Milestone Reached: Iran's Oil $ Highest Ever

by EDS

Adjusted for inflation, Iran's export revenues from oil is now
higher than the highest achieved during the Pahlavis. Iran's highest
export revenue from oil during the Pahlavis was in the late 70s when
Iran was exporting 5.3 MB of oil a day and the price of oil was close
to $50 in today's dollars.

Currently, due to the Islamic
Republic's severe mismanagement of the oil sector, economy and
politics, Iran's oil exports is less than half of the late 70s at
around 2.5 MB a day. However oil prices are more than double that of
the highest level reached during the Shah's at just over $131 a barrel.

This means that Iran's export revenues from oil is higher than it ever was during the Shah's when inflation is accounted for.


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