Poor Farah and Reza left out!

by deev

An article titled "His Royal Highness, King of Nowhere" reminded me of Farah's insistence on using the mouthful title "Her Imperial Majesty, Queen of Nowhere" in her website and turns out the English court has invited the former royals of the non-existant nation Yogoslavia to their wedding while the poor Pahlavis are ignored, a testiment to their insignificant clout.

Some will argue it's a political move but it's more proof of how real power players in the world don't take the Pahlavis seriously and neither should we.


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by Rostam on

Monarchy is a wrong system, period. Whether RP or Shirin Ebadi or whoever else becomes king/queen. All it takes is a few generations and the later kings/queens would become spoiled and careless.

But I don't mind to restore the monarchy as a "tradition" of our country (as opposed to a political force). From the symbolic and traditional angle, RP would be a better choice than Ebadi. And from the political angle, a monarch should not be involved, not matter who the monarch is.



by deev on

I'd have no problem with monarchy if the choice for monarch was someone more noble and capable than Reza, heck, make Shirin Ebadi a queen, or Shahram Homayoon a king, people with real life experience building their legacy instead of living off daddy's trust fund and fame!


I doubt RP would accept the invitation, he'd be stupid to do so

by Rostam on

ex-pro khomeinis: Imagine that the Pahlavis have returned to Iran (Kadivar, don't get any ideas, Pahlavi still sucks.) Then imagine watching these pahlavi haters (ex bedmates of Islamists) boiling in anger and hatred. God, I'll pay top dollars to watch their agony and to watch their jealous and hateful eyes pop out of their sockets from their uncontrollable anger and hate!  Top dollars!

Kadivar: even if any Pahlavis would be invited to the British royalty wedding, it would have been stupid of them to accept it. But I bet you wouldn't have mind it, n'est ce pas?

sedaaye enghelaabe shomaa ro shenidam...

Yeah right.  Correct me if I am wrong, but your King of Kings of yet more Kings fucked up pretty bad, didn't he?


Poppy Burner Wedding Control

by Escape on

  I don't know why the Pahlavi's weren't invited to the Royal Wedding for sure.It may be political,nothing to do with the Pahlavi's but everything to do with the State England is in right now.There is a real current 'Curtsy' to the Poppy Burning Islamist's being propped up by Politically correct in the Media and Jurisdiction.Britain's Govt is under attack by Islamist's by using their Freedom to show their natural disrespect to anything that is England and well,Western Civilization..
  Mosques are popping up all over in England and Sharia is in some Place's.Someone recently got 70 days in Prision for Burning a Quran.Another got harassed for having a cross on the Dashboard then ticketed for some B.S..The people are upset and there is a large lot of them..Huge...Meanwhile with the Muslims turn England into Englandstan The Govt doesn't want to upset the Islamists but they have no problem upseting protests by their regular citizens.Just as any cowardly Govt would do so.
 There were rumours the Poppy Jihadist's were planning to disrupt the Royal Wedding by gathering Then it had been rumoured they would be met by a Huge EDL crowd and protest's to follow.I think there was some kind of agreement made to keep the peace.
  As easy as it is to ask the Regular folks of Britain to keep the Peace and accept the I.R.I. Representatives,God knows how hard it is for the Weakened pile of Dogcrap Govt to control the Islamist's should they protest the Pahlavi's.You know they may take that as a Insult to Islam and the Republic of it (So called).A pacifist pack the Govt is with alot of pissed of Brit's at their back and Jihadist's in their front.


The "Non-Invitation" Of The Pahlavis .....

by R2-D2 on

Is essentially stemming from the Unpredicatbility of the IRI reactions to such an invitation :)

P.S. Please Do Not (Reapeat, "Do Not") complicate the matters ..... It's Actually Quite Simple ;) !



Darius Kadivar

Good Question Ari Jaan actually I think they would welcome it

by Darius Kadivar on

Ari jaan good question,

To begin with the Iranian community in England is as politically diverse as those in France and there is a history of political discourse and infighting between various groups ranging from left wing (communist, MKO) to right wing, National Front to monarchists you name it. 

But if for the First generation of Diaspora Iranians this political diversity translated in die hard hostility between these different factions throughout the 1980's up to let's say the mid 1990's this hostility ebbed overtime and I would say that today at worst people either ignore one another or at best tolerate each other's freedom of expression as long as they are against the regime in Iran.

This explains why in many demonstrations be it in Paris or London one could see communists demonstrate along with Monarchists and even at times shout the same slogans in solidarity.


In the below video you can see Maryam Namazie ( also interviewed by David Starkey in the link I provided further below) known for her feminist, communist and human rights activism demonstrating with Monarchists in front of the IRI embassy.


London 20 June 2010 Neda's Memorial , unity of Iran's monarchy party & worker-communist party


Now to what degree this is a sincere  or merely a short term display of Unity for the sake of appearances Is to be seen ...


But much of this ceasefire between the various political groups and particularly the fairly tolerant acceptance of monarchists in recent years by their former political foes and vice versa is probably related to Crown Prince Reza's very own political Stance which seems to be more understood today than 20 years ago:


PRINCE OF PERSIA: Crown Prince Reza and followers in London (1989)

One which aims at achieving a consensus across the political spectrum and not merely amongst his own traditional monarchist constituency:

REZA's CALL: An Iranian Solidarnosc... by DK

RESPONDING TO REZA's CALL: An Iranian Solidarnosc in the Making ... by DK



But the so called "pro IRI" British Iranians I believe represent a minority in both countries and are essentially limited to Embassy personal and their families.


And few escape attention and people be it in Paris or London know their whereabouts, as well as where these people usually hang out in town.


30 years may seem a long period for us but actually it represents barely one generation since the Revolution took place. Many remember the Shah's time and in France I should say the Pahlavis are probably even more respected and loved particularly the Empress who is truly considered as a living ICON of the 20th century.

In the UK however the British-Iranian relations have always been more ambiguous for the reasons we all know related to the events of 1953. But when the Empress visits london her presence notably as Patron of the Arts is appreciated: 


EMPRESS OF THE ARTS: Shahbanou Farah at London's Sothebys launch For Art & Patronage



However with BBC Persian interviewing the Crown Prince, the Shahbanou as well as the tremendously warm expression of solidarity

for the Royal Families grief, I think that public

opinion in the Diaspora would actually welcome such an official invitation on behalf of the British government. But that would not mean for that matter that those Diaspora Iranians who are not necessarily monarchists would consider this gesture as an endorsement of the monarchy by the British government but rather a gesture of respect for their community at large. All the more that as a successful community they are also seen as potential electors that any government or political partly needs their votes. So by acknowledging Iran's royals at such events, some of that glitter and glamour benefits the British Iranian Community also in a favorable light notably in being seen and accepted as first class citizens:



Omid Djalili Shares a Joke with Prince Charles



EMINENT PERSIANS: Henry Dallal Official photographer of Queen Elizabeth II

HAIL BARONESS AFSHAR!: First Iranian Woman In the House of Lords By Darius KADIVAR

MOON RIVER: Breakfast Talk with British-Iranian Model Sophia (Sepideh) Nooshin by Darius KADIVAR

Ramin Karimloo: A Persian Phantom Unmasked by Darius KADIVAR

Shusha Guppy: The Persian Girl of Saint Germain by Darius KADIVAR

Winds of Change: Darius Danesh cast as Rhett Butler by Darius KADIVAR

Tony Nourmand's Golden Eye by Darius KADIVAR

Doris Lessing: A daughter of Kermanshah Nobelized by Darius KADIVAR

Howard Lee, author of bestseller children's novel Jamshid and the lost Mountain of Light by Darius KADIVAR

KILLSHOT: Hossein Amini and Quentin Tarantino's New Pulp Movie by Darius KADIVAR


Very much like when the Shahbanou was invited at the ceremonies for Yves Saint Laurent and could be seen with the French President:


Shahbabou Farah Pahlavi and President Sarkozy

Or when the French Culture Minister hosted an event on Shojaeddin Shafa with Hadi Khorsandi and the Shahbanou and Prince Gholam Reza:

EMINENT PERSIANS: Paris Memorial for Ostaad Shojaeddin Shafa (July 13th,2010)


That did not create any  diplomatic row with Iran for that matter even if the IRI's ambassador I am sure must have clearly been pissed off by this he never made any public statement in this regard. However it helped break the ice amongst Iranians in the Diaspora while earning the trust of French officials in the eye of potential French-Iranian electors:


Iranian Expat Celebrities get passionate over French Presidential Elections by Darius KADIVAR


New Iranian Faces in French Politics by Darius KADIVAR 


BREAKING THE WAVES: Iranian Women of the Diaspora Seduce French Media



So it's a give and take process. If a government sees the potential such an opportunity could have in strengthening it's ties with a given community, then it would take the risk knowing that on the long term it can always be used as a Trump card or as a potential support for it's foreign or domestic policy. 


Nor did France ever claim officially that they considered the Shahbanou or Crown Prince Reza as representing the main force of opposition to the IRI.

But it allowed the French to play on Iran's sensitivity whilst maintaining normal diplomatic relations. 


In recent years also former British diplomats have become more vocal about the Past notably with documents released about Mrs. Thatcher's support of the Shah :


Thatcher wanted UK to offer Iran's shah sanctuary




Shahof Iran will survive, ambassador Parsons predicted (guardian)


As well as recent testimonies ( sincere or not ?) that the British felt that they wished to see the Shah step down and Iran become a Spanish Style Constitutional Monarchy:


If these documents are being released today and aired on BBC Persian It is certainly due to the fact that these documents can be released today for historical research but also probably because the British government also is aware of the British Iranian diaspora's bitterness towards it's role in the Shah's downfall and hence wishes to use these revelations as an opportunity to come out clean in the eyes of British Iranians.


Like in France, Iranians in the UK also represent potential electors for any government. As such establishing good relations with this minor yet vocal constituency represents an asset.


So if I were in the shoes of the British government, I would actually take the opportunity to invite the Pahlavis be it at weddings or other official ceremonies involving if not the Queen herself at least Prince Charles or members of the Royal family on informal occasions like honoring eminent persians as was done in Paris last year in the Presence of the French Culture Minister:


EMINENT PERSIANS: Paris Memorial for Ostaad Shojaeddin Shafa (July 13th,2010)


I don't see why the Government of Her Majesty couldn't do the same on a low profile level pretexting personal friendships between the British Royals and the Pahlavis as is the case for instance for Spain's Juan Carlos in recent gatherings :


Juan Carlos and Shahbanou Farah


which did not stop him to officially Greet Khatami:


Khatami greeted by Juan Carlos


British Government could play it just like the French government has by often have a foot on both tables. On one hand teasing the IRI without giving the impression that my government is actually endorsing or acknowledging the Pahlavi's as political leaders per se but on the other hand not claiming that they don't either given that Royals even in exile unlike Presidents are seen as being living embodiements of a nation's past. So the British government can always claim as a pretext that such invitations or contacts are only being made in relation to Iranians of the Diaspora or for purely cultural reasons that should not be confused with Britain's relationship with Iran or it's foreign policy.


Iran's ambassador to UK calls for fresh detente with Cameron 


So everyone basically knows it's hypocrisy but ultimately that's what diplomacy is: A game of Seduction and Repulsion or Give an Take if you will ... 

For Often when such incidents do occur Everyone in diplomatic circles knows that it is in the interests of both nations to overcome their difference and dedramatize the stalemate. It usually works because neither country truly wishes to close their embassies. So often they shout and rant or at worst call their ambassadors back for the sake of appearances but then come back with the same ambassador or a new one to re establish a new working environment.

The Shah actually did that favor the King Constantine of Greece when he was ousted. Inviting him regularly to Tehran or at Royal Events despite the fact that the Greek Colonels had toppled the Monarchy.


TITANS MEET: Shahbanou of Iran Greets Ex-King Constantine of Greece (Roudaki-Opera House, 1971)


It did not stop Greece and Iran to have normal diplomatic relations for that matter.


So to answer your question, Yes In the shoes of the British Government I would take the risk at the expense of creating an embarrassment for the IRI ambassador who would have to behave or simply ignore the Iranian Royals as is often the case at the United Nations when leaders are forced to attend yet try to ignore one another to avoid eye contact:


Islamic Republic's Representative invited at UK's Royal Wedding


Same if this was to take place in France at Elysee Palace's 14th of July Garden Party: 


One could informally invite an Iranian opponent:


EMINENT PERSIANS: Arash Derambarsh Future French President?


As well as the IRI ambassador's wife: 


French Radio Interviews Fatemeh Mir Abou Talebi Wife of IRI Ambassador To France


What else could they both do but ignore each other or at best try to avoid Eye contact either behind Champaign Glasses for the the Iranian Royals while the IRI ambassador would turn his back while sipping his Tea or rushing to crack jokes with the Zimbabwe ambassador ...






Recommended Photo Essay: 


THE IRANIAN: London demo, Cyrus Kadivar

Recommended Watching:

David Starkey's "Last Word" With Maryam Namazie about Iran and the Monarchy (More4 TV April 19th, 2006)


Deev, I think it's a combination of both...

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

 insignificance of pahlavis and political considerations on part of British government. 

Further, if I might add, a lot of our monarchist friends here do not understand - and their comments clearly show- That the British Royal family is just the pretty , regal facia of a very sophisticated and mature system of parliamentary democracy in Britain, which has almost nothing to do with the adjective "kingdom", sometimes used to describe Britain. This is the only modus operandi any royal family could survive in the 21st century. I kind of think RP realises this subtle point, and probably does not care about not being invited. Not sure about the vast majority of his "javid Shah" followers though.

Bottom line, the days of Bully dictators, be it kings, or presidents with their SAVAKS or Etelaat ministries are gone, forever.

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."


معلومه که ملت بیکارن


بی خیال کی سگ کی رو گاز گرفت و کی دعوت بود و نبود



by Reality-Bites on

Maybe you're right and maybe making money out of others is not something on the minds of the Brits, especially when it comes to drumming up publicity for something like a royal wedding! But this would be a first.

But you do know that Greece is totally bankrupt and is having to rely on EU handouts to get by, don't you? Also, the combined national wealth of Romanian and Bulgaria probably couldn't cover this wedding's expenses.

Besides, unlike the vindictive and "oghdei" Mullahs in Iran, countries like Greece, Bulgaria and Romania couldn't care less if their former royal families got invites to a wedding.


Your replies

by deev on

@Reality-Bites, in the article they mention inviting former royals from Greece, Bulgaria, and Romania as well, the combined amount of trade with those 4 nations should be comparable with Iran so I don't think it's about trade, they simply didn't like the Pahlavis despite the former Shah calling Elizabeth his "nobel cousin" and it's evident as you mentioned...

@Amir Sahameddin Ghiassi & Statirs, Shah married 3 times and was having plenty of side-dishes as well, read "Khaateraateh Alam" his court minister.

@Statira, Obama's don't need the British favor or support to get anywhere, the Pahlavi's do.

@Afshinazad, and you exemplify class, compassion and cohesion with your insults towards those who don't like your idols? With friends like you Pahlavis need no enemies!

@Mr. Kadivar, your irrelevant rambling and links were ignored

Ari Siletz


by Ari Siletz on

Do you think there is anything to read into this issue regarding influence (or number) of Iranian British residents supporting the IRI (or at least anti-Pahlavi) vs. those who support the Pahlavis in that country? Or to put it another way, putting yourself in the position of the British government, what reaction would you predict from this ethnic sector of the island's population had the Pahlavis been invited?

Darius Kadivar

Deev actually if You had done your homework you would know ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on

That William is Only Second in Line to the Throne after his father Prince Charles who is the Real Crown Prince.

Therefore his Marriage is Not an Official State Event as was the case for Charles and Diana.


Kate Middleton and Prince William not having State Royal Wedding



Hence the fact that early on Heads of State were not and are not invited to the ceremony other than ambassadors, diplomats, celebrities or family members such as the ex King of Yougoslavia or King Constantin of Greece both of whom are linked to the British Royal Families and are distant cousins.



VIDEO:Serbia's Crown Prince Alexander II on his ties with UK



ROYAL FORUM: Crown Prince of Serbia Seeks to Restore The Monarchy




If a ruling or ex King or Queen are present they are actually the ones who are honoring the ceremony by their presence and not vice versa given that Prince William's Royal Rank is inferior to those of Kings, Queens or Crown Princes (reigning or not).

Kings, Queens, Princes or Princess maintain their titles until death even if they are ousted unless they either willingly abdicate or are beheaded. 

So if any of the above accept or not to be present their eventual absence will never be considered as a diplomatic row given that the event however aired on TV is not considered as an Official STATE Event.  


The Pahlavis Royal Status was Fully acknowledged by Spain's Royal Family during Crown Prince Felipés wedding to Laetizia Ortiz:


ROYAL CURTSY: Iran's Royal Family At Spain's Crown Prince's Wedding (2004)

As well as other official occasions:

Farah Pahlavi at H.M. Queen Sofia of Spain 70th Birthday

Crown Prince Reza is the Godfather of Belgian Prince Laurent's daughter:


ROYAL CURTSY: Crown Prince Reza Godfather to Belgium's Prince Prince Laurent's Daughter (2004) 


And Shahbanou Farah was also invited to Denmark's Royal Crown Prince's wedding:


ROYAL CURTSY: Shahbanou Farah Escorted by Danish Officer to Royal Wedding (2004)

At Jordan's Crown Prince's Wedding in 2004:


At Jordan Wedding May 27, 2004 - Empress Farah Pahlavi 




Even amongst Presidents:


ShahbabouFarah Pahlavi and President Sarkozy


and Former and current First ladies of European and North African Monarchies and Presidential Regimes:



Mme.Chirac, Princesse Mathilde de Belgique, Princesse Lalla Salma, épouse dur RoiMohammad VI du Maroc, Mme. Giscard d'Estaing et S.M.I. Farah Pahlavi.



So No need to worry about Our Royals Deev Jaan ...


But don't try to define something you clearly don't understand ... You are embarrassing yourself ... 






Amir Sahameddin Ghiassi

They are all the god of morals

by Amir Sahameddin Ghiassi on

The royal family of Britain. Charles was married and had girl friend and even Diyana had boy friend. They are the symbol of moral for the young people. So their Wedding party is also the symbol or dignity?


Icky British Monarch

by statira on

Charles looks like a villager. He is extremely unattractive and  was an adulterer. Princess Dianna was an adulter,too and and her son Harry is illigimate. What's special about this family that I dont get it?


Deevish Reminder!

by Demo on

WOW!!! Is that news 4 real???

And only & only it matters to a "Deev" as he/she reminds the Herds of a Nobody Lady of a Fake Majesty of the past & her insignifacant clout about the English court BING BAG decision!

A Deev itself is also an insignifacant servant of the so called "real evil power players!" And while non-existant Yogoslavian had the guts to got rid of their "Royals" altogether, the still existing in large Iranians chose to transform from a phony "Royal Majesty" to a self claimed "Divine Supreme" through some Deevish plots of the real Devil players!



Another Pahalvi hater

by afshinazad on

don't you think you are living with hate and can not let go the past and even thu you were no body in past and you will be no body in future and people like you have no interest in our country or the peoples future and you and people like you have a goal to create friction among Iranian.

Why is so important to you whether Iranian queen is invited or not to this wedding and why are so much enjoying that and what you benifit with bad mouthing queen and her family, if you think they give a shit what you think about them, think again.

you people want to have a democracy with your way of thinking, you must be fan of evil regime of Islam, or the dead corp todeh.

every Iranian including queen and prince are Iranian and they are part of our heritage and they are in same boat as is we are politicly.

Darius Kadivar

Nevermind statira: it's "Objective" Reporting "Deev" Style ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on


How about Obama and Michelle

by statira on

they weren't invited either, so were many A list celebrites. I guess by ur standards, they are insignificant too! The Royal family of England dont wanna see anyone better than themselves. They invited all the unknown monarchs and a bunch of ashghal kaleh, so compare to them Charles and Queen seem charismatic!



by Reality-Bites on

Maybe there is a lot more money to be made in dealing with Iran than with any of the states formerly making up Yugoslavia. So not pissing off the Mullahs might be a wiser move than sending an invite to Farah & co, according to the self-serving Brits.  

In addition to which, the Brits couldn't stand the Pahlavis even back in 1979, if BBC's continuously anti-Shah and pro-Revolution broadcasts of the time were anything to go by.