Vaginal delivery is unnecessary


by DoctorMaman

What I am about to share with you is not based on scientific research but rather on some of my own experiences and the result of conversations with other women and doctors. I believe that with the marvels of technology, a vaginal birth delivery is unnecessary.

* Most doctors will disagree with me. We are warned about urinary incontinence and other pelvic floor damages that supposedly follow C sections. From what I gather around me, those same issues can happen in women who have had vaginal deliveries. Damages to the body depend on many things and not exclusively the delivery method.

* Many people enjoy natural things and want to “give birth”. In my opinion, a C section is just as special. Also, we live in a world of birth control pills and vaccines. Therefore, certain natural processes are no longer necessary.

1) Episiotomy and Natural Tearing:

Anyone who has given been through a vaginal delivery is familiar with these procedures. With a C section, they can be avoided.

Besides the obvious pain and discomfort that follows an episiotomy (or natural tearing), your stitches might not hold up. This will give you more bleeding and more visits to the doctor’s office.

If you decide to go with a natural delivery, discuss post episiotomy pain control options with your doctor.

2) Pain:

A natural vaginal delivery involves pain at a level that most human beings would not be able to endure on a random basis. Not to mention the episiotomy, possible complications, hemorrhoids, post delivery contractions etc. Even with an Epidural, the pain you will experience is very real. We’ve all heard that “It’s only a few hours” phrase. Sure, it is. How else are you supposed to approach it?

Some other painful vaginal delivery issues are Back Labor, Emergency C sections, the Epidural etc.

So how do some women do it in water and with little medical help? They are in the minority. Most normal human beings in this day and age cannot and have no reason to tolerate unwanted pain.

With a C section, you will have surgery pain. But I’ve never heard of anyone needing an epidural to deal with it.

3) The Vagina:

a. After a vaginal delivery, your genitals will never look the same again. Imagine 36 hours of hard labor and 1 hour of PUSHING. This powerful elastic muscle will show her strength and bring life in to the world. Don’t expect her to look like she did before.

b. The color of the vagina which usually darkens during pregnancy will most likely not completely go back to its original hue.

c. The lips will be slightly looser/larger.

d. After tearing or an episiotomy, the area between the Anus and the Vagina will be slightly softer.

In general, these changes are slight, but if you have multiple children you will notice them more. Your vagina will still be pretty but you will be a woman with a child.

As far as I know, a C section doesn’t involve your vagina so no worries there. I know that this surgery might leave a slight mark on some women’s belly. That can easily be taken care of with some laser treatments. You will not need Vaginal Reconstructive Surgery. A little belly fat can linger for a while but let’s face it, how many of us have 6 packs to begin with?

4) Sex:

a. After tearing or an episiotomy, intercourse will be painful for a while.

b. Carrying a heavy baby load for months coupled with hours of pushing will cause hemorrhoids. This condition is not attractive during sex and it will make intercourse painful even after its recovery.

c. Although Kegel exercises can help strengthen the pelvic muscle, there is no denying that a vaginal childbirth will stretch the vagina and loosen it up a little. Most men like the vagina to be tight and most women like to feel as much as possible inside them. This issue is especially important to consider for women who have partners will small penises! Ladies you know you are out there. You might feel even less of the penis after a natural delivery. My advice is to evaluate your sex life. Evaluate how important the look and tightness of your vagina is to you.

A C section does not interfere with the look and feel of the vagina.

In conclusion, I wrote this blog in celebration of womanhood and all that we can do with our bodies. A vaginal delivery should not automatically be the option handed out to us.



That's why I don't date single moms...

by Fardin (not verified) on

After vaginal delivery, a vagina stretches like a tunnel and worthless to fuck; at this point, its time for an unstretched young pussa called "mistress".

Kaveh Nouraee

Doctor Maman. I disagree

by Kaveh Nouraee on

Caesarean deliveries have been around for over a thousand years at least. Therefore, I disagree that the choices are not offered. But no surgically invasive procedure should be advocated as a potential choice when it is not medically necessary.



I also disagree with your opinion of hospitals and doctors today. In this HMO driven environment, health care in this country has suffered tremendously. In emergency cases for example, where residents or tenured physicians tended to the patient, med students, interns and who knows what else are now charged with administering our health care. That's a huge leap backwards, and when involving the health and life of a human being, I find it reckless and irresponsible. All because now the HMO decides what is appropriate and medically acceptable, rather than the actual health care provider.




You may find it disrespectful that I would call a woman lazy for choosing an elective c-section, but if the woman wants to take a surgical shortcut in regards to childbirth, she will take shortcuts when it comes to raising the child as well. And as the mother is generally recognized as the primary caretaker of the child, I find that way of thinking even more disrespectful. Especially to the child.




Yes there are health issues with natural deliveries that need to be discussed. On that you are absolutely correct. I am an advocate of patients questioning everything their physician does.



Of course women have every right to be pleased with their bodies. But they have a choice as well. The aesthetic qualities of the female external genitalia should not come before the very real medical concerns associated with surgical delivery. It is that kind of thinking that indicates that the woman is simply not ready to be a parent. If you have a child, your child comes first, and not the appearance of your genitals in the mirror.  



That is why laparoscopic surgery is preferred over conventional surgery. It appears as though you are advocating c-sections as a matter of choice in a manner as casual as having a choice over what toothpaste to use.


To " Khar K**r "......LOL

by Majid on

Karim ??????????? Is that you?


If it is , please don't leave for so long again, I miss your comments.


Nothing is sacred or secret either!

by NotSoAnonymous (not verified) on

Thanks for sharing....!!!

"....there is no denying that a vaginal childbirth will stretch the vagina and loosen it up a little. Most men like the vagina to be tight and most women like to feel as much as possible inside them. This issue is especially important to consider for women who have partners will small penises! Ladies you know you are out there. You might feel even less of the penis after a natural delivery. My advice is to evaluate your sex life..."

What is the next lesson?!


Mr Nouraee: The medical

by DoctorMaman on

Mr Nouraee:

The medical community has always limited women's choice of child birth by only offering vaginal deliveries. Today, we have better hospitals and well trained doctors, c sections are very safe for both mommy and baby. Short term and long term risks of both methods of child birth are not what they used to be.

Many women are afraid of c sections and are surrounded by attitudes such as yours. It is time c section myths are discussed. In addition, women should demand better information and be offered a choice. Health issues associated with natural deliveries are seldom discussed. That needs to change.

We all know that all mammals can STAND pain. My blog states that putting up with that pain is no longer necessary. To say that choosing a method of child birth that is less painful makes one "lazy" is oversimplifying the issue and being disrespectful.

Beauty is not only for models and wanting to preserve ones beauty is not vanity. We have a right to be pleased with our bodies. If there are options that can help us create families and stay pretty, we, as women, have to explore them.


I am laughing at Khar Kir's comment

by laughing (not verified) on

and meanwhile, it seems some of the people who give comments here indeed had been delivered through Anal Cavity! A better alternative if abortion is ruled out.

Kaveh Nouraee


by Kaveh Nouraee on

Ticked? No, I'm amused by the stupidity you display.



No, I'm not a doctor. Neither are you. Simply being equipped with certain anatomical parts doesn't automatically qualify you as an expert on the subject, so any time you want to dismount that high horse you are on...........



Since you decided to press the issue, let's dance, shall we? Starting with Issue #1....Episiotomy and natural tearing.



The risk of stitches tearing exists in any kind of surgical procedure, including an episiotomy or a c-section. The risk is exponentially higher with a c-section, as there are multiple layers of tissue that must be opened and subsequently closed, including cutting through all of the abdominal muscles in order to access the uterus, which itself must be cut, and due to the nature of its intended purpose, consists of thick, fibrous tissue. An episiotomy doesn't require as deep an incision. Women have died from uterine ruptures as a result of suture failure or other surgical complications. Those deaths may have been avoided if some idiot ob/gyn wasn't so quick to perform a c-section when it wasn't necessary. 




#2) Pain. Women and every other female mammal have been giving birth naturally for millenia. To say that women cannot stand such pain is a nonsense statement. No one likes pain, but you're just being lazy. All you want is general anesthesia and then wake up half an hour later. I suppose you want your nails done while they're at it too. You want gel? Only fi dolla mor.



#3) The Vagina (oops, did I say that?)

It won't look the same?!?!? Unless you make your living as a nude model or in porn films, does that matter? It won't be the same hue? Now is this from your own personal experience or do you have a book of swatches with various shades and hues of female genitalia, both pre-partum and post-partum? Who the hell describes their genitalia in terms of its hue? (Except for perhaps Martha Stewart?)



Like I said. Vanity. If you are that self-centered that the looks of your genitals carry a greater importance in your mind than the health and well-being of your child or yourself, then do the rest of the world a favor. Cross your legs and don't have a baby! Any child you bring into this world will be inundated with issues surrounding your selfishness and pettiness and will end up inevitably becoming society's headache.




#4) Sex: I don't know of any women who have sex for at least 6-9 weeks following birth anyway. Just ask their husbands. That includes c-sections. Again, it's all about the baby. They will take up all of the time and energy, leaving virtually no time for anything else. That expecially includes playing "hide the salami", the game that placed you in the situation to begin with.




So, don't tell me to shut up. Shut yourself up. I don't have to be a doctor to know that you are giving stupid, ignorant, reckless advice. And any physician who advocates elective c-sections is guilty of malpractice, and a bonfide moron, like you. 



Based upon your line of thinking, do you also advocate the wholesale use of colostomy bags in place of the natural process of defecation? It may reduce hemorrhoids, and it would preserve the anal aesthetique that you consider to be so vital and important.




If you think that way, you're already the perfect asshole from head to toe.


I resort to anal sex, so no problem in tightness...

by Khar Keer (not verified) on

Just pay attention to my name...


this might tick u off

by anon (not verified) on

actually i'm sure it'll tick you, but i dont care kaveh. you're not a doctor. you dont have any expertise to judge womens reproductive organs or birth. Shut up. This wasn't meant for men. vanity? please. this is a health issue you moron. stick to colonel and shah's reproductive organs please.


I agree, there are better things to do with it!!

by farrad02 on

I agree with you 100% and as a man, I will tell you, there are much better uses for that part of a lady's anatomy than delivering babies!

Kaveh Nouraee


by Kaveh Nouraee on

The vagina is there for a purpose: Penis goes in, Baby comes out.



Vanity is one thing, but this is an extreme.



If vaginal delivery was unnecessary than all women would be equipped with a zipper where the typical bikini cut incision would be. 



Like a bag of basmati rice.


Hey I think this is

by Latasha E. (not verified) on

Hey I think this is excellent info. Thanks


Dude! A blog on Vaginal Delivery is unneccessary!

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Sheesh! Talk about way too much information!