What this blog is about ("How those of us outside Iran can help")


What this blog is about ("How those of us outside Iran can help")
by domkhorus


- The title of the blog is "How those of us outside Iran can help"

- Here I'll write about ways I think we who do not live in Iran (including both the Iranian diaspora and non-Iranian citizens) can do to help the Iranian people in their fight for democracy and human rights.

- There are a million different ways we can help. I will not cover them all! I'll write about ideas that come to my mind and I think might be useful.

- I'll try to list ideas that are not already being worked on. Plenty of individuals and groups (Mowjcamp, SolidarityWithIran, etc) are already very active and are doing an excellet job of organizing events and more. There's no point in me bringing up those ideas again.

- If you have other ideas, you can, if you want, suggest them by writing in the comments section. (duh!)

- There's really no point writing about ideas if we don't actually act upon them! If you like what you see here, *do* it. If you have an idea of your own that you think it's good, *do* it before telling other people to do the same. Naturally, if you don't like something I post, *don't* do it! There's no point in picking up a fight and arguing here. If you have better ideas, that's great, but only if you actually do it ;)

- I am absolutely 100%, no 500%, against the use of force and violence. I wholeheartedly believe that this is the Iranian people's problem and the Iranian people will have to solve it on their own. We do not wish to be "liberated" like Iraq. I oppose anything that has the slightest hue of militarism or remotely resembles foreign intervention in Iranian domestic issues.

- Having said that, I think there's an important role for he people of the world and governments around the world in helping the Iranian people. That is all what this blog is about after all!

- My first post was was Farsi. I'll try to translate it and re-post and write Enlighs from now on.

- I oppose economic sanctions of any form as I think they only hurt the people and have no effect what so ever on the Iranian regime.

That's all for now!


(The image shows an Iranian footballer wearing green wristbands.)


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