Why we Iranians always argue and fight with each other?

by erooni

I was watching the funeral of Jahan the Iranian singer who recently passed away. There was a question on why he had an open casket which is not a Mulim tradition and someone was saying that it was his second wife's sister's wish who converted to Christianity. From watching the The Iranian channel I also found out he was married twice and he divorced his first wife because she was sympathizing with Mojahedin Khalgh. The  were also rumors that IRI was paying for his funeral which someone estimating that its cost is ten of thousand of dollars. Some people there were sending salavat which others did not like. At the end there was this Iranian musician who had an argument with some people whom he said were from IRI. What I found amazing was that whoever was watching  Jahan's funeral now knows about his private life which should have stayed private.


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I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

I heard that Viguen had similar problems at his funeral

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Some type of argument broke out. How tacky. There will always be a trash segment of each ethnicity. So what? Ignore it. You can't teach old dogs ettiquette.


Oh okay. Thanks. Gavazn had

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Oh okay. Thanks. Gavazn had a comment with a faulty link. It's been removed since.


what do you mean by Gavazn?

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for your information he was a singer.


Your link doesn't go

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Your link doesn't go anywhere Gavazn.

Who is Jahan btw? This in internet with international viewers. It might help if you don't assume everybody is in your neighborhood and knows what you are talking about. But I hear you. Useless arguing is not a local thing.



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