Israel: Speaking Of Democracy

by darius

To Mr.Imame Zamane Mazloom and Mr.Amir Chakhan Pishroo.

I ,myslef, can't see my bithplace being bombed by Israelis or Americans.And also can't wait to see Iranian ,those who on daily basis face the Mullahs,find a peacefulway to get rid of these bastards.I will be sick to my stomach to see the repeat of Iraq's mess in Iran.

I am sure that is not much of concern for you two . Iran is for the Iranian and for those who have decided to call it home and not for those who live outside of Iran .

No intervention or support is necessary ,because we know who will be the outside supporters . Any real change has to be by the Iranians.Nuclear Iran with or without Mullahs ,even if the Shah was in power would not have been acceptable to Israel. You and I and many others have no saying,unless leave the comfort of our home,move back to Iran and fight the Mullahs like a man.America,Israel or no one else care about Iran and Iranian, and why should they. Please do not make this place to market Israel for us, we would love to hear your point of view as long as it is cmmmercial free.Please don't be "kase dagh tar az aash "


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Sorry, wrong

by XerXes (not verified) on

You are mistaking. Israel is freaking up because of Iranian ideologies sorounding them. Sunnis as a government yes, they are heavily reliant on the masters. The people, well, that's another story.

However you like to put the influence down, the cards are playing themselves. I am happy with the results. Are you?

Hope you are and let's end it here.

Mehdi Mazloom

XerXes - again wake up agha.

by Mehdi Mazloom on

1. If Iranian regime is such a powerful and "loyal" to Lebanon, and Syria. What happened during the August 2006  War , and agin last September when Israel bombed Syrian nuclear reactor. Why didn't they come to aid their "friends"?

2. Nassrallah the Hero. This demagogue, who represents the 7th century mind set. The one who brought havoc on Lebanon back in 2006, the one who lost over 15% his fighting force, and was driven out of 25% of Lebanese territory, The destruction of entire S. Beirut, and death of more then 1100 Lebanese civilians. This "hero"  has been hiding in a 100m deep bunker since the war had ended. afraid to show his face in public, The one who was born bread and grew in Lebanon, yet is an agent to foreign governments (Iran & Syria) And YOU STILL CALL THIS A HERO?. Can anyone call this pathetic mid level clergy a patriot?. No mister he is no hero even in the eyes of 90% Sunnis in the region. 

my friend, Muslims and Arab here will have to forgive me for boldness, This is exactly what is wrong with your value system. You have just provided the perfect answer to what is ailing the Arab & Islamic societies - pinning your hope and admire an individual whom by all account, is a hollow and demagogue.

4. It looks like that, it is rather the Mullahs in Tehran who are losing sleep these days, and not the Israelis in Jerusalem

3. It is not only the Christians in Lebanon, but most Sunnis do not trust the Farsi and worse the Shi'ite who came from nowhere and tries to push this jewel of the ME back to the dark ages of humanity.

4. Lebanese people can do whatever they wish to, as long as they do not threten the security of Israel. As long as Hizbolal does not invent "occupation" to manufacture "resistance" to justify its existance, then I am sure we can live in peace and harmoney with each other. 



by XerXes (not verified) on

Let's say tomorrow the Hezbulla in Lebanon (Shaikh nasrolah, who is considered the most popular figure in the Arab world) decides to have a demonstration, the Christians and Muslims would be in line next to one another, as we have witness happening before. Lebanese people have had it enough with the Israeli aggression. Iran and her allied Hezbulla has brought stability to their country. Could Israel simply attack Lebanon again? They have to think twice. Why do you think this is? What has happened in this equation? Do you think the people in Lebanon don't see this?

Israel being in the neighborhood for about sixty years in the state of war wanting to teach Iran to be a good neighbor is like New Kids on the block wanting to teach Rock and Roll to the Beetles.
Israel is in no position to demand anything. They are just yelling since they get no respect, not even from their own.

If you think Israel can attack Iran and becomes a better or safer country, then stick with your ideas. Mullas or not, Iranian regime is for the Iranians to decide and not you. So show your respect to the Iranian regime, since for now they own the resources and military. You might just get a good night sleep. Any issues you have, take it to your government in Tel Aviv, and try to fix what's broken there. Iran will be fine, don't lose any hair over it :)
If you are worried that Iran will attack Israel, get some education about the Iranian government. With all the problems domestically, they are not warmongers like those in your government in Tel Aviv.
I don't think that you are such a nice human being to really care for the Iranian well being, so I recommend you get out of your fake skin and show your ideology the way it is. Don't worry, you will only gain more respect.

Next please!!!


Great post Darius

by Jaleho on

Concise, to the point. Abbreviates all my feelings too :-)

And the speaker clarifies the myth of Israeli democracy with few words too.

Mehdi Mazloom

XerXes You are dreaming

by Mehdi Mazloom on

you write:

I would claim that the majority of the Lebanese enjoy Iranians. They
have become a country for the first time in their recent history. No
country now can attack and play with the lebanese people, thanks to

Well, I am glad that you just "claim", rather then be confident with your assertion. I venture to tell you, except the backward shi'ites, no one else in Lebanon wants Iranian influence there.

In regards to Iran influence in the region. I would not be so sure about this regime's long term survival. There are too many obstacles, and there are too many elements stacked up against the Mullahs to be able to hold on to power.This region is by far too important tothe economies of the Western countries, to let the source of the energy fall into the hand of Akhoondah. They are not going to be at the mercy of the 7th centruy leaders.

Lets assume for a moment that hostilities against the regime DO START, what are they going to do to stand up to most advanced military and intelligent forces in the world. Most important of which, WHO'S THE HELL will come to their aid. 90% of the Sunnis in the region hate them. 80% of the Iranian themselves inside Iran hate this regime. With these overwhelming odd stacked up against them, what makes you so sure that  star is raising?.

Finally, superpowers in modern times, are created through their respective progress to which they bring to the table. Most often it translates into better standard of living for the local people. What do these backward Mullahs bring to the rest of the countries in the region - not much. 


There are always excuses...

by Anonymous8 (not verified) on

no one is talking about invading and bombing Iran BECAUSE Iran helps out Hezbollah, but Mazloom wants this!

Bully's never see themselves as such. The pathetic excuse of "he made me do it" is what we are hearing from warmongers in Israel and America all the time.

Most people can see that Israel and America having the most advanced militaries, nuclear weapons and other deadly technologies are not in any danger from Iran. But if you are a warmongering bully, this is not good enough for you, anything that can possibly challenge you, even just verbally, is a "threat".

Thank you for this wonderful video. I am glad there are honorable and truth seeking Israelis out there. Unlike the ideological attackers here in this site.


Great post Darius …my sentiments exactly

by KB on

Most Iranians have the same view that we do not need outside intervention and we certainly do not want to be attacked by any one especially not Israel or the US.


I am pretty sure that Prof Beit Hall-Ahmi’s who is clearly a decent person making  a valid point in his speech, will be discredited by the dim wits that you mentioned (Mazloom, Pishroo).


A simple equation--Mazloom

by XerXes (not verified) on

the moment that the US stops her interference in the Israeli affairs, Iran would stop hers in Lebanon. If you claim that Israel likes and enjoys the US involvement in Israel, I would claim that the majority of the Lebanese enjoy Iranians. They have become a country for the first time in their recent history. No country now can attack and play with the lebanese people, thanks to Iran.
Iran is willing to leave all the alone, if Iran knows that her position will not be in danger by the expansionist government in Israel. For the first time since the Israeli creation and mass public import, Israel is dealing with a real country and lacking ideology to fight on diplomacy or fire power.
That's why their position gets louder and louder, unlike Iran that sits quietly and listens wisely, like a father to a run away child, a childish brat who doesn't know life and thinks he knows more than everyone else in the neighborhood. the child will get hurt and will learn. That's for sure.

Mehdi Mazloom


by Mehdi Mazloom on

I thank you for your input. Your plea of "Iranian to be left alone" is a poignant and well understood. I respect you for that.

But!. you see, it is the despotic Akhoondah in Tehran who don't leave the Israelis, the Lebanese, the Iraqis to solve their own problems by themselves, and for themselves. For past 30 years, these Mullahs have been supporting all those destructive elements in the region. Hizbollah in Lebanon, Hamas in Gaza, Shi'ite in Iraq, and now they are instigating the Shi'ite minorities in E. Saudi Arabia.

When you have a group of religious fanatics with delusional messianic dream of Amargaddon to be brought on a country (MY COUNTRY) a 1200km away from Iran. AND when these deranged leaders take tangible steps to accomplish just that, one can not blame Israel for taking steps to defend it existence. Israelis are not going to allow a holocaust denier the risk of a second holocaust been brought upon them.

I can assure you that the last thing any Israeli father or mother wish to see is to have his son or daugher on a battle field. I am sure the same is true for the Iranian ones.

This regime had proved itself to be useless and destabilizing factor in the region. Just ask yourself what have they done to alleviate the suffering, high unemployment, the luck of freedom in Iran itself. What have they done for Iran beside using Iranian money and spend it on futile and dangerous groups like Hizbollah. It appears that their backward fundamentalist religious ideology come ahead of the welfare of their r own people.

This regime had exhasted its usefulness, and it is time to set the people of Iran to choos a secular and progressive government, elected by the people for the people. After which the new government will abandon its nuclear activities for military purpose, work with the interatonal communty to have Iran develope nuclear energy for power. 


More power to you Darius

by Kamyar Zahedi (not verified) on

I am not sure how much clearer he can be. May be you should try to read the post with out blinders.

He says: 1) the nuclear issue is a bunch of BS, and 2) people in Iran can and will take care of their own business and do not need outside help (interference) from America or Israel or those of us on the outside who shed alligator tears for the country who they have no allegiance to (kasehaye daghtar az ash); and I agree with him on both points.


Be clear!

by AnonymousJPN (not verified) on

Pardon me? What are you trying to say?