Statement on Lawsuit Against Hassan Daieoleslam


David Elliott--NIAC
by David Elliott--NIAC

The court ruling yesterday in NIAC’s lawsuit against Seyyed Hassan Daieoleslam granted NIAC victory on its central demand, while falling short on other objectives.

NIAC brought the lawsuit against Daieoleslam in 2008 in response to his slander and defamation against the organization and its co-founder, Trita Parsi. Our objective with the lawsuit was two-fold.

First, to challenge Daieoleslam’s false accusations that NIAC lobbied for the Iranian government in court and force the defendant to prove his case or concede.

On this crucial issue, NIAC prevailed. Once in front of the court, Daieoleslam had the opportunity to make his case for the truth. Instead, he changed his tune and did not seek to argue that his accusations were correct and truthful. Instead he essentially abandoned the truth and instead argued that NIAC could not prove that he knew what he was saying was false, i,e malicious. By that, he conceded this very essential point and is on notice that what he is saying is false and therefore would be acting with malice if he continues to make the same false, baseless and defamatory allegations.

The defendant’s shift is understandable mindful of the fact that after reviewing thousands of NIAC emails and documents, he could not point to a single shred of evidence indicating that NIAC served as a lobby for the repressive government in Iran.

The judge points to this as well in his ruling, writing that “Nothing in this opinion should be construed as a finding that defendant’s articles were true. Defendant did not move for summary judgment on that ground.”

The second objective with the lawsuit was to change the nature of the political culture in the Iranian-American community, away from the slander, defamation and character assassination campaigns favored by some, and towards a more open and truthful discourse. Our hope was that by challenging the maliciousness and defamation, the culture would shift in a democratic direction.

On this point, our efforts fell short. The standard was for us to prove that Daieoleslam acted with malice, that is, not just that he was not speaking the truth, but that he knew he wasn’t speaking the truth.

While we believe the evidence clearly showed that Daieoleslam knew he was lying, based on his systematic disregard for truth, neglect of readily available information that contradicted his conspiracy theories, declaration that he aimed to “destroy NIAC” in order to “bring down Obama,” as well as his support for the Mujahedin-e Khalq terrorist organization, the Judge felt this didn’t meet his standard and denied us the opportunity to take Daieoleslam in front of a jury and help democratize the political culture in the Iranian-American community.

While we regret that such a milestone could not be achieved for the Iranian-American community, we are content that in the court of law he could not and did not defend his false accusations.

In regards to cost-sharing of the expense of the discovery, we disagree with the court’s ruling and retain the option to challenge and appeal the decision.

These past four years have been challenging and burdensome. NIAC is a small organization, with a small budget and a small legal team. Our only card was that we knew – and we proved – that truth was on our side. Daieoleslam, on the other hand, had the support of a broad network of well-funded pro-war figures. He was represented by Sidley Austin, one of the largest law firms in the world and the main counsel on his legal team was President George W. Bush’s lawyer in the White House.

But precisely because he didn’t have truth on his side, Daieoleslam tried to shift the focus of the court away from the central charge and instead overwhelm NIAC with legal expenses by filing an endless stream of motions.

The order of the judge also puts Daieoleslam on notice. While he claimed not to have known that what he was writing was false, he no longer can hide behind that excuse going forward. He is on notice and will pay the consequences of further defamation.

In the past ten years, NIAC has helped transform the Iranian-American community from being politically apathetic and vulnerable to becoming dynamic and in ownership of their own destiny. We have helped the community stand up against the voices of war, stand up for their rights in face of discrimination, and stand up for the values that make America strong. NIAC will continue to serve the interest of the Iranian-American community, particularly at this moment when the risk of war is increasing, repression in Iran is intensifying and the suffering of the Iranian people is reaching intolerable levels.



پهن بارشون نیست ....


چون تمام پهن‌ها بار اون‌های که از تربیت بوی نبردن.  

 این هم شاهد که می‌شه یکی‌ رو فرستاد خارج و تحصیل، ولی‌ دیواری که پایش کجه، کج هم بزرگ می‌شه

و هم حقا که همون حسن دایی به دردشون می‌خوره.  خدا برا همدیگه نگهشون داره


'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory 


iraj khan

..And Let The Truth Reveal Itself

by iraj khan on

'He is on notice that what he is saying is false and therefore would be acting with malice if he continues to make the same false, baseless and defamatory allegations.'

Good news, I'm glad to read about it.


اونهایی که پهن بارشون نیست!




و تو طویله بزرگ شدن، فحش و دری وری به حسن دایی میدن و بعد میگن به دیگران که چیزی نگین!

خیانتکاران ترتیبتون داده است!


اونهایی که فهم و شعور دارند...


و زیر بوته بزرگ نشدند، خانواده و خواهر و بردار دیگران رو در بحث خودشون داخل نمیکنند و زیر سوال نمیارن.

'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory 


Oon Yaroo

Why does one have to go to court to prove NIAC is IRR friendly!

by Oon Yaroo on

Have you ever heard any criticizing statements vis-a-vis IRR made by TP or other NIAC staff? If the answer is no, then NIAC and IRR are in the same bed or under the same coursey or in the same boshkeh! Q.E.D.


Good One MM!

by Faramarz on



It looks like as if Trita and the gang at NIAC are looking at the Court decision and arriving at the same conclusion about the donkey as the boy did!

Who is this Elliott Ness guy anyways? He seems clueless!


One story, two very different opinions - reminds me of:

by MM on

خر و شراب !پدری برای آنکه از مضرات شراب پسرش را آگاه کند، جلوی یک خر,شراب گذاشت و خر به شراب لب نزد!پدر به پسر گفت: دیدی فرزند عزیزم؟حالا چه نتیجه ای میگیری؟پسر گفت:نتیجه میگیرم هر کی مشروب نخوره، خره!!!


پوزه نیاکی ها هم به خاک مالیده شد!



The only argument that the NIACis were making against Hassan Daii was that his brother was a member of MEK and he was selling ice cream in Europe

Well, why don't you folks tell me about your brothers and sisters and your own family members? And since when working for a living and selling ice cream is a problem

شما رژیم دوست های بیچاره و بدبخت و وطن فروش را هم با خفت و خواری و تیک پا و تو سری بیرون میکنیم.


Congratulations to NIAC ....

by Bavafa on

Well, for those with 1/2 ounce of common sense, they would not pay any attention to a MEK sympathizer, Hassan Daieoleslam, who has found new clients to sell his soul to at the expense of Iranians.  He is a charlatan who is milking the NIAC opponents, bird of feather flock together.

NIAC success has obviously been very successful considering how young of an organization with its far smaller budget then those who compete and counter them, primarily AIPAC supporters and bomb bomb Iran crowd, and that is why we often see they never waste an opportunity to keep repeating what has now been proven to be false in the court of law.

  Keep up the good work and do not relent in our message of NO WAR against Iran, fight for Human rights in Iran and support the Iranian-American community.

'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory 


Soosan Khanoom

Thanks for all your hard works and for this informative blog.

by Soosan Khanoom on

Pro war people in this country have ways to get away with almost anything. People like Daee have already sold their souls to these neocons and they are nothing but tools in their hands and they are going to be dumped like a piece of shit as soon as the neocons are done with them.  

I certainly wish Mr. Parsi the best and I hope he never gives up fighting with these bastards ... As long NIAC stands against tight sanctions and war it has my support.  

Thanks again for this blog.





Putting Lipstick on a Pig!

by Faramarz on



If you NIACis believe that you won something here, then just declare victory and leave town!

And if you believe that what you were doing by misrepresenting yourselves as the "Representatives" of over one million Iranian-Americans was to "change the political culture of the Iranian-American community", I would tell you, Trita and the rest of the gang, "Khar Khodeti!"

Just leave the Iranian-American community alone and do whatever it is that you are doing, and no one will bother you.


NIAC Lobby respond

by Fred on

If NIAC Lobby thinks declaring itself winner, even a partial one, would do without providing the actual passage in the court ruling, it is sadly mistaken.

Furthermore, if NIAC Lobby thinks by threatening as in “He is on notice and will pay the consequences of further defamation.” Others will stop asking relevant questions which the Lobby ignores, they are mistaken again.

It is time for the NIAC Lobby to come clean and start fresh.

Answer the outstanding questions and STOP threatening those who ask uncomfortable questions.

Here is the ruling, where is the passage supporting NIAC Lobby's claims?


Mr. Elliot & NIAC ... you will hate that you wrote this article

by MaryamJoon on

I am against PDMI, Ken Timmerman, MEK & Daieoleslam.  

NIAC does NOT work for the Iranian government, that is true.

However, I will be writing an article showing who NIAC does work with; and those are facts that keep NIAC members up at night; and those facts are NOT pretty.


In the meantime, acquaint yourself with my blistering critique of PAAIA which has nullified any appearance of legitamacy that group had. (see PAAIA: Persian Atomic Association of Iranian-Americans? Adios PAAIA.)

 And enjoy a video exposing PDMI (Ken Timmerman's and Daieoleslam's pet project: An Israeli Lobby "Democracy" Movement for Iran that relies on slandering and vilifying Iranians - Something NIAC, PAAIA, and the other alphabet-soup of "Iranian" organizations are unwilling to tackle).  


Iranian Community Organizations are Supposed to PROTECT THE IRANIAN COMMUNITY, and NOT get into private squabbles with the MEK.  The MEK are garbage (we all know that).  If NIAC had a shred of decency it would have written the type of articles I have been to expose these groups one-by-one without cherry-picking which ones to go after using criteria that seems only geared to protecting Parsi's private reputation.