Advice: Sex with someone’s wife??


Advice: Sex with someone’s wife??
by eyeranian

I better be careful with this one as it comes from non other than Kobra Khanoom, our resident expert on advice. She asked: why is there so much gang-banging and multiple partner sex in porn? Why do men like it so much? Many men have fantasies of their woman being fucked by another man. I suppose there is vicarious pleasure in it. Most women are much more possessive and much less likely to enjoy sharing their partner.


Dear Kobra Khanoom; I think you answered part of your own question earlier in your note: Nature, including the “Darwinian evolutionary equation” requires for men and women to reproduce. A man increases his chances of reproduction by having sex with as many women as possible in order to send his army of sperms to search for as many eggs as possible, while a woman already gets millions of sperm from one man in one encounter and only requires one to actually impregnate her egg.

Now as to why men have this fantasy of having someone else fuck their women? I believe that to be a fashionable thing now, at least in the porn industry. When I was growing up, or at least the kind of porn that was available to me (late 70’s and early 80’s) you’d hardly ever see that, unless it was part of a swap thing; you get my wife and I get yours. For multiple partners, it was mostly a guy fucking two females, usually college-roommates, friends or co-workers. The portion of the porn industry that caters to men (probably over 95% of it,) always goes after what is the current trend, which is regularly what is also “exotic” and unusual. Open relationships, Asian chicks, wife swapping, group sex, humongous tits, anal play, water sports, toys, S&M of various strength, plus many other “fads” have been exploited. Some have come and gone, while others enjoy an ongoing following. Currently (according my own extensive research for the purpose of this piece only!) all the rage is: amateurs fucking in public, MILFs (if you don’t know what that is, go research!) and wives enjoying a stranger’s very large penis, often with the husband present.

Why don’t women enjoy the same? Aside from how much of that is cultural and the way women all over the world have been raised over generations to look at sex as primarily a form of bonding as well as reproduction instead of pleasure, I think they also lack that second head that often strays us men in directions that should have never been explored to begin with.

Now only if there was a middle ground….

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Away From Iran Too Long!

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Oh my God!!!!!!!!!

by Mullah (not verified) on

That is the only issue left for Iranians to solve. Eyranian You've been outside of Iran for too long.


To: SexyWoman

by Mehran-001 (not verified) on

I am sorry but I did not mean to offend you or anyone else. I was just trying to explain the human sexuality according to evolution and that is something I read in a book that made a lot of sense to me.

At the end of the day the propose of all species (humans to be one of them) is to reproduce and pass their genes to the next generation. Otherwise they would have not been a successful species and would terminate. Based on that the experts ( I am not an expert and I just consume their information) go back and explain the behavior of species.

I hope this clears the air a bit :-)


to: Mehran-001

by SexyWoman (not verified) on

Where did you get "man egg" and "man gene" from? Your thinking is so andro-centric and backward! Women are not there to "pass the man genes to next generation". In fact, it is the woman who has an EGG not the man! Women pass THEIR OWN genes to the next generation and not the man's BAD genes that are in their deficient Y chromosmes! Get it???!!


There is alot of this going

by Anonymous234 (not verified) on

There is alot of this going on amongst iranian couples these days.. I briefly dated a guy who admitted to me to have slept with his best friend's ex-wife( I am sure he went back to her once we broke up).Who is to blame here? the poor,unhappy wife who didn't get it from her husband or the single male friend? My advice: guys keep a close eye on your single male friends hanging out too much with your wife and I guess the same thing is true for women and thier husbands. I think Anyone who has it in them to betray a friend or some body's wife or husband has major self-esteem issues and should be avoided at all costs!


Eyeranian, you got it right

by Mehran-001 (not verified) on

It is an evolutionary thing and that is how humans evolved over millions of years. Men immediately after sex can not have another partner but women can because evolution made it such. The reason for that is if a man egg is not fertile, then it is no big deal and the next man compensate. As to why men like to watch, well again, men are a visual creature. Men find a woman with big breast and thighs attractive because according to evolution such a woman have a better chance of raising healthy children and as such to pass the man genes to next generation.

AS you see Darwin was correct all along and everything can be explained by evolutionary theory. There are a number of books in this regards and it is an interesting subject.


re: Management (to: Sex Aficionado )

by Malekeh_ on

Since JJ has started to cater services of to the Israelis, almost anything goes. As long as it is not against zio-nazis, it can be published here.  For each click he makes say 1-2 pennies. He has a family to feed and expenses to pay you know! Thanks god he is not in charge of journalism in Iran. Otherwise, he would hang quite a few journalists and take money from Iranian enemies to write good "articles"  for them!


Sex still an sticky subject among Iranians?

by Ali reza (not verified) on

There was a program in an Iranian channel that started couple of months ago.It had the same subject ,but it was mostly female bashing.The man in charge liked the controvery that his talk show was creating and was proud of the fact that people were calling the station right and left,but his talk show went off the air few months later.


I AM a sex pro, bro!

by eyeranian on

Me thinks "Sex Aficionado" has questions but is affraid to ask! 

default Management

by Sex Aficionado (not verified) on

This is tasteless, disgusting, and useless...Why is this person given a column? Kobra Khanoom is tasteless and useless and now this guy is using her as his muse? Can't you get a decent sex therapist, a professional to answer questions on the site? I feel the appearance of these characters on the site is not really helping Iranians in an area where much help is needed desparately. They both seem to be talking about their own sexual fantasies while appearing as advice columnists.

I think Eyeranian should just draw his cartoons and stay out of an area he knows nothing about. He should take Kobra Khanoom with him, too. Maybe the two of them can have threesomes, affairs, and an adulterous relationship with each other, putting the rest of us out of our miseries.