The Perfect Mistress!


The Perfect Mistress!
by Faramarz

I had always wondered about the European men who have mistresses. My curiosity had more to do with the protocol and the logistics than the actual act itself. Well, I got my answers when I met Camille.

Camille was the perfect mistress, well not technically speaking since I was not married or anything like that when we were together. It is just that we met regularly every Sunday evening at her place and I financially supported her.

I met Camille by chance at a coffee place. She was just ahead of me in the line. There was nothing “head-turning” about her but if you took the time and looked her over, she was very attractive with short black hair, gentle face, well-proportioned body, stylish glasses and a nice smile. She was the typical single women that you meet in big cities who work at high rise buildings, take public transportation to work, always well-dressed, get together with their women and gay friends after work for drinks and gossip and always complain about the lack of eligible single men!

I got my latte and sat at the table near her. I borrowed the Sports section and chit-chatted with her a little bit and finally asked her out on the Sunday night. I don’t know why I chose Sunday instead of Saturday. Maybe because it seemed safer, or maybe I didn’t want her to think that I didn’t have any other plans on the weekend!

She lived in a rent-control apartment building in the nice and busy part of town; the type of neighborhood that you have to drive for a while to find a parking spot. We hooked up at a local hang out and sat at the oyster bar. She was quite intelligent and was a great conversationalist. She would listen carefully to what I had to say and from her questions you would know that she understood exactly what I said.

After dinner we ended up at her place. It was a cozy one-bedroom place that was nicely decorated and had a nice view. She said that she had lived there for many years and if it was not for the rent control, the rent would have been more than twice by now and she would not have been able to afford it. The place also had old style bathroom sink with separate hot and cold faucets. I had seen those at fancy Bed and Breakfast places and always wondered what if you wanted warm water! Do you run your hands quickly back and forth between the hot and cold faucets?

She had a little white poodle that barked a lot for the first few minutes, but then came and sat on my lap. We ended up in her bedroom after a while. It was the perfect date all around! As I was getting dressed to leave and before I could ask her out again, she invited me to come there the following Sunday for dinner. I actually liked that. I had other plans the following weekend but Sunday nights were always open.

The following Sunday I arrived at 5 PM with a nice bottle of wine and some desert. The little poodle barked for a while, we talked, laughed had some wine, had dinner at around six and on to the bedroom after that. This became our routine from then on. Every week I coordinated with her about what she wanted me to bring for Sunday dinner. Then I would get there early enough to find a parking spot. Her barking poodle would greet me at the door and we would then go about the usual things. I guess growing up in a Catholic family, Sunday dinner at home was very important to her!

She never asked me what I did on Friday or Saturday nights. Only one time she asked me with a smile if I had a Persian girlfriend or wife because she had heard at the office about Iranians who import wives from Iran. I just laughed and said no.

She was very good in bed and also curious about my Iranian background so one time she asked me to teach her something sexy in Farsi while we made love. I taught her how to say, “Mano Bokon, Beeshtar, Beeshtar…(make love to me more and more!) It always makes me laugh when people talk during sex. But I have learned to bite my lip and laugh inside since most women don’t appreciate the humor!

The topic of money came up after a month or so when I asked her about her car. She had a Honda Civic that she never drove and was parked in the building garage. She said that she needed to get the car fixed but couldn’t afford to do so. I offered to take her car to my mechanic and see what he could do.

We left the car at my mechanic on the next Sunday night. I called him in the morning and told him to fix the car but keep the invoice for me. The next Sunday when we met, she was very appreciative and not only cooked some nice rack of lamb, but also was all over me in the bedroom! Finally, a light bulb went off in my head! She was extremely nice to me, never asked me very personal questions, was never jealous and was always happy and upbeat. So the least that I could do was to help her out financially here and there so that she could buy fancy clothes or whatever else that she wished to do. And it was not too much of a burden for me either.

However, I wasn’t sure how to approach the topic with her. The next time that we met, while she was in the kitchen, I slipped some money in one of the drawers in her dining room. I figured that it would be easier for me to explain it over the phone later than face-to-face. Later on that week, I called her and told her that I had left a little present for her and I hoped that she didn’t mind. She went quiet for a second and then told me that I really didn’t need to do that and then she thanked me.

From then on it became a part of our routine. Once or twice a month, while she was in the kitchen or the bathroom, I would slip some money into the same drawer and during the week when we confirm our schedule for the coming Sunday, she would thank me for the “gift.”

The relationship lasted almost a year and I always looked forward to my Sunday nights at Camille’s place. But finally when I met somebody that I really liked I decided that the right thing to do was to end the relationship. I came up with some excuses for a while to cancel the Sunday dinners and then stopped calling her. I just wasn’t sure how to end something like this. A month later she left me a message and said hi. I thought very long and hard about staying friends with her. But I knew that one way or another we would end up in her bedroom again!

Months later, on a Sunday afternoon when I was sitting home in front of TV and completely bored, I thought about her and all the fun times that we had together. I almost picked up the phone and called her, but then I remembered the barking poodle, the street parking and the hot and cold faucets in her bathroom and changed my mind. Oh well!

Here is Yalla Oomad Mehmoon by Toofan



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Soosan Khanoom

by Faramarz on



"I'm just a soul whose intentions are good

Oh Lord, please don't let me be misunderstood"


Soosan Khanoom, generally speaking men always end up paying for sex, in the form of car, jewelry, clothes, dinner, trips or a new washer and dryer!

And god has made us in a way that we do it voluntarily. So you are correct about me.

The only price that I am not willing to pay is the emotional price, because it cuts into my fun time and my life philosophy!

Now that the "Coalition of Willing" against me has grown from Regimies, NIACies and Reformists to include Morality Basij, I need to come up with another story that tops this one!

I am on it! I promise that I won't disappoint!


Dr. Mohandes

Soosan Khanoom

by Dr. Mohandes on

Actually, I remember during the first few weeks that i had been back my aunt suggested that i work on a book, sorta chronicling all the changes that had taken place, in the city, at home, my neighborhood.etc...I thought about and decided not to do it because i was in the exact same state of mind as you, And still am...

I have been using my iphone to take picture and film various events, but i just get this weird feeling that all those walking around me are watching me with this weird look on their faces, everytime i reach for my camera LOL. but thank you for suggestion. I will keep that mind.


Your approach to this entire issue is well, for the lack of a better term entirely wrong and one-sided. As i made an attempt toaddress this in my last post to Dash faramarz, there are not many of us who can so lucidly and succinctly describe such "escapades" and adventures we have come across with, without making any judgments or moral conclusions. The fact that one can describe to you what went on during a relationship, is a skill not many of us possess.

I understand that you feel so strongly about this issue, But to say that there are children!!! or teenagers even who regularly visit this site is rather a stretch. Really, Not True!

Finally, your last post quoting a comment from a certain lady user on this site, contains so much bigotry and hatred towards the male species , it says so much about the person who wrote it. Certainly, someone here is hiding behind their Phd! degree and authorizing themselves to spread absolute rubbish and nonsense. Not that i wanna put anyone on the spot here, but it is a well known fact that most girls in our society in iran from the day they are born, literally! are given such a treatment that makes their Head so overly huge! to the detriment of their own and their family.

So if you insist on resolving this issue, let's start by a fair assessmet who really gets to grow up as an "aziz dordooneh", in a real sense of the term.


Many people!

by Shepesh on

Some may mock Azadeh Azad and not like her demeanor but she is so right. One comment on the link I provided: 

maybe those ignorant Iranian mothers, who made the huge mistake of telling their sons that they were the centre of the world and entitled to everything they wished, can now compensate for their stupid mistakes and open classes for their failed sons!

She has a point. 


Soosan Khanoom

Lighten up Shepesh

by Soosan Khanoom on

who cares !! 


Soosan Khanoom

Thanks DM . That would be nice ..

by Soosan Khanoom on

Anyway ..  While you are there why not blog about things happening in Iran ?  ... Go out and take some pictures and share those with us. I did not get a chance to go to many places that I wanted to go due to the shock and owe of visiting Iran after so many years . I was basically paralyzed by the whole thing but hopefully next time.  


Soosan Khnoom

by Shepesh on

I am surprised by some women who defend these people. Have you read the comments of this person on this blog, not just in the story? Are they fiction? Do you not see his comments on other blogs with regards to women? I am a man and am always surprised by women who make excuses for such people. One example is a front page article about a Ductch woman speaking Persian, and this person and his friend made comment as "the real test for this woman is what happens after the interview with the man who is interviewing her". I flagged and comments are deleted. Please be informed such people with cute avetar are not so sweet but enjoy attention by making inappropriate comments about women on this site. Another example is reference to women as Pussy. Sometimes people think they are n a strip club and not aware IC has a wide audience including children. All these people, because of the Freedom of Speech, on this site think they can say these things and everyone can turn a blind eye for ever. Some women have become very angry, though in this blog they were civil. But even men do not lke to see such comments by this group on every blog about women just to show off male sexuality. There is sometimes excuse for younger men, but these are people who should know better. Just because they use anonymous avetar they think they can make comments to humiliate women on this site and blame the women who get tired. I will only make this response to you and not to these people as they get enough attention using this attitude.


Another pet hate

by Shepesh on

Multiple IDs on this site.

Dr. Mohandes


by Dr. Mohandes on

Soosan khanoom jan

 Yes. That is still the case. and i have been here for little over a year. Time just flew. Been away for 24 anos (years). 

We should set up a meeting whenever you will get a chance to visiti.:)


Soosan Khanoom

DM , are you still in Iran?

by Soosan Khanoom on

How are things over there?  I have already missed everything and everyone back home...  I wish I can get some time off again and go back for another visit.  

but I can't  : (

Soosan Khanoom

Poor Peeshee is in trouble again .

by Soosan Khanoom on

Faramarz you are far too charming to make fun of but , sorry, I can't help it ...Have you ever had sex without actually having to pay for it ? lol ....  If so could you please write about it. That would be a love story and it won't get you in trouble either. 

Or as a fcitional writer, you are just making these stuff up..  May be you are a 40 year old virgin with some imagination !! 

In any case thanks for listening to Anahid !!  We seriously need some time off from the political BS on this site..  

: )

Dr. Mohandes

YO DUde!

by Dr. Mohandes on

Faramarz jan

I am always at your serrveece beroder. please. vaat are deez wordz. you have the full authority:))

Looks like we've got a text book case of Gang-banging going on! Ouch right? Gee. will ya take a look at this team-spirit being displayed by our own sheezans. I am impressed and ...ehem. well never mind that part:)

But...Um...getting back to the subject...(lost the train my thoughts there for a sec) Good advice there at the end. I think everyone should try using that phrase. More love will flow that way.:))




Please let me know when you are having your next Support Group meeting. I'll make sure to send my effigies so that you guys can burn them!


I agree with Anahid, Truthseeker and some others

by Shepesh on

I think also well put is comments by Farnoosh on this blog below. It sums very well what many men and women think of some contributers on IC. 



Doctor Mohandes

by Faramarz on

You took the words out of my mouth or as we say in Farsi and to use your technique, Some people just don't get the math word (harf-e-hesaab!)


Sheila K

by Faramarz on

Thanks for reading and you are absolutely right.

The very first time that a girl asked me how we say "I love you" in Farsi, I said "Dooset Daaram". She looked at me rather strangely and said, "Do..set..the..ranch! That doesn't sound too romantic!"

So in order to better represent the romantic side of our culture and also come up with something that is easy for non-Farsi speakers to say, I chose the other phrase. 

Give it a try if you have a chance. It actually works well!

Dr. Mohandes

Shiela K

by Dr. Mohandes on

You are right. Thank you for pointing that out and doing what is right. That is like saying: You are the king baby, Rock my world, Take it all! or something like that.

Wow, I love it when women do their part helping out guys in a society.

Dr. Mohandes


by Dr. Mohandes on

Bah. Bah. Che kardee!!! They are after blood buddy:)))

They've got you pegged like no one ever been pegged before. I am talking bulls eye painted behind your back, with a picture of Trita parsi and Hitler painted inside:))

But on a serious note, The psychologist in me thinks that those who constantly accusing men of denigrating and degrading! women even when a real or fictional story is being recounted and certain references are made and when  there really is no harm meant by it, have themselves been the victim of some serious heartbreaking (hit and run...long one nighter...proceeding to hit it and then quit it...put out or foreve hold your piece ) kind of scam, which is rather unforntunate.

I reiterate that yours was a great story in which you described a relationship between two adults (be honest now... were you a teen when this happened? LOL) with utmost understanding , and 100% mutually benefitial. No dumping or pumping without purpose was conducted. You took matters into your own hands and performed responsibly and even more importantly, you gave back to the community (LOL), by sharing and caring and loving.

 Now how many of our gals and pals in here can look us in the eyes and with a clear concious and hopefully a clearer throat, tell us that yes we had the same experience and we are proud of our past.

You deserve to be the mayor of Relationship city, NV!

Sheila K

Amirparviz, watch for your narcissistic language

by Sheila K on

your first paragraph and part of the 2nd paragraph which pointlessly extends your writing, is full of you know what. AS IF rest of us came from the ghetto...just get to the point. I hope I didn't offend you.

Sheila K

error in translation

by Sheila K on

manbekon is NOT make love to me...just saying



by Truthseeker9 on

I am sorry that you think I am not  friendly, I suppose I am now in the list of "hostile" females you can demonise. I dont usually comment on your blogs but on this occasion I thought I would say something. It is not your lifestyle/ choices that many people would object to, but your delusional claim that you know women with generalisations based on your own experience. When you continue to portray women as shallow beings and sex objects through your blogs and comments someone will eventually tell you to stop and think. One last thing, breast implants do not smell and one reason women have them is reconstructive surgery. Some of the women I know. Not everything in this life is connected to sex and pleasing men. 


A Few Words of Wisdom!

by Faramarz on



I like nice and friendly women, but as for the hostile ones, I generally ignore them.

And please don't call women who make decisions different than yours, women of low self-esteem.

Maybe you don't like women, or men for that matter who act differently than you do. Deal with it.



Doctor Mohandes

Now I know how Obama feels when people question his birth certificate!

Here on this site I have been called old, fat, short, bald, joker, manboy and now a woman. Go figure! Where is that birth certificate?

But you know, as Zakaria Raazi once said after discovering alcohol (C2H5OH) and having a few shots with his buddies, “Iranians are generally Naa-Raazi!”


Siavash Aziz

That was an unfortunate situation that you were in at such a young age. I am glad that you came out of it in one piece.

But as far as having sex with a beautiful woman that you don’t have an emotional connection with, remember the famous saying by a not-so-famous philosopher, “Sex is 20% for your own pleasure, and the rest to brag to your friends about it!”

So be a man and take one for the team!


اون یارو جان، دنبال مترس ایرونی میگردی؟




بابا اینکه کاری نداره. یک آگهی بذار همینجا رو این سایت، سریع کارت راه میوفته. اصلا خودم برات مینویسم.

"جوانی هستم ایرانی، خوش تیپ، خوش پوش، خوش قلب و خوش سلیقه. جویای خانمی هستم ایرانی، خوشگل و مهربان و اهل حال (چشمک، چشمک!) دوست دارم که شما را هفته ای یکبار، روزهای یکشنبه در خانه تون ملاقات کنم که باهم کلی حال کنیم (چشمک، چشمک!) بیزحمت اسم و رسمتون را همراه چند تا عکس جدید به ایمیل من در سایت ایرانین دات کام بفرستید."

بیا، فقط همین یک کارو برای دوستان نکرده بودیم که اون را هم کردیم!


Mr.Spoke and weekend lady

by Siavash300 on

In late 60's, Iran state T.V was showing a soap opera by the name of "Star Treck". Leonard Lemoi portrait the character of Mr. Spoke. Mr. Spoke was from another planet, therefore he didn't possess the faculty of sense as we have as earthy people. "Lack of emotion" was distinctive characterist of Mr. Spoke. He was emotionally num. For example, he didn't know why people were crying. As a result, Mr. Spoke became icon of psychotherapists for many decades.

It was a hot summer day when I met my girl friend who was fashion model. she was 27. just divorced with her French photographer husband after 2 years marriage. The ex-husband french photographer used to pose her naked in french magazine. Very desirable body style. I still have some of those pictures.

it was in one of those high rise building that we met.  We hit it off very well. It was a love at first sight (of course, in her eyes). She was attractive, smart, and good cook and so so in bed (of course, not the best- I had better than her LOL).  More than her outside beauty, she was extremely kindhearted and affectionate. She was seriously obssessed with me. It was crazy. I never had anyone in life to love me as much as she did. She was writing the most romantic and heart breaking poems for me. I still have those poems. The name of Siavash had been embed in the body of those poems. It was weekend visit, but she wanted to see me more than weekends. Every time I used to go to her house, I had a feeling that Mr.Spoke is going on a date. It was a separation of my emotion life from physical aspect of the sex. For me, it was pure physical with no emotional bounding.

All the sudden, we learned that she was pregnant. It was a disaster. I was a college student and didn't want commitment. I barely could support myself and I had a dream of completing my education, not to become a father. Luckily , it was tube pregnancy and she had to remove the child from tube, otherwise, she would have died as a result of rapture in the tube. It was devastating. It left me a great deal of sorrow. I ended up to see the therapist to deal with guilty feeling that I was carrying at the time.

After some therapeautic sessessions, the therapist who was from Fruedian school of thought, explained that my girl friend wanted to take a place of my mother in my heart. She said because of my committment toward my mother, I couldn't allow that happened. That was the reason I was being emothinally distance. Further, the therapist explained I was looking for father figure in my romatic life. Human behavior is quite psychodynamic and there is a reason for any behavior.  

After so many years, whenever I read her poems, it just bring tears to my eyes.



Dr. Mohandes

And the Pulitzer prize Goes to...

by Dr. Mohandes on

Mr. faramarz ! Good Job partner. You nailed as usual. Wonen are indeed great teachers. One can really learn so much if they pay close attention.


Oh god, Please don't unleash the "see what did i tell you, you are all lumpans" crowd again:((( she...they are asleep...don't wake them up.

I can Attest to the fact that faramraz is indeed a woman lover...I say the videos on youtube where he proved it to the world. Maan that was some night:)



"empower them"

by Truthseeker9 on

"Women love shopping, we might as well empower them!"

"There is nothing better than knowing that there is more to come after the desert!"

Very telling Faramarz, and indeed it shows that you "know" women by telling us about all your conquests. But one question Faramarz, jokes aside and off the subject of sexual intercourse, do you actually "like" women?  Have you been hurt in the past and fear Intimacy? Do women with self esteem walk away in pursuit of loving relationships? You seem to enjoy putting women down and paint them as shallow creatures who are not to be trusted.  Do you blame everything that goes wrong in a relationship on the woman? Don't shoot the messenger but it is the impression you give by your general attitude towards women and the questions are because you wrote a personal blog. 

Oon Yaroo

Faramarz Jaan!

by Oon Yaroo on

You are lucky you didn't get her pregnant! That could have been disastrous! But all in all, you did the right thing leaving her money! If only some Iranian women in IC would learn from Camille and try to be a good mistress!?


Thank You Note to Dear Friends

by Faramarz on

Dear Raoul,

Almost everything that I know about love, sex and relationship, I have learned from women. That’s why my stories are tilted towards women. But somehow you have concluded that I must be a woman to think like that.

Please be assured that I am a man! But to be sure, let me check again.

Yep, they are all there!

Here is a song by a woman who likes men. Check out her eyes.


Hamsade Jaan,

I really liked this picture. It shows a woman who is completely infatuated by a man who is in position of power. Thanks for reading and commenting.

Shazde Aziz,

Brits, those cheap bastards with their inventions!

I agree, a mistress is not a mistress if there are no secrets involved. Somehow I missed the point at the time.

Siavash Jaan,

Your situation was quite different from mine. Please write about it. I would really like to comment on it once I know the details.

I really enjoyed being with her on Sunday nights. She was smart, a great cook and good in bed. It was like flipping the TV channels from PBS to Food Channel to Playboy.

The money part was also great because I hate going shopping. Women love shopping, we might as well empower them!

Maziar Jaan,

Thank you.

There is nothing better than knowing that there is more to come after the desert!

maziar 58

Bah Bah

by maziar 58 on

sunday sinners are placed in heaven!

thanks for story and the music link

Faramarz khan.



I am still waiting to see the connection.....

by Siavash300 on

The picture of Ali Gada with a woman who looks like a man at the tope caught my attention. At first, I thought it must be the story of drag queen who was cross dressing to make love with Ali Gada. So I curiosly followed the whole story in hope to get to that part. But I find no connection between said story and the picture above. I couldn't find any connection. oh well...whatever.

Similar experience hit me in life, but unlike the writer it cost me so many therapy sessions. The experience brought sadness and remorse for a long time. It took me many years to get over the kindness of that lady whom I was not interested romantically, but I was having sex with her every weekends. Separation between physical aspect of sex from it's emotional aspect creates sadness, if not depression.

    Every time I visited the lady on the weekend in her house, it reminded me of  Roger Vadim famous statement.

He said:  "3 things get me sick.

1. Cold coffee

2. Warm Champagne

3. The woman that I don't like her anymre, but she still loves me."



Roger Vadim was a  french director who discovered Brigitte Bardot at the age  16.

Shazde Asdola Mirza

The hot and cold faucets

by Shazde Asdola Mirza on

Leave it to the cheap Brits to come up with the most disgusting way to wash. One is supposed to fill the sink with the desired mix of cold and hot water, before washing one's hands and face, or shaving. Yak!

Otherwise, your relationship with Camille sounds very appealing and civilized. Understandably, one has to be married in order to be able to sustain such a "relationship". It is hard to enjoy and appreciate such a nice "refuge", if you are not actually running from something!

Nice story ... thanks for sharing, Faramarz jan.