soccer. I’d like to behim. The third is Picasso: to me he has the same virtues as Khrushchev.

As for women…let’s see…women…let’s see…odd: you know, Ican’t think of a single one? Yet I like them a lot, I respect them, I esteemthem, I often find them superior to men. I’m one of those who still find womendevilishly attractive, irreplaceable…well, that must be why. I mean that,whenever I see a woman, I can never get away from the sex element. The likingand even the admiration, even the respect, I feel for a woman always has sexualorigins. A character like me, who loves life, appetite, and strength, can’t getaway from sexual desires. And so, when he stops to assess a woman, he can nevermake out where that thing finishes and pure admiration begins. Do you see whatI mean? Khrushchev doesn’t provoke any sexual desires in me, nor does Matthews,nor does Picasso. With them there isn’t that alarming little complication.Alarming. Isn’t it?

Fallaci: Eh, yes. Alarming.

Connery: In fact, I find women very alarming, very worrying.Always. And picking out one I admire and nothing else…let’s see…yes: GretaGarbo. For her talent, her dignity, her silence. And yet, no, even in her caseI can’t get away from the fact that if I’d ever been close to her…well…inshort…I’d have been very attracted to her, apart from her talent, her dignity,her silence. So, after all, the choice doesn’t stand. Phew! Tell you what we’lldo: we’ll forget about the women for a moment and take the names of two moremen. One is Hitchcock and the other is Noel Coward. And now let’s go and have abeer.

-Paris magazine, March, 1965



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Oriana Fallaci and the Art of the Interview by Christopher Hitchens

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at least sean connery is honest

by humanbeing on


until we reach feminist utopia 

the opinions of men who love women 'too much' and 'indiscriminately' and 'not only for their minds' and are not yet evolved enough to unravel admiration from attraction 


are a step ahead  


of the far lesser evolved subneanderthals who cage women in burkas, marry them off at 9, and stone them.


in the meantime, it is clear that some fine-tuning is needed. 

hamsade ghadimi

lots of people make mistakes 2nd time around, not HIM

by hamsade ghadimi on

esfand, i couldn't expect any less from a namak nashnas like you.  and if you think the personal secreteriat (not secretary) of the late oliahazrat, who was personally anointed (not appointed) by the shadow of god (khoda biamorzatesh), will be issuing a remorseful letter to the iranian people, koor khoondi.  jomhoorikhah-e badbakht.

Esfand Aashena

Of course DK jaan given a 2nd chance anyone would do diffrently.

by Esfand Aashena on

I think it is universal that most people would not make the same mistake given a 2nd chance.  Take criminals for example who murder and are then put to death or life imprisonment.  Do you think if they're given another chance to go back in time they'd still murder?

Or if you're drunk and get into an accident and become paralyzed do you think given a chance you'd get drunk and drive again?

If Shah was given a 2nd chance he'd certainly make different choices from 1953 - 1979, perhaps even different choices from 1921 - 1953.  He'd probably have even better taken care of his health.  Maybe not even marry his previous wives!

But like others he doesn't have that luxury so he is defined by what he has done, good and bad. 

Everything is sacred

G. Rahmanian

حالا بشنويد از ننه قمر حزب خيانتكار توده!

G. Rahmanian

"شايد تا كنون كسی در تاريخ ايران پيدا نشده كه مانند امام خمينی زن را انگونه كه در خور مقام اوست، ارجمند بدارد. من خود بعنوان زن ومادر هر وقت به ياد گفته امام كه 'زن انسان ساز است، قرآن ساز است.' می افتم بي اختيار به خود می بالم و هم نگران میشوم، زيرا اين گفته بسيار عميق و پر معنی است. هم به زن وظيفه خطير واگذار شده است و هم به دولتمردان كه مقام او را در همه جا و در هر موقعيت كم نگيرند و او را ارج بدارند.". مريم فيروز، عضو كميته مركزی وقت حزب توده ايران