My trial at


My trial at
by David ET

Defendant: David ET (AGE 50)
SCENE: A Virtual Courtroom at

NOTE: Identity of judges are not disclosed as this article is not about individuals (me included) but about an attitude. All "quotes" and all characters are real people .



JUDGE #1: "Have you read what David ET is asserting? His distortion of truth, cushioning the crimes of a fascist regime by diverting the attention. Make no mistake, David ET or whoever he, she or it is has no respect for anyone and thus cannot be respected. His façade of being civilized is just a strategy of gaining more sympathy and presenting him/her or itself as logical. But this is an old trick. No one can take a person producing such ideas and arguments for a civilized one. .......Get real and expose destructive voices …  voices that are manipulative such as David ET ....from outer space .... voices of fascism placed on the scale of oppression to various degrees. ""

David:  "I commend those who are speaking out against the situation in Gaza.....I also wish there also were so many caring voices in response to human right violations by Islamic Republic. Consistency ?.....I am glad you and many others are now voicing your disappointment about what is happening to Palestinians but when this is all over, please do not disappear again while others keep trying to get your attention about inhumanity in your own country  "

Judge #2: "your timing with this one is awkward"

David : "I have been told that for 30 years for one reason or another and I still haven't complied.. "

Judge #2 : ".you mean as soon as the IRI came to power 30 years ago, you went pro-israeli? "

David: "I do not know what your comment of "Pro-Israel" means. If you mean I am for the right of Israel to exists (ABSOLUTELY) and If you mean I am for the Israel's violations of Palestinians human rights (ABSOLUTELY NOT) ."

Judge #3:: "David ET's solution: didn't pay attention to what I'd said for 30 years, even if I'm not even 40 !! "

David:  "Indeed over reactions of Israel to terrorist Hamas Organization by holding a city and its population hostage with lack of basic necessities and their daily bombardments is a humanitarian disaster and shameful  "

Judge #4: "There is plenty of space and plenty of time to spread your Zionist garbage Mr. ET."

David : "Israel is to blame for denying Palestinians of a home"

Judge #1 : " Interest groups and lobbies that are nurturing from the silences of masses and the support of voices such as ... David ET ... give support to a racist regime in order to further their own political agenda; namely a regime change in Iran."

David: "Electing peace seeking governments by BOTH sides would be a good step towards peace... A movement by people of both sides toward peace and coexistence. Those who try to put fire in the woods by being one sided are NOT helping the situation. Both parties must seek peace and accept each others existence or they will NOT be a peace."

Judge #5: "David ET is always around, writing b.s. which no one finds serious enough to leave a comment on."

Judge #6:  "Neither David ET, nor anyone else in the world are allowed to tell others what cause to feel and stand up for, for that is one ultimate violation of other people's human rights....seizeing the opportunity to act worse than the dreaded Guardian Council"

David: "I am glad you and many others are now voicing your disappointment about what is happening to Palestinians .......All I have been asking for is the same type of COLLECTIVE ATTENTION in future to the atrocities in OUR HOMELAND TOO. Is that SO BAD???!""

VERDICT (after a VERY short break):

Judge #1  " are clearly defending atrocities committed by a bunch of fascists contradicting anything that is called human values..... "


Judge #1: "....People like this should publicly be insulted and told off and put at shame!....Anyone discrediting Hammas, Hezbollah or Vietcong in the past, or any other organization mobilized by the people for the sake of liberation is not only trying to fool others, but they fool themselves. Such people deserve not only insults, but alienation and despise.  They deserve to stand in the shame corner as they promote falsehood and strive to corrupt humanity of its ethics and morality, its sense of fairness. ."  

As David is being pulled away, the mirror that he is holding in his hand falls and shatters to more reflecting pieces as he says: "Justice?!...Tu agar tabib boodi, sar-e khod dava nemoodi"

Judge #1: "take your garbage elsewhere"


Some audience continue to cheer on, some speak up, some quietly walk away while some hold their heads in "shame"..


more from David ET
David ET

David ET:

by David ET on

- many people (including famous ones actors, writers, poets, bloggers, etc)
in the past and present , dead or alive have not used their full name or their
name at all and all occasions 

- In more official situations when "publishing" certain articles, emails,
making videos etc I used my full name but I do not unnecessarily use it

- I prefer in basic discussion people read the message than get caught up in
the messenger

- If I have ever been publicly asked my last name I have answered

- I do not want my personal views affect others that I associate with
(thanks DW for clarifying that)

I also noted that for example when our
poet ran out of logics,  in few occasions he tried to discredit me because I did
not have my last name as if that is the criteria for accuracy, while he had no
problem with many of his fans who do not even use any of their own name. That was irrelevant so I did not even reply to, but since the subject is now
specifically being discussed, there is my reply..

DW Duke

Souri re: Inquiries

by DW Duke on


I would encourage you to go straight to the sources and not rely on what you read in blogs about SCE and Nazanin.  If you read the blogs you will find many good reports but you will also find all forms of libel and slander espoused by everyone from a jealous human rights attorney who can't seem to get her career established to bloggers who are angry that Nazanin didn't respond to their romantic overtures. 

By way of example, I saw a blog a few days ago saying Nazanin is not responsible for getting Nazanin Fatehi released. I confronted that blogger and learned that she knew nothing about the story other than what she had read in blogs.  The reality is, the United Nations gave Nazanin the Human Rights Award because of information they obtained independently from individuals within governments and in particular within Iran who informed them that it was her efforts that obtained the retrial that resulted in the acquittal.  Obviously the UN would not have given Nazanin that award simply because she ran to them and said "look what I have done."   To find out for yourself contact the UN and ask them what criterea they use to decide who gets the Human Rights Award.    

I have personally seen emails from a very famous and politically connected Iranian who made numerous threats that if Nazanin did not join him he would destroy her career by slandering her in the media.  He didn't know that Nazanin was sufficiently alert to save all the emails and seek legal counsel but once he learned she had kept the evidence he ran away with his tail between his legs.  Now his career is hanging by a thread if Nazanin wanted to be vindictive but that is not her way..  :)

I do hope you understand and respect the reasons people might have for wishing to retain their anonymity with respect to these issues.   For one thing, they do not want people to conclude that they are speaking on behalf of SCE when they express their personal views on various issues and secondly, there are safety considerations involved.

David ET


by David ET on

Dear Souri !

While you are staying away for your pursuit of knowledge about me and whatever you have "heard" about me and my "activities" and " that organization" , if you ever decide to ask me something about it , please feel free !

FYI: I had my picture until couple of weeks ago and changed it when I discussed "unity" .many of the ones you (and Cameron) you like also do not have their photos or name , but then I know, measuring tapes differ.

David ET

Good one Rosie :-)

by David ET on

" Existentialism is Buddhism without the enlightenment part"





Thanks for clarification

by Souri on

Now, it changes all for me. I have always been very skeptical about David Etebaar's credibility. Not that I have anything against him and his activities, but from everything I had read about him and that organization and Nazanin, etc, I will keep away from this, until I have a real truthful knowledge of all this.

Thanks a lot.

rosie is roxy is roshan

Yes, he's David Etabari...

by rosie is roxy is roshan on

and I THINK he uses David ET because of ET the Extra-Terrestrial as a joke..



I'm just asking...

by Souri on

Rosie, I'm very surprised at on thing you mentioned here :

"I find it inconceivable that people could be accusing someone of being self-absorbed who devotes his life to protecting young people from
being hanged from cranes..."

What you mean exactly ? Do you mean that David ET is the same person as David Etebaar who works for SCE with Nazanin Afhsin-Jam ?

I never thought, David Et's pseudonyme could be his real name. I need you or David to clarify this for us and for good. I believe this question have been raised another time by another reader, and am not sure to recall that David ET's answer was positive.

Please clarify this, as I REALLY don't know the truth. In my humble logic, if this was the case, there were no need for David, to use only half of his name as a user name with a picture which is not his own photo. David Etebaar is mor publicly known than that.

I am really confused. 

With all due respect to David ET,

rosie is roxy is roshan

I support David. With all his warts, no different from our own.

by rosie is roxy is roshan on

I find it inconceivable that people could be accusing someone of being self-absorbed who devotes his life to protecting young people from being hanged from cranes. In Existential philosphy Sartre and others following the devastation of World War II tried to make us realize that a person is judged by their ACTIONS, by what they do. I have made the joke to serious practitioners of Buddhist meditation that Existentialism is Buddhism without the enlightenment part. They get it, they agree. The goal of Mahayana Buddhism is the purificcation of the individual from selfishness so that through achieving the Heart of Compassion, the person may WORK for the good of the community.

Here on our website we have WORDS. We try our best with words but words are CHEAP in the end. Now one of Sartre's great works was called Les Mots (Words) but how many among us have the verbal and analytical skills of a Jean Paul Sartre? David has ACTIONS, he has good THOUGHTS and DEEDS, and as for words, he tries his best, as do ALL of the best of you in this community.

David can beabrasive. Part of what makes him abrasive is the UGLINESS he deals with every day in his struggles to create a better world and to save your hamvatans from the worst fates imaginable.

David can be abrasive. If I may be so bold as to say so, I, Kadivar, Jamshid, Nezanin, Wife, Mazloom, Jahanshah (Javid and Rashidian),, Nezanin, and yes you Qumars, and sometimes even you Souri believe it or not, have been perceived as abrasive, by myself ANDOR by others. And yet you are all (and me I've been told too) are valuable members of this community.

David and I have had arguments. I have felt that David was abrasive to me. But I have NEVER felt that David was self-centered, lacked integrity or wished ill on anyone here or on this planet. Do I care that David and I have had arguments? His honesty is refreshing, and when we've argued, he's always tried to calm it down after an exchange or two. That is the David Etabari I know. I have no idea which one you know but it isn't the one I know. This is the David I know:

the David who says "God has no religion and neither do I."

the David who says, "Don't just talk the talk. Walk the walk." Tirelessly, day in, day out, because he has conviction and FAITH IN YOU.

the David who has stated very clearly that he condemns both Hamas and the IDF for their trangressions and does not take sides.

The David who tries to remind you that whatever tragedies happen in Gaza, there is still an Iran.

I returned to this website in no small part because of support I received from two very close friends, Qumars and Souri, and you both know how I feel about you, but the fact is it was my seeing the terrible chaos on this site due to Gaza that prompted my immediate decision to return on January 1. And to tell the truth, parts of David's account of this "trial" are things that I, as a non-Zionist who does not believe ihat any Jewish state should exist (much less the current horror that it is), have perceived on this website. And he's right in his long post, it's not about him per se, I've seen it directed to others as well.

Would it have been BETTER for David to perhaps use the name Blogger X instead of David for the "accused"? Perhaps.

Should he be put on trial for this too?

I support David. I support Souri. I support Q.




David ET

Dear Souri

by David ET on

First I should repeat that this blog was really not about me or you etc...(as you saw I even took the screen names of "judges " out) but about an attitude of resorting to mischaracterizing, misinforming, labeling, misjudging and name calling only because someone disagrees with our views.

Having said that, since you insisted few times in past few comments for an answer to your question (and not I like to get in such details) therefore I will specifically show the chain of events, to answer your question. Actually I have actually answered your question in much detail among the 10's of posts that is on my shame on you (2) blog but I get more detailed now

As for Azarin , please note that when she made her observation it was much later and by then Cameron had shown his views of Hamas , IR as well as his intolerance and rudeness to many whom he disagreed with which is a violation of someones rights too!

If I may speak further for how Azarin feels as I do (and she can correct me if I am wrong) : If one cares about HUMAN rights to the extent that passes shame to those who support violations of it somewhere, then how can same person have a totally different view on violation of human rights somewhere else? Yes everyone can pick their own battles but ALL human right defendants share the same view wherever they are and whoever it is about but each take a part of the challenge. AFTER ALL IT IS ABOUT HUMANITY not Israeli' , Palestinians, Iranians or Americans! and then when I see those who USE the human rights flags to further their own agendas, I do sometimes (and not always speak up) because I do not wish to see that Flag (too) tarnished, as we have not much more Left to hold on to, they have taken and revised to their benefit everything e;else....because for better or worse I do have much respect for it wherever it is raised , in Guatameno Bay, In Iran, In Tibet, In Darfur, in Israel or in GAZA...Caring for Human rights is in one's heart and is not a choice, it is just there, flowing like a blood in your cells and it can not bargained, exchanged, used, or selected based on issue. Its about HUMANITY as a WHOLE, its about me, and you and us .

wow I got off the track, sorry ...!One more thing, my name and photo is and has been all over this site and Internet and can be found in my own blog comments and SCE blogs and websites and many other places.

and no Cameron does not need to worry about going to IR, they would welcome him with the views he holds that I do not have to repeat...

Here we go!:

1006 am pst  jan 8  Cameron comment as a follow up to his "shame on you" blog after he has said shame on you to others about human rights violations:

As the matter of fact, Palestine, Lebanon, Venezuela, and all other countries who to various degree express loyalty (from Hezbollah as a direct political and military arm of Iran to Hamas as a recent satellite of Iran), ensure our homeland’s security.  And for you and all others who constantly criticize the diversion of funds and assistance into these countries instead of using these resources on Iran, I would like to point out the fact, that the game of geopolitics dictates the necessity of alliances and ‘BUYING’ help. One of the reasons that Iran has been spared is the fact that it has loyal allies (as long as the money and help is flowing) in Lebanon and Palestine, with Chaves and Putin and special services to the Chinese. 

1123 am pst    I uploaded my post and here is some of what I wrote in it:

Mr. Cameron , I am sure now that you wrote few paragraphs about the inhumanity of Israel after you received the email about your friends loss but may be that was a wake up call that all these other Iranian people also have friends and family too and so do those civilian Israeli's who get blown to pieces by suicide bombers of Hamas. But PLEASE  Next time you wish to jump on the politically correct bandwagons of shaming others,...take a look in the mirror and once in while think about what is happening to your own countryman too ! and then at least say Shame on us !! I am glad you and many others are now voicing your disappointment about what is happening to Palestinians but when this is all over, please do not disappear again while others keep trying to get your attention about inhumanity in your own country 

257 pm pst  Cameron
As far as Zion is concerned, although I generally do not participate in political discussions and for sure do not counter you in your stupid and assified arguments as they are not worth even reading, still I must tell you …  not that you would know what integrity, honor or humanity is, but if you look it up maybe you learn the meaning of it and try to get  some by stopping sending your garbage, wasting space.

and the rest is history....

AGAIN: I am bringing these up with the little bit of the shattered mirror that is still left in my hand which actually by now has cut deep to my thick skin and bleeding , just to show ourselves (me included) in it , as I think it all really starts with you, I and us before them whoever they are: Israel, Hamas or Islamic Republic... 

Now I have a question for you, you cared much about what I politely said to Cameron ...why is it that after reading all that you see was told to me and others  , you have not said anything ...Do some of us have to take anything that we are told and for so long by so many ?

I better stop.... I need a break too from all this, just as Azarin did ,

Peace and "light" Souri Jaan

Lights out



by Anonymous112 (not verified) on

My thinking is similar to Azarin. I thought his blog was a little self-righteous and childish but not one about which I would make an issue or even comment. Apparently, David is a very insightful person who saw something that I didn't see in the character of this man and David flushed it out. All I can say is David would make an amazing District Attorney. He is an excellent judge of character.


Much better this time ..

by Souri on

Thank you Azarin.

One more thing, if I may :

Comeran Batmanghlich, writes in this site, under his real name and his real picture. I would understand him if he doesn't want to share his own view about the violation of Human Rights in Iran....How many real person you know in this site who says their opinion freely ? I believe you do agree with me that it is easier to call ourselves David, or anonymous1 or else than to go straight under our own real name.

I believe we can not blame Comeran for not having stated his opinion regarding Iran's problems. Who knows if he stayed really silent about it ? We don't know nothing, then we can't judge him based on his willingness to state his opinion in the past.

Here again, we can not call Shame on him, as he did not call Shame on the ones who did not state their opinion. He said shame only to the ones who defend Israel's action ...and there are some in this site, too. 

Azarin Sadegh

My answers:

by Azarin Sadegh on

Souri Jan, I think I tried to tell you that my problm is not with his blog but with his following comments, insulting people. As you might have noticed, I usually avoid political debates, since I have no expertise in this matter, so I rather keep quiet on subjects I don't know much about.

1) But now that you mention, I have to say that I have no sympathy toward Hamas or Israelis government. My only sympathy is toward their civilian victims of war, no matter who they're: Arab or Jewish.

But Camran called everyone who doesn't like Hamas to be shameful. I repeat again. I just got offended when he replied in a very abusive manner to David and in his second blog.

2) I never judged Cameran based on his past non-action, But i was surprised that he was judging everyone else based on their position on the single subject he is passionate about! I actually used to read his stories and enjoy them too. But now I might feel a bit betrayed by his violent and angry personality toward poeple who don't think exactly like him.

What is sad is that David has almost the same position regarding Cameran about the middle east conflict. But his blog was about the lack of sympathy toward Iranian issue by so mnay people on IC. The same people who seem to be more passionate about Palestinian case, and in this matter I agree with david.

I hope my answers are satisfying this time, and I am sorry if I wasn't more clear last time!

Thanks again for asking! Azarin 


Azarin, sorry

by Souri on

With all due respect for David and yourself, be assured that i don't want to go on, for the whole day with these questions.

You thanked me for having asked, but you did not answer  my main questions. 

1) I said :  Why did you two get offended ? I could never believe one of you two,  could belong to the category of people whom Cameron was addressing

- You answered again: so I was a bit surprised that he was calling Shame on You, on everyone.

I just made it clear in my last post, that Cameron did not say "Shame on you" to everyone !! but only to those who defend Israel's barbaric action. You repeat again the : He was calling Shame on you, on everyone ! .....

2) I said : Why do we need to judge the people for their past action or non-action toward the matters dear to our heart, for giving them a  credit of
being passable or not ?

- And you answered : I had always read Kamran's stories, and so far, I had never seen any reaction from him regarding the Iranians Human rights violations.........

You thank me for having asked, but you don't answer to my questions. Regardless, I repeat here, apart from the statement about "Hamas and Viet Cong" I am all with Cameron, in his first and other blogs.

Azarin Sadegh

Dear Souri,

by Azarin Sadegh on

dear Souri,

I had no problem with Camran's opinion about defending Palestinians, but my reaction was exactly like David. As I had always read Kamran's stories, and so far, I had never seen any reaction from him regarding the Iranians Human rights I was a bit surprised that he was calling Shame on You, on everyone.

But still I didn't really felt offended ...until I read his following comments insulting David. It was so much different from his stories about Beauty and love that shocked me.

Otherwise I think we all agree that the attacks on the civilian and defenseless children is unacceptable and should be stopped immediately. As you can imagine, I have no problem with passionate blogs, but my problem is with the use of rude language. That's all!

I hope it clarifies my position.

Thank for asking! azarin


Azarin and David

by Souri on

I am surprised by you two's reaction to Camron's first blog "Shame on you". I never understood why David got offended to the point to posting  a so offensive and personal blog against Camron's statement. Now, my surprize is mounting even higher, because of Azarin's reaction.

Lets see: in that blog, Cameron has clearly started his text with this :

"To all the people on this site or wherever you are and who are
defending the barbaric and inhuman acts of the Israelis
for the past
nearly two weeks, committing a classic genocide, I must voice my

Why did you two get offended ? I could never believe one of you two, could belong to the category of people whom Cameron was addressing. What did you find so offensive in Cameron's statement. You two, always defend Human Rights, as long as I remember. What did Cameron say, which was against the Human Rights values ?

Why that hostile reaction towards Cameron's feeling of sorrow and anger against barbaric action ?

The whole thing I could see in David's response was only this:

Why Cameron never talked about humanity and Iran's problems, before today ? 

And this, was not taken well from a humanist person as David.

I took it really as a sign of self-center attitude, that everything good should come first from "ME", and nobody else. Now, I'm again surprised as I read Azarin's reaction. 

What was wrong in Cameron's first blog ? What did you find offensive ? Why do we need to judge the people for their past action or non-action toward the matters dear to our heart, for giving them a  credit of being passable or not ?




by Souri on

You wrote a blog with such title, as a case of accusation of Zionism (all about yourself again) and you bring a quote from me as the judge number 3.

That statement was NOT mean to accuse you of being fascist or Zionist, but about your attitude of "self-absorption" . Now, tell me please, who made a "case" from this ? Me or yourself ?

You bring one sentence of my last post under another context, here into your blog under the title of "accusation of Zionism". Do you think this is honest ?

That's why I told you, how many blogs about you ? This was not an actual question, but this was stated as an opinion, about the content of your blog. As you just said, you have no problem with people opposiong your views, then why don't you take my last post as one of them ?

Azarin Sadegh

Funny in a sad way!

by Azarin Sadegh on

Dear David,

I found your blog original and funny in a sad way! It reminds me of the absurd plays of 50/60's (Beckett, Ionesko,..) Entertaining indeed!I think there's a misunderstanding that your Shame blog and even this one was only about you...but I think it was about many of us and how we felt after reading Kameran's “Shame on everyone else” blog and especially his following comments which went too far at the level of insulting. Honestly I think that the use of rude and offensive tone in the comments is so sad! Because I think this behavior is going to backfire and set the main focus of the reader of the blog on insults and not the on the original cause that the blogger was passionate about.Thanks, Azarin


Hamas is not your friend.

by friskycatdad on

Ehud Barak is the Israel Defense minister now. In 2000, as Prime Minister, to much domestic criticism, he offered a treaty that agreed to virtually most of what had been asked for, and that was rejected by Yasir Arafat.


That is as good a summation as I can find.

The Christian Arabs I know hold the Israel people in the highest regard.  They are spat upon by the Muslim Arabs when they visit their "BACK HOME".

It is a big topic to be sure, but it is hard to ignore human emotions before the violence had begun.


David ET

Dear Souri

by David ET on

Questioning  someone's character with false information about them just to score a point is wrong and if you are OK with doing that so be it...

Regardless you and everyone are always more than welcome to open , read and discuss or oppose my views but  "please do not tell me how many times I should or should not write in my own blog!"

Like I said this post is not really about me, (and it still OK if I or anyone writes about themselves, some do that that all time) but I am using myself as an example to show something wrong that happens here often.

I had no "case" with you ever, the one who opened a case was yourself and the one who is closing it is yourself too.


Reply to Souri

by Anonymous112 (not verified) on

I do have a registered name. I don't get involved in debates in my registered name because of client issues. However, I did not post in that thread at all in my registered name that I recall or even address any of those issues in any thread. Also, the posts were not redundant. They were replies to comments by Cameron and Anonymous 111. It was idealogical censorship pure and simple.

David ET

Dear Q

by David ET on

Was I "even talking about you"  anywhere that you wrote this remark to me?

If you give yourself the right to address what I and so many others write (which is totally fine with me) please do not question me about addressing other people's comments either.




by Souri on

The same way "you write as much as you wish" in this site, the same way I have the right to "open any blogs, as much as I wish"....You don't  write blogs here only for your like minded friends, do you ?

I don't want to read only the blogs from the people I do agree with, neither.

Case closed !


Anonymous112, just a question

by Souri on

Got a question for you.

I don't know who is the moderator1234 or what you had wrote last evening. I just want to understand better this
moderation and all the complains about it.

You said you'd posted SEVERAL comments on that thread and they have been deleted.

Did you post them under your anonymous user name ? Do you have also a registered user name ? If so, did you post the same comments under that registered user name ONCE or Many Times, as well?

In my humble opinion, (and I really stay impartial) the moderation is not ALWAYS about the "profanity or hate speech" , but it is also to prevent the redundancy .
I think this is the best thing to do to keep the blanaced  quality of
a debate.



David ET


by David ET on

" this article is not about individuals (me included) but about an attitude."

Defendant: David ET (AGE 50)

Judge #3 : "David ET's solution: didn't pay attention to what I'd said for 30 years, even if I'm not even 40 !! "

You are welcome to discuss what I write , but please don't tell me how many times I can write! I write as much as I wish (it is MY blog) and you don't have to open them, read them, reply to them nor make falsified comments and observations as Judge #3 did above! 

You are welcome to discuss what I wrote , but please don't tell me how many times I can write!


In Addition the Playing Field is not Level due to Moderator Bias

by Anonymous112 (not verified) on

Last evening I posted several comments in the "Shame on You 2" thread which were not allowed to pass through. They addressed the same concerns that Darius Kadivar and David ET addressed. They were not demeaning or derogatory, obscene or in any other way offense but Moderator1234, the same one who reprimanded Darius for some unseen crime, would not allow them to post.

It a forum where the motto is "Nothing is Sacred" and we will allow "free speech" it seems that the truth is "We will allow free speech as long as the moderator agrees with what you say."

It is impossible to have a fair discussion of any issue when the playing field is unlevel.


How many more blog about you...?

by Souri on

You want to attract people's attention all the time. How many more blog?



David, I'm learning so much from you

by Q on

for example, how increadibly self-absorbed Iranians can be. Was Cameron even talking about you when he wrote the piece on "shame"?

Is it any wonder that unless something is about you or matches your view, you have no interest in it whatsoever?

Feel free to caricaature me as one of your judges.