How to own real estate (guaranteed blog spot) on!

by Disenchanted

   We all understand there is a limited space on front page of Clearly when there are too many blogs posted not all of them make it to the "all important" front page! We all can appreciate that. Recently I presented a blog that didn't make it that far. Heck, it was not a big deal and was not one of my better blogs either.

            But then I came to think of it that there are or at least there is one blogger that gets to publish two blogs a day, RAIN or SHINE! Those of you IC junkies know what I am talking about. I have seen this issue brought up before in different shapes and forms. Now an intelligent bunch that we are, I think it is quite reasonable to ask HOW IT IS DONE?! How one gets a guaranteed spot everyday on blog section if these blogs are subject to selection and approval?! 

           Now, as I have said it in other occasions I consider JJ to be intelligent and fair. So this is in no way to try to put him on spot or a criticism or anything of that sort. But as I said it is a very valid question and a healthy curiosity.

           No one for sure can convince any of us that all those "two blogs" a day are valuable, insightful or important! Some for sure argue that it is exactly the opposite as the contents are tried and tired one dimensional propaganda!

           If this current  blog gets lucky to see the day light I hope we all get some insight as how to get a guarantee for that coveted spot on main page of!


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Thank you SK

by Disenchanted on


        Well again, this is supposed to be a venue for intellectuals or web savvy people to interact with one another and exchange ideas. It also has a slogan "Nothing is sacred"!

         I consider this as an insult to all the members' intelligence if this kind of practices go on  without proper explanation. My blog (current one) obviously didn't make it to the front page. It's fair to say it would have invoked more discussion had it been posted on front page! So clearly there are measures as how these blogs get to be displayed on front page and that is fine. That is the only way it's going to work because of the limited space.

       So when we all see same blogger posts two blogs a day (from big bang on :-)) and both of them show up everyday around certain time on front page we all have a right to wonder what is exactly the story here?! Why grant such a privilege to one?!

Soosan Khanoom

Dear Disenchanted

by Soosan Khanoom on

Let it go .... who reads those blogs anyway.  I have hard time understanding his Farsi.   May be it is me ....

By the way, Do you think BB should have been blocked just because she was annoying to some?    I guess every one on this site has a few annoying bloggers of her or his own.   

Some are truly pain in the butt.  I think the best thing to do from now on is to avoid their blogs in general.  



Two blogs a day as certain as SUN RISE!

by Disenchanted on


         Lots of folks have been wondering about this. It certainly draws attention. It sticks out like a sore tumb! Since the contents of these blogs are distinctly pro Israeli one can not help but wonder if Israel is above the law on this site as well?!

            Just a thought!

Soosan Khanoom

I was looking for a blog of hers

by Soosan Khanoom on

but then I realized they were all gone but that was like two hours ago .... But just now I am seeing that her blog, at least one of them,  is mysteriously appearing again. 

I think Admin jan is in his hide and seek mood.... lol  

I am not sure about the two daily doses of that certain blogger and if it has been purchased or not.  I do not write blogs on the daily bases but whenever I write they are featured.  

We do not even have that many bloggers here anyway, I still think there is plenty spots for everyone and i think if one side of the extreme is posting the other one should be allowed too.   

Let us give JJ the benefit of the doubt.. 

: )



Dear Soosan Khanom I am puzzled

by Disenchanted on


      Thanks for paying attention to this issue. I am a very logical person. I am rationalist par excellence as my posts can attest to that. I have to admit I am utterly puzzled by this phenomenon. If the blogs that show up on front page are subject to selection how come "someone" posts two blogs a day and he knows they are going to be on front page.

         Not just one but two blogs guaranteed on front page! I can not think of any other way but that he has a contract or perhaps pays for these spots. I mean he better! This is hurting the reputation of this site. This is not neutrality.

          Why BoosBoos got knocked out?! What did he do? Granted he was brash and seemingly had lots of time on his hand but so what?!

           I agree with you. Somethings are more sacred than others! 


Soosan Khanoom

Well ...... Disenchanted

by Soosan Khanoom on

I guess there are no answers. 

by the way ,  BoosBoos was blocked .....

It seems that something is sacred here ...


JJ jaan I am puzzled!

by Disenchanted on


        This fellow blogger posts two a day and both are published on front oage. Everyday! I could imagine one of them getting through time to time but for both of them to get through every single day while others publishing other blogs being a crap shoot is puzzling my friend! How is that?



I'm going to post your link on my " Advertising" link

by BoosBoos on

I've noticed that Iranian-bashing blogs have a better chance of making it to the front page ... I'm actually keeping statistics.  



Tnx BooBoos! The fellow posts 2 a day & he knows it's published

by Disenchanted on


      on front page! Guaranteed! Everyday two blogs on front page w/o exception. But everyone else is subject to checks and balances and selection! How is that?

       Here is my blog on this that did not make it to front page.

    It seems to me he has a contract or something! Things that make you go hmmm....!


I can't say much about this

by BoosBoos on

But I will say this ... I posted at 12:01 AM and then posted in the morning and to censor me someone came along (I know who) and said 'you posted more than 2 blogs.'  One was just a picture for God's sakes.  

Send me the link of your blogs -- if it's up my ally or related; I'll put a link on my blogs.  



To get two spots for blog everyday seems to me "contractual"!

by Disenchanted on


      Dear Bavafa I see your point. But that is not the issue here. I agree that some folks may get paid to write blogs and I think even organizations me be behind such blogs not just a person.

        But that is not my point here. The point is how do they get  guaranteed spots on first page EVERY single day FOREVER?!

        I can write 5 blogs a day but it does not mean I can get them on the first page. This "two blogs" a day is so automatic that looks to me be contractual! The"blogger" is assured two spots every day.

 Have you ever seen a day go by w/o two blogs? How about just one of the blogs gets through?! No! It' everyday two blogs and both of them gets displayed! Hmmmm


In Ari's puzzel,

by Bavafa on

There was a $300 daily income to be made for the two-blog-a-day so I can hardly fault him for writing it RAIN or SHINE. Even though as you rightly pointed out about "as the contents are tried and tired one dimensional propaganda!"

But I concur with your message and to make front page more balanced.

As for the two-blog-a-day goes, I think the content has made it rather more irrelevant so it does not bother me.

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