UC Berkeley's Perspective Magazine

by eimanz

To see Iranian-Americans coming together for a noble goal always inspires and motivates me.

That is why when I met some friends from UC Berkeley that were working on a magazine made entirely by Iranian-American students, and saw that they had no website, I felt I had to do something.

Now Perspective Magazine's new Fall 2007 edition is out and is available online for free viewing. Please show your support by visiting their site, taking a look at the great content they're creating, e-mailing them with encouraging words of support, donating, and sharing this site with your friends:



Eiman Zolfaghari


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Not kidding

by eimanz on

Nope, not kidding you. There actually ARE that many awesome students that would put their time on something like this. Awesome, isn't it? ~E


you gotta be kidding me

by Meu (not verified) on

you gotta be kidding me