Open Letter to Ali Reza Maybodi

by Death_To_Fascism

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Dear Mr Maybodi,

I am writing in reference to one of your recent
segments in order to express my disgust at your declining journalistic
standards and contempt regarding your shameless public cheerleading on
behalf of the Haifan Baha'i organization. It appears that you have sold
out any integrity you once possessed upon the altar of the highest
bidder: a situation that, alas, plagues many of your other colleagues
in Tehrangeles as well, nay the entire Iranian emigre media
establishment of North America as a whole - an establishment
increasingly fixated on the most shallow and banal surface appearances
which mirror the worst aspects of North American popular culture. It is
people like yourself who again and again have given the lie away to the
mullahs throughout these past 30 years thereby discrediting an
opposition movement who could have potentially dispatched the infernal
regime of the Khomeinist Islamic republic long ago. And the reason for
this is because of a basic lack of integrity coupled with myopic greed
and the cynical politicking that has become the veritable sickness of
an entire generation of Iranians like yourself who are daily
compromising any and all values whilst slowly being culturally
lobotomized by the cancer eating away at all genuine Iranianity:
that disease which is the soulless, Western and modernist reign of
quantity over quality with its complete lack of all standards and total
disregard of truth over the sound bite. [Read rest of letter here]

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Mr.Sen McGlinn please check

by abdAllah on

Mr. Sen McGlinn I have post your second respond, please answer my questions accordantly. thanks //


Sen McGlinn knows Persian

by Bystander on


He has also traveled to Iran before and is quite familiar with the culture. Why does one have to be 100% Iranian to visit There are Americans who frequent this website; why not harass them?


Ali Reza Maybodi

by faryarm on

Part 1

Part 2 


Ali Reza Maybodi takes down the Youtube videos

by Death_To_Fascism on

[Crossposted to USENET]

Sen McGlinn doesn't know any Persian so how does he know what Ali Reza Maybodi actually said?  And, while we're at it, why is a New Zealand resident of Holland and a non-Iranian posting to Iranian.Com, especially one whom it is claimed has been disenfranchised by the Baha'i establishment? Very, very fishy!

Obviously my open letter has hit its mark and the Baha'i Internet Agency is working overtime for its various agents. McGlinn, when this is all over I will relish my public undressing and humiliation of you, given the fact that you are a paid agent and collaborationist with a Fascist system and that your whole so-called disenrollment was nothing but a charade and smokescreen. Count on it!



Dear Sen McGlinn

by abdAllah on

I post a respond to your comment, Would you answer to my question please . thanks



Allah'u'Abha means

by faryarm on

Allah'u'Abha means

God The Most Glorious.

Your attempt to appear as a Bahai, then link to a bogus site tries to

show a negative side ,  is quite obvious. Others have tried it.

Your dishonest intentions betray the name you have chosen, since your intent is neither Godly, nor Glorious; in fact proven to be weak and desperate.

History shows that  lies and distortions, not even death and torture have not managed to stop the progress of The Bahai Faith.

"In Persia the early believers in this revelation met with the utmost opposition, persecution and cruelty at the hands of their fellow countrymen, but they faced all calamities and ordeals with sublime heroism, firmness and patience. Their baptism was in their own blood, for many thousands of them perished as martyrs; while thousands more were beaten, imprisoned, stripped of their possessions, driven from their homes or otherwise ill-treated. For sixty years or more anyone in Persia who dared to own allegiance to the Báb or Bahá'u'lláh did so at the risk of his property, his freedom and even his life. Yet this determined and ferocious opposition could not more check the progress of the Movement than a cloud of dust could keep the sun from rising."



Sen Thank you

by Allahu_Abha on

May God bless you for all the good u r doing to bahai faith.

I found a book of Samuel Wilson that was OCRed by you on this website. 


Thank you and Keep up the good work.

Sen McGlinn

What he's talking about

by Sen McGlinn on

So what exactly is it that "Death to Fascism" is upset about?

Ali Reza Maybodi suggested that Bahais should have normal citizen's rights, that the oppression should stop:

part 2

So now we know what makes "death to fascism" so angry. Human Rights! Horror !


What I can do, is keep my arm
from bringing others any harm.
How can I give the enviers ease?
They are themselves their own disease.
(Sa'di, Gulestan 1:5)