The possible United States' military attack on Iran.

by DavidRamezani

I posted this article in here ( on February 8, 2006 would like to revisit this issue again and get your opinion on this, what I think an important issue.



Any input would be much appreciated.

David Ramezani 


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Possible US attack on the IR

by Simorgh5555 on

The USA should provide funds for an Iranian liberation army and guarantees the territorial integrity of Iran and a secular democracy. The USA should support any mass mobilised force on the ground whether it is in the form of an army or protesters with surgical military strikes.

This regime will not go without violence. The regime will not budge without a fight. Military action will combined with people's resistance is the only possible way the regime can be removed.  



by yolanda on

Thank you, DavidRamezani, for your post! I am glad to hear that

"I hope there will never be any military attack."

I have to say that people's silence is deafening on this topic! It is very understandable!

Thank you for your post!


The Worst Case Scenario

by DavidRamezani on

Greetings Yolanda:

Thanks for your response. I am so sorry for my late response. I apologize. Just because I wrote this about possible attack on Iran by United States, that does not mean I support war. In every situation we always have to consider the best case scenario and also the worst case scenario. Considering the worst case scenario does not necessarily mean that you support that scenario. I am simply saying military attack is one of the possibilities. I honestly do not know what will happen. I wish I knew. I hope there will never be any military attack. But if both sides escalate the situation, then obviously war becomes a reality.

Thanks again for your response.

David Ramezani



by yolanda on

War is bad! That is probably why nobody has given any input to this issue! Wow! You wrote military attack 5 years ago, you have not changed your mind!

War is obsolete!