A Group Circumcision


A Group Circumcision
by Faramarz

ختنه دسته جمعی

I was born in the middle of the night. But I had to wait for a while so that my father could drive a few blocks to get the mid-wife out of her bed and bring her to our home. Like most parents, mine hesitated to trust my jewels to the sharp knife of a surgeon at a very young age. They waited and waited until I was about to go to the first grade when they broke the news to me.

Having anticipated my reaction, they included my two other cousins of around the same age who lived down the street in a package deal! All three of us would go to our neighborhood clinic and get circumcised at the same time. My 10-year old cousin weighed in on the conversation to convince us.

“You guys have to do this before they let you into the school. On the first day of school, the principal will check everyone’s hair, fingernails and you have to bring your own flat plastic cup to drink water out of the hose in the school yard. You can’t put your mouth on the hose!”

I was very familiar with our neighborhood clinic and the good doctor that worked there. He had seen me, my cousins and almost all of the boys on our street on a regular basis. You name a body part, and he had put a few stitches on it. On many occasions when a kid’s mom was not home or was out shopping, one of the relatives or neighbors would rush the bloody bodies to the clinic. On our street, it definitely took a village to raise a child!

There was the time that we were just sitting around watching the older boys play soccer when a brick fell off the wall and landed on some kids’ head. One of the moms rushed him to the clinic for a few stitches. Or the time that one of the guys was showing off his new Brno BB gun. He was letting us all handle the gun for just a few seconds when a stray cat showed up, walking gingerly on the wall. A struggle broke out on who could shoot the cat and somehow the BB gun went off hitting a kid on the shoulder; nothing too serious, but a mandatory trip to the clinic.

There was a Haji (Haji Tonbooni) who lived a few homes down the street. He took special pride in his old Mercedes 220. Whenever there was clean water running down the street waterway (Joob), he would come out of his house in his pajamas and block the water so that he could wash his car with a bucket and a Longe. On one occasion, as the water rose and flowed onto the sidewalk, making it very slippery, a couple of the kids chasing the ball slid and ended up at the clinic; a few stitches on the knee and the chin!

But the strangest of all the incidents happened when one not-so-bright kid was sitting at the kitchen table waiting for the freshly-baked Sangak bread to cool off. As you may know, Iranian bakeries bake Sangak in a hot oven on top of river rocks and small pebbles. Once in a while, a small pebble gets stuck in the back of the bread. And you are always warned by your parents to watch out for the little pebbles. As this kid was hitting the pebble with a fork to get it off the hot bread, it dislodged and shot up and got stuck in his nostrils! Hard to believe! Another trip to the clinic!

My aunt and my two cousins showed up at our door early in the afternoon and we started walking towards the neighborhood clinic. At the clinic, the nurse told us to take our shorts off and lay on our backs on the three small side-by-side beds, our things covered with white towels. My mom and aunt stayed outside the room. We laid there quietly for a while until the ceiling fan got our attention. We were trying to figure out how to get up there and pull the string so that the fan would go faster!

After a while, the doctor came in, gave a few instructions to the nurse and got started. It didn’t take too long for him to finish the job. When the medication wore off, he told us to sit up. By then we were all bandaged up. The doctor looked us over and then told the nurse to give us 3 white skirts to wear! He said that we should be wearing the white skirts for a few days until the wounds heal. We were not supposed to play or run around either. It was so embarrassing walking out of the clinic wearing the stupid white skirts. People were looking at us and smiling. They knew that the three of us had just been circumcised.

And it got worse when we got to our street. Some of the kids saw us and started pointing to our skirts and making comments. More and more kids rushed out of their homes to see us. They sure had a field day with the whole thing! We dropped our heads and quickly got back into our homes. It was truly a public circumcision!

For the next few days, I just sat by the window, in my white skirt and watched the other kids play.

ختنه سوری

On Friday, my mom and aunt threw a big Khatneh Soori party for the three of us. They put three chairs in front of the TV and told us to sit there in our white skirts that have turned slightly yellow by then and with plenty of food stains. As the relatives and family friends were coming through, we just sat there motionless, like royalty! The other boys came around, but as soon as they realized that we could not play, they left us and ran outside. The girls were more curious. They wanted to know what the deal with the skirts was. They kept staring at us and whispering to each other. One of them dragged her mom over to explain the skirts. We just sat there and tried to look dignified.

In another day or two the bandages and the skirts came off and we were back on the street again!

God bless you the good doctor of the old neighborhood!


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Darius Kadivar

Well At least now we've got something in common with Male Jews..

by Darius Kadivar on

pre-matured ejaculations ...




by Faramarz on

I don't remember a smell, but tell me, what is after lunch and did it smell like onions?

But seriously, it was probably a disinfectant. Maybe permanganate or sulfate de sud!

Let's ask one of the doctors on this site to chime in.



Thanks Faramarz

by benross on

I could almost change the name of characters and turn it to my story!

Do you remember the smell? Or it was just my operation gone bad?! 


کارد تیز اوس ممد


I don't have much expertise in this field, but I trust your judgment.
However, my sources tell me that all the men in the porn business are circumcised! I guess without circumcision, we would have had to make the sacrifice and look for employment elsewhere!

Enjoy your sense of humor too!

Cousin Mehrdad,
You are my alter ego!
Thanks for taking the bullet for the family and going in first. Ours was more like an assembly line!

Bahram Jaan,
Thanks for Ghatebeh clip. This probably is one of his best!


Thanks Faramarz

by bahram9821 on

Faramarz, thanks for the beautiful story. It is nice to know that I was not the only one who got circumcised at 7. Apparently it was one of the customs that was passed to my family from Genghis Khan era that you have to wait until the boy is 6-7 to butcher him. I remember I received a white skirt and a toy helicopter for my troubles. //www.youtube.com/watch?v=qnBpd2gWC8I


Dear cousin Framarz,

by Bavafa on

See we are cousins as our family have similar way of doing things.

I distinctively remember when we were due for this ritual, that is my older brother and I. We were told that mom had a doctor appointment and we had to go all as a family. Oblivious of every thing, we listened like good boys and went to the doctor. While we were waiting, I became very suspicious as my dad offered to buy us ice cream without us making any fuss or begging for it…. that had never happened in our life time. As we ran across the street to the ice cream shop, I told my brother that some thing was up but had no idea what. Next thing you know, after the ice cream was finished we were told the real reason to the doctor. My older brother being a wuss, agreed only if I go first and since I was too young and too dumb, I agreed.

Next thing just like you, we had these skirts on and were taken to the grand moms house. All in all, it was a OK experience, first we got a free ice cream out of it. Second, we were actually in a clinic and not Assdolah dool boor who lived only a couple of streets down from our house did not do the job, thirdly they did not hung the skin with a needle to the wall over our bed.

Thanks for sharing your story, keep them coming :)


Shazde Asdola Mirza

مبارک باشه، شومبول طلا!

Shazde Asdola Mirza

Loved your story, as usual.

Reminded me: "A boy was being circumsized, and the neighbor's daughter was crying. Someone inquired of her; and she answered - because they are sharpening it for me!"

Jahanshah Javid


by Jahanshah Javid on

Thanks Faramarz. I learned something. I was circumcised right after birth I guess because I have no memory of it. And I did not know about what older boys went through -- and the skirt!

I found it interesting that you did not mention the pain.

I hope this practice ends. I know 99% percent of you have no problem with it, but it's absolutely unnecessary and cruel. You also lose a lot of sexual sensitivity.

I've argued about this here before and I always point out that a couple of billion men in China and India live and function just fine without circumcision.

It's basically a religious practice which used to be useful when there was little hygiene in the old days. And even then, people outside the Middle East didn't practice it and thrived just fine.

Your boys does NOT need to be mutilated. Yes, mutilated. Just as girls are in some parts of Africa. Stop it for god or goodness sake. Whichever.

Thanks again Faramarz. Hope no boy will ever have to wear a skirt again! :)))