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by evanmichaeltraiger

The shorthand about the Iranian situation:

In 1953 the CIA staged a military coup in order to overthrow an embryonic democracy in Iran, thus installing a brutal, fascist dictatorship in the name of the democracy. In 1979, the Iranian Revolutionary guard successfully ousted the dictatorship that lasted 26 years, and diplomatic communication was cut off after because the U.S. wouldn't associate with who removed the occupying regime and never let the U.S. build a military base in their nation after the U.S. promised all Islamic nations independence during WWII only to, after the war, instead, redraw the borders of countries without the permission of such countries causing the sectarian conflicts brought on by those who were financially (monetarily) and militarily rewarded for siding with the new border policies. Syria is the only other country besides Iran which doesn't have a U.S. occupying military base. Halliburton, Dick Cheney's former "contracting" company, though, has a headquarters in Tehran, Iran's capital.

As of today, the only wide-scope humanitarian efforts in Afghanistan have been conducted by The Islamic Republic of Iran which has built roads and routed 24 hour electricity-service to parts of entangled Afghanistan (calling Iran "The Islamic Republic of Iran" is like calling the U.S. or, America, the "United States of North America"). Iran also houses over 1.4 million Iraqi Refugees, as well as millions and millions more Palestinian and Afghanistan refugees. Over 60% of the Iranian population is 26 years and younger. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has admitted to speaking threatening rhetoric in order to coerce destruction onto his own innocent population. There is no nuclear bomb, nor any research going into its production whatsoever. This is a fact.

Missile tests are military exercises. Iran is allowed to have a military that tests missiles, that's what we do. Israel is a Muslim bully. Most Muslims live in the desert and only have one pale of water for the entire family to shower with. For every Israeli killed there are like 333 Palestinians allowed to be counted. If China suddenly said, "clear out of Texas and California, we're giving it back to Mexico", and all Americans that wished to stay were put behind walls and cut off from resources, eventually militias would form.


The above article link contains subtle, righteous journalism.

From the article, I don't see how the new "solid fuel" missiles are more dangerous simply because, with the liquid-fueled missiles, "you could go in and knock it over before it is (was) launched" because it took several hours, because if our intelligence can radar an outgoing missile before it is launched, then why is thirty-minutes somehow too short of a time? Does the missile's warming up eventually cause an emanation that's only picked up after forty-five minutes? I don't get it. If we could knock it out beforehand before it was ever launched, because it took several hours to launch, then is the Iranian launch-command repeated too many times over and over during that sequence to let our lazy surveillance teams finally say, "you know, i think they're launching a missile over there" because do we have their military communications tapped? How else do you radar a missile in a launch sequence unless the architecture and storage/launch facilities of their military are already known because how many satellites are U.S. data collection and real-time surveillance? Are the watching blind to being watched? And even if one missile is launched, wouldn't it then be immediately radar'd and shot down by superior capabilities? How long does it take a U.S. tracking missile to launch? From how many directions/bases? Is such a capability perceived as an imminent threat worth building up a competing defense to in order to secure the possibility of military negotiations, instead of a constant, unimpeded victimization?

Jews lived peacefully in Palestine when it was Palestine. The Holy Qur'an does not permit colonization imposed on its own people by means of military land-stealing. Neither do we. Read the Declaration Of Independence. Clearing an entire population, living in accordance with God's rules of humility, from its own land, to then build a "modern" country for clubs and alcohol, in the actual holy land, should be seen from more than one angle, especially when Baghdad is at the Tigris and Euphrates rivers, where civilization first began. Think about that. The spot of land the race of creative beings radar'd as most inviting.

Entries in the beginning of The Holy Qur'an that are received as anti-semitic only refer to the Jews as a historical reference to decisions the people's rulers made, at the time, which the people didn't protest. As a note, I find it interesting how much of The Holy Qur'an, besides the "legality-levels" of women, could have been like the missing scriptures of Jesus because he probably wrote more down than just an outline of his life plot, but the Mohammed claimed ownership of the doctrine, and all the historical fighting everyone else performed while outnumbered.

Surah 7, Section 14 of “The Holy Qur'an”.

Said the Chiefs of the people
Of Pharaoh: “This is indeed
A sorcerer well-versed.

“His plan is to get you out
Of your land: then
What is it ye counsel?”

They said: “Keep him
And his brother in suspense
(For awhile); and send
To the cities men to collect -

“And bring up to thee
All (our) sorcerers well-versed.”

So there came
The sorcerers to Pharaoh:
They said, “Of course
We shall have a (suitable)
Reward if we win!”

He said: “Yea, (and more) -

For ye shall in that case
Be (raised to post)
Nearest (to my person).
”They said: “O Moses!
Wilt thou throw (first),
Or shall we have
The (first) throw?”

Said Moses: “Throw ye (first).”
So when they threw,
They bewitched the eyes
Of the people, and struck
Terror into them: for they
Showed a great (feat of) magic.

We put it into Moses's mind
By inspiration: “Throw (now)
Thy rod”: and behold!
It swallows up straightaway
All the falsehoods
Which they fake!

Thus truth was confirmed.
And all that they did
Was made of no effect.

So the (great ones) were vanquished
There and then, and were
Made to look small.

But the sorcerers fell down

Saying: “We believe
In the Lord of the Worlds.

“The Lord of Moses and Aaron.”

Said Pharaoh: “Believe ye
In Him before I give
You permission? Surely
This is a trick which ye
Have planned in the City
To drive out its people:
But soon shall ye know
(The consequences).

“Be sure I will cut off
Your hands and your feet
On opposite sides, and I
Will cause you all
To die on the cross.”

They said: “For us,
We are but sent back
Unto our Lord:

“But thou dost wreak
Thy vengeance on us
Simply because we believed
In the Signs of our Lord
When they reached us!
Our Lord! pour out on us
Patience and constancy, and take
Our souls unto Thee
As Muslims (who bow
To Thy Will)!”


Five Reasons Why I, of the “Jew” nationality, dislike the Jewish religion:

1) Nobody finds anything wrong with the term Jew-ish. Think about that. It means you're like a Jew. For instance, how something can be scary-ish, like reciting prayers nobody knows the meaning of in a language that suckles vitality til the service is finally over. Singing trumps the monotony and rewrites the context into present upliftment, maybe unlike corny camp songs.

2) The prayers carry no pressing form of active wisdom, i.e. the engine of mental evolution. What good is a religion if it does not exercise the mind into progressive vision? Why devote energy toward a “God” who won't directly share any of the supposed transformative knowledge a divine existence is formed out from? Who is more believable, the man that commands wordy worship, or the being who fuses such transformative knowledge into organized experiential wisdom, enjoyably absorbed to then actively alleviate frictions of everyday existence?

3) The tradition of bar and bat mitzvahs gathers twelve and thirteen year-olds for sweet-sixteen gossip competition while encouraging elementary-level children toward acclimation for pre-teen intimacy.

4) No genuine religion of substantive essence would halt its own study at age thirteen.

5) The bar and bat mitzvah rite-of-passage ceremony comes to a close when the boy participates in a public display of under-age wine consumption, and not two years after D.A.R.E. role-playing demonified substance users without educating substance science because did you know the process of making cocaine from cocoa leaves involves absorbed rubbing alcohol and hydrochloric acid? Do you really want to snort a hydrochloric acid, rubbing alcohol compound?

The term "Jew", according to the document, "The Protocols of the Wise Men of Zion", specifically refers to the closed circle of elite tyrants, so they can publically speak about their "secret" plans while the populace believes they're talking specifically only about Israel. This document can be found within the book "Behold A Pale Horse" by Saint William Cooper, which can be found at the U.S. bookstore Barnes & Noble.


Excerpts from The Holy Qur'an spoken from this publication:



Additional Notes:

If you wish to know the definition of an American-English word, 1) go to then 2) type in “define: word”.

If the sky stretches up for miles, it should feel that way.

Clouds are not glued into a two-dimensional sky. They have different kinds of space from more than one angle.

Swine are not allowed to own the feeling of emanating comfort when cleanliness is not an option. Do not eat swine, or Yusuf Ali's black vacuum will drain vitality like a Jinn's technological sticker while he claims sole credit for the advancing translation relayed by who do not secretly travel through the infrastructure of reality to scare people with strange creaks.

***** The "loser" of the Iranian election had a secret microphone, of hate, he struck into the people while supposedly nonexistent.

Why Osama Bin Laden Is A Horrible Diplomat

If Osama Bin Laden had not claimed credit for 9-11-01, of which the original news coverage involved firemen running out of the building yelling "there's bombs going off in there", of which the buildings could not melt in a sudden collapse because usually this bends which causes the shape to change which eventually cannot support itself, floor by floor, not all at once, and "Building 7" also dropped to the ground, of which no plane debris hit, 'twas a headquarters for then classified dust, and something about all the gold missing from the gold reserves under the World Trade Center, of which like 78% percent of the vote went to a torture victim somewhere else, and so, if Osama Bin Laden had not claimed credit for 9-11 then the Iraq War, Afghanistan War, secret Pakistani War, and all of the other Mohammed dealings, the head of the Jinns, as exposed live in Egypt, would come to a halt.

Quick Messages

Mohammed doesn't own the name Mohammed. What a ridiculous ego! Now a great many bunch of kids get to feel like their name is cooler, and uniquely theirs.

Mohammed was not the last prophet of Islam. Such a notion implies that The Holy Qur'an does not contain teachings that instill the spirit of prophecy. Therefore, any Muslim who has lived a pious life, with appreciation towards a "God" that needs to heal himself sometimes, has at least lived a silent prophetic life.

All Muslims are more powerful when properly rested. I love being awake at 5am, during the hours that angels seem to hum the song of the birth of our planet. When I awaken so early, it either means I went to bed around 8pm the night before, or I'm sleeping outside somewhere where the break of day is an amplified vitality. But usually if I awaken so early, I tend to want to fall asleep sometime in the afternoon, and then I experience a bunch of days waking up at all sorts of different hours.

The power of prayer does not need to parallel actual prayers. One can be as powerfully pious when baking a dinner, if in the same frame of mind that feels holy during prayer. The time of prayer, if anything, should feel like a time to take a break and clear the mind, because sometimes our minds feel like they become raveled from stresses. Therefore, do not associate any time of prayer with feeling stressed about forcing yourself to take a break from enjoying the simplicity of existence. The engine of mental evolution teaches from such comfortable timezones. Group praying often feels like it carries an amplified trumpet, or sense of serenity.

Thus, if you need to skip a prayer session in order to feel properly rested, then your physical body will be a healthier vehicle for your soul.

Muslim women are like nuns who get to raise a family.

Old Horizons

Supposedly the continent I'm on, or across-the-sea country, is a large spacecraft with eco-system technology. Therefore, supposedly I'm getting closer to "returning home", because of a new satellite I helped build with a "book" I think I died upon self-publishing online in June of 2006, because all the evil magic suddenly felt like it was all on me, or I was swallowing it because it was too scary to think as being out there (i.e. the Bush despot's terror realm incantation on the 5th Anniversary of September 11th, which diluded, and became my imaginary job, because progressive politics were mirroring the diplomatic platform Obama "revealed" but a fraction of the better wisdom, and only during the primaries, before turning into the purple-prince-antichrist during the general election), and this was a form of atmospheric cleansing, which is different from knowing the air is happy. Do not swim across impossible channels. Bridges in the sky are different. If you are lucky enough to have lived in Iran your whole life, then you have never experienced the spears of prism-trap architecture.

Hard To Swallow Truths

Maybe I'm not really on a continental boat. Maybe I'm still negotiating a transfer with my captors.

Maybe there's no such thing as an afterlife. Maybe all who survive get to feel like everyone who died along the way now feels the same peace.


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