History of systematic killings of Iranians by Islam


by DavidRamezani

Here is long history of systematic killings of Iranians by Islam:

Some of the terrorists, mass murderers, assassins and killers of Shia Islam:

1.  Hassan-i Sabbāh:  Leader of Assasioun group (Assassin group)  [1050s-1124]


2.  Sheikh Fazlollah Noori (a traitor and a murderer)

3.  Navvab Safavi


4.  Fadā'iyān-e Islam:


5.  Sadegh Khalkhali


6.  Ruhollah Musavi Khomeini



Victims of Islam and Islamism:

1.  Islamic conquest of Iran:


2.  The Battle of al-Qādisiyyah:


3.  Rostam Farrokhzād


4.  Abu-Lu'lu'ah Al-Nahawndi:


5.  Mansur al-Hallaj


6. Abu Muslim Khorasani


7.  Bābak Khorram-Din


8.  "Shahāb ad-Dīn" Yahya ibn Habash as-Suhrawardī


9.  Siyyid `Alí Muammad Shírází (Bab)


10.  Bahá'u'lláh:

11.  Táhirih Qurratu'l-Ayn:


12.  Amir Kabir:


13.  Ahmad Kasravi


14.  Sepahbod Haj Ali Razmara


15.  Abdolhosein Hazhir


16.  Hasan-ali Mansur


17.  Cinema Rex fire:


18.  Dr. Farokhroo Pārsā


19.  Amir-Abbas Hoveyda


20.  Sepahbod (General) Nader Jahanbani:


21.  Prim-minister Dr. Shapour Bakhtiar


22.  The Iran–Iraq War:


23.  1988 executions of Iranian political prisoners


24.  The Chain murders of Iran:


25.  The Iran hostage crisis:


26.  Homa Darabi:


27.  Dr. Fereydoun Farrokhzad:


28.  Dr. Abdul Rahman Ghassemlou:


29.  Zahra "Ziba" Kazemi-Ahmadabadi:


30.  Dariush Forouhar:


31.  Parvaneh Eskandari Forouhar


32.  Mykonos restaurant assassinations


33.  Dr. Kazem Rajavi


34.  Ali Akbar Tabatabai


35.  Baha’is since 1979:

Bahá'ís continue to be persecuted in Islamic countries, especially Iran, where over 200 believers were executed between 1978 and 1998. The marginalization of the Iranian Bahá'ís by current governments is rooted in historical efforts by Shi’a clergy to persecute the religious minority. When the Báb started attracting a large following, the clergy hoped to stop the movement from spreading by stating that its followers were enemies of God, and these led to mob attacks and public executions. Starting in the twentieth century, in addition to repression that impacted individual Bahá'ís, centrally-directed campaigns that targeted the entire Bahá'í community and institutions were initiated. In one case in Yazd in 1903 more than 100 Bahá'ís were killed. Later on Bahá'í schools, such as the Tarbiyat boys' and girl's schools in Tehran, were closed in the 1930s and '40s, Bahá'í marriages were not recognized and Baha’i texts were censored.

36.  Iranian Student Protests of July, 1999:


37.  Neda Agha-Soltan:



The roots of all the violence in Islam is within the Islamism which is explained in the following link:



Payandeh Iran,



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What is the solution?

by DavidRamezani on

David Ramezani

I am just wondering what kind of reaction I would get from the Iranian Moslems.  When they read all these information and when they see such a very long history of systemic violence, assassinations, killings and murder, how do they justify this?  What is their rationale on this issue?

Do they think there is something wrong with this picture?  Do they see any problem with this or do they think everything is normal and this how it should be?

What is the solution?  How can we resolve this problem?  Do we just let it continue the way it has been?  What do we do?  Where do we go from here?


Payandeh Iran,