That is what I call civil disobedience


by dokhtarn

On April 23 2009, a website associated to Basij militia and revolutionary guards announced they have arrested people behind Fire on Quran project.
Back then Fire on Quran project generated great heat in Iran. If they have been arrested they will be executed without a doubt, even maybe in public in order to set an example out of these brave people. An stranger wrote something interesting and profoundly true about this protest that I want to share it withyou and hoping it will move you as much as it moved me:

"This person is making more than a symbolic statement. Accepting the UDHR means abandoning Shari'a (not Shia). The two are mutually exclusive. You can't have human rights, or civil rights and have Shari'a. This person does in fact want to burn the Qur'an, and his actions seem literal. This isn't the same kind of statement as burning a flag. A flag is just a symbol, which can and does represent a great many nebulous and subjective qualities, and in this country (USA) burning that symbol is legal.

The Qur'an is the actual text that makes up the law of Iran. He isn't just burning a symbol, he is burning the contract that all Iranians are forced into, that are not in accord with human rights. He doesn't want Iran to pass a bill that accept human rights, he wants Shari'a gone. He wants at least the human right, freedom of speech and expression; to not be subjugated under a legal system that warrants his death for the expression that we see in the video.

"> While you might not take the statement seriously, I'm sure it was very alarmist to the Shari'a hardliners in Iran. It was literally a statement that carries a worse penalty than if he had murdered a female member of his family that was soiling familial honor by talking to a boy. Murder, not worthy of capital punishment. Burning the Qur'an, certainly is."

This is the kind of civil disobedience that we need in Iran to shake all Islamic republic at once. True it is not going to change everything overnight but it will bring great deal of change in society and even in establishment. But I am not going to ask you to burn Quran. it is up to you to think about it. I think, all of you can be very helpful on this case.