Ali Daei: Iranian Idiot of the Day

Ali Daei: Iranian Idiot of the Day
by eroonman

Ali Daei is Sunday March 29, 2009's: Iranian Idiot of the Day:

For coaching the losing soccer game, in disgrace to Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia? Are you kidding me! This may well prove ot be the opening the Obama administration is looking for. "Stop developing Nukes, and we'll show you how to qualify for the World Cup."


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I always thought he was a mistake

by hamsadeye ghadimi (not verified) on

Here's why I agree that Ali Daei is Iranian Idiot of the Day. And why I like to nominate him for the Iranian Idiot of the Year.

1) When Iran was coachless a year ago, Ali Daei shed some of his wisdom by telling the media that Team Melli needs a foreign coach. As soon as the incompetent Iranian football federation gaffed on the hiring of different foreign candidates and offered him the job, he jumped on it. What a jack***! Excuse my french.

2) For those who compare his "prolific" goal scoring to the likes of Pele and make that a prequisite for being a national coach, let me remind you that Pele and other great soccer players did not play against Maldives, Singapore and Bhutan. Just remember how he played in the WC finals.

3) He's a byproduct of the corrupt Iranian football federation and used his position as a throne and wielded his power to accept and deny players to play in the game. He famously said that Ali Karimi is not ready to play for the Team Melli (amadegi nadareh). I guess Karimi didn't pay homeage (=**ayehmali) to Daei as he thought he deserved. Now, we know who didn't have "amadegi."

4) He does not have the temperament, tact, and knowledge to be an international coach. Shouldn't you at least start as an assistant coach of a successful national team to be considered?

5) Whatever smhb (title: Iran's Football) said above.

Proud to be an Iranian and soccer aside love you all.


Best Game by Iran I have ever seen

by eroonman on

Don't get me wrong this was by far the best most agressive game I have ever seen Iran play. All the more reason to throw everything you've got at getting that all important 2 goal lead by the first half.

THEN you sit back and go "Bah Bah ajab Golhayi zadim ha?"

To lose this game was unforgivable. The Saudis too showed amazing reserve, and did not give up.

I loved it!


Iran's Football

by smhb on

I have never been a fan of Ali Daei, however the problem with Iranian football goes much deeper than Ali Daei and his behavior and expertese and experience as a international level coach. After all he is the by product of Iranian Football culture. As long as we have a management and coaching staff in the entire body of Iranian Football that are alien to modern methodologies of training, coaching, management and are not familiar with sports psychology, nutrition, media management, and other facets of this game we will continue to suffer. You can not expect a coach at the adult national level to bring in players who in their entire career have not learned to play modern Football and the coach is expected to put a team together in a very short period and yet at the same time to rectify these technical, tactical and mental deficincies in the players. Its just not possible. The federation management should also be sacked for being incompetent and playing politics for 2 years or more. The best coach we ever had in Iran was Ivic. We need someone like him who will not only build the national team in the short term but also put in place a comprehensive youth training program / academy that will eventually feed the clubs with properly trained youth who also know how to think and behave. The corrupt culture of Iranian football is at the core of the problem and it wont be resolved till we address all the underlying issues. Sacking Ali Daei and leaving everything else is no remedy at all. Its just a temporary pain killer... If I was Qotbi I would not accept the job at this juncture and would ask the incompetent Kafashian and other federation morons to go and coach the team by themselves and show everyone how its done. I also dont think the problem is the politicians. Else the same thing applies to other venues such as: wrestling, swiming, track & field, volleyball, basketball and etc. However, soccer is a bit different and has its own peculiarities in Iran. There are 3rd world countries that dominate the game like brazil and argentina. Socially, economically and plitically they are way behind Iran yet they manage to dominate the sport. There are poor african countries like cameroon that cant even buy uniforms for their players but manage to play and shine. Nigeria is another prime example.    There are also 1st world countries that cant produce much at the national level. England is a prime example. All their premier teams are stacked with top notch foreign players. Iran has a very twisted soccer culture that is deeply rooted in the people that make up the entire body of the sport. First and foremost amongst them is literacy, specially amongst the old timers who dominate the management and coaching positions. Second is proper management and organization and accountability. It simply does not exist. Third is a comprehensive medium term and long term plan starting at the youth level. Oddly enough the issue of finances has been taken care of. Iranian players make good money, I dont know why but they do make exorbitant amounts of amoney.  As far as facilities are concerned they are building stadiums and other facilities all over the country not just for football but for other sports as well. But the above mentioned 3 issues need to be addressed before we can move forward and get anywhere in football. The mindset and attitude of large number of Iranian players is absolutely ridiculous and disgusting. The only thing they seem to understand of being a professional athlete is money and the way they look. But when it comes to other aspects of the game they are not properly educated and trained. Thats one of the main reasons that the likes of Ali Karimi could not survive in a tough environment like Bayern Munich. He has the talent but he lacks the mindset and attitude and at the age of 26 its impossible for his coach to retarin him and get rid of all the bad habits he has picked up during his career. The last issue is that the great majority of Iranian coaches and managers are not able to train and coach teams at the highest levels. Thats a fact. Unfortunately they dont want to admit that and we are forced to repeat the same idiotic and self defeating process over and over. As a short term plan we need a deep, well organized, and well financed youth academy so we can train the best of Iranian football according to modern methodologies and science available to everyone and after 5 years or even less we can actually enjoy watching our national teams and clubs play and compete at the highest levels.


eroonman have you noticed

by TheMrs on

eroonman have you noticed daei is ballonning up? He's not exactly putting on weight but he's not what he used to be. Doesn't he work out? Keep in shape? Is it what he's wearing off the feild that give me this impression? I don't know. Wayne Gretzky doesn't look this way, even as a coach. He seems to jus age. But this guy has...pof. I feel so sorry for him. This picture you have here is really pathetic, with a folder in his hand. Akhey bichareh.


I Am in no shocks

by KouroshS (not verified) on


You or anyone else who likes to distort the real picture of how they played on saturday, are just looking for excuses to complain. Iran TOTALLY dominated the game in both halves if you closely watched the game. Yes, there were some stupid moves that were made, But this would have not been prevented had Karimi, or hashemian, or even dayi himself jumped in and played! Did not you see hashemian in the second half? It would have been nice if Rezaei could execute better at the goal line, or not getting tangled up with nekonam, But that it no way discredits the overall performance of our players or the decisions ali dayi as a coach made.


You've had your chance: Here's the Analysis

by eroonman on

It seems we are either too blinded by nationalistic loyalty, or simply in too much shock at losing a seemingly simple game at home.

Here's why Ali Daei is today's idiot; "Those who can't play, Coach". Ali Daei was clearly a great player, and precisely because of that should NEVER have been allowed to coach. Regardless of which Ayatollah he is related to.

The decision not to play veterans in the 1st half to throw everything you've got at a must-win game, to prevent Ali Karimi, one of the few finishers Iran has, is nothing short of criminal.

But the absolute best reason why Ali Daei is the Iranian Idiot of the day is that stupid, ridiculous joke of a collar! Ladies and Gentlemen Elvis has (Thankfully) Left the Building!

On a brighter note, with the firing of Daei, Ahmadinejad finally showed that the President of Iran actually has some decision-making power.


We are not as good as we think

by Kaveh A (not verified) on

With due respect to Iranian players; Saudi Arabia, South Korea and Japan have been much more consistent teams than us. Especially Saudi's are stronger physically. With a weak team it is better to loose now than go to the World Cup and be humiliated in front of the entire world. We need to learn from this and improve management of our team.


Eroonman, in soccer we are not the master race

by KB on

I am sure that you’ve heard by now that Daie has been fired as the Iranian coach and probably rightly so.

Leaving all the politics out of it, the tone of your post suggests that we should have beaten Saudis 5-0 and they are an inferior soccer race. Saudi Arabia as a soccer nation has had more success than Iran, they are not Afghanistan.

I watched the game on Fox Soccer Channel and the there was an Iranian analyst/co commentator by the name of Behrooz commentating the game. He explained the many reasons why Iran lost.

My own view is that Iranians are not terribly good at team sports (or team anything for that matter). There is a fundamental issue with us when it comes to us working together as a unit. That is why we do well, in wrestling, weight lifting, Tae Kwon do, shooting, etc.. and our gifted soccer players only excel outside of Iranian environment.


Daei was a gifted player!

by Monda on

He should have stuck with what he did best. I would imagine finding a competent coach to be quite an ordeal. 


Football Iranian style

by Annonymous (not verified) on

I am not an sports analyst, nor a footballer. This latest debacle, however, can only be blamed on our players who exhibited lack of professionalism, nationalism, self pride, motivation, and......etc. Are you listening Mehdi Mahdavikia? Do you now wonder why you continue to sit on the bench when your club Frankfurt plays??!! They were simply overmatched as Saudi players playerd a much more balanced and methodical game. I feel sorry for Daie who has always had good intentions and for his successor who has to deal with these idiots calling themselves Iranian professional footballers!


.. i am still laughing :)

by Luciferous (not verified) on

but please stop laughing before you get an intestinal tear.
So many trainers loose thier job, how comes some poeple are so happy about Ali Daeiś disaster? HOW COMES? because the root lays in the hate against Iran and Iranians? Anyway "IRANIAN" is the most appropriate site to get rid of unsatisfied feelings.


* how far down have we sunk as a nation ?

by Faribors Maleknasri M.D. (not verified) on

so far and so deep as big the number of deserteurs is. These individuals and only these have sunk down deep in the kapitalistical slums. they can not or do not want to realize the facts. Ali Daei is retired in a most honorabkle way. It is the tradition in the football world:If a team looses so it is allways the trainerś fault. It is only in a few cases true, but it is the tradion that the trainer has to leave. Ali Daei is stil beloved by those honorable 7ty Million Iranians who live in Iran. Iranians out of country have no right to speak from "thier" nation. Thier nation sunk down on the day they deserted and the Islamic Iran lives in permanent glory. However the natural need to have a country and to belong to a nation forces some poeple to speak from thier nation stil after years of thier legal and free departure. it is the result of the fact that they are handled as strangers and foreighners in thier new life in the diaspora and the wish of beeing THERE.


Many Guilty Actors

by MiNeum71 on

Daei made mistakes concerning the tactical formation, and there are probably better coaches for this team (Qotbi), but there are also many realities which weren´t caused by him:

The whole football system lacks professionalism. better coaches did not want the job. friendly games were cancelled by foreign governments because of politics, the abroad players are too weak to lead a team (it is not Daei´s job to show the players the basics like Mahdavikia who failed to score alone in front the goal or Nekounam who failed to score not once but two easy headers into the goal or Rahmati who didn´t put a player to the second post).

Since 1978 we only won one Asian finals (12 tournaments) and qualified twice for the WC (7 WCs); our football meets many big problems.

Besides, Daei was the one reformed the national team after the embarrising matches in the AC´07; he brought Rahmati, Khalatbari, Rezaei, Zare, Khalili, also Shojaei out of the bench into the first 11.




by Majid on

بعنوان یک بازیکن علی دائی کارش خیلی خوب بود ولی بعنوان مربی؟

کار هر بز نیست خرمن کوفتن



by KouroshS (not verified) on


Nobody can actually and in reality coach a "losing" team. A team loses based on a lack of great and solid cooperation on the pitch. They could only do what coah tells them to do up to a point, and believe or not there are times where they have to compromise and create new tactics. So it is not all about coaching.
By that last statement you clearly showed you understand Nothing about football. You Just want to see wins and that is all you care about.



by minadadvar on

  • Mina Dadvar (Klein),  Maryland:   This is not about football.  This is about how far down have we sunk as a nation ?  



by sarshar45 on

... i am still laughing :)