The Women of Camp Ashraf

The Women of Camp Ashraf
by Faramarz

افشاگری از سوی عضو سابق سازمان مجاهدین خلق و سوء استفاده جنسی سازمان مجاهدین خلق از زنان

Part 1

Part 2


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Thanks MM for the Links

by Faramarz on



I just watched Part 4. The link to Part 3 doesn't work.

I believe that Bani Sadr should also come forward and speak about sacrificing his own daughter for this cause.

Looking at the faces of the people at the Camp, one could guess that something bad was taking place there, but the reality is always worse.



Behind the Curtain at Camp Ashraf

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Thanks Oktaby for your comment and the link to Mr. Nouri.

Somehow behind every regimented and disciplined faith or ideology that is based on the words of a single person is a cesspool of sex, abuse and control over the minds and bodies of the followers.

It is amazing that such activities were taking place in a Marxist/Islamist military camp in the hot Iraqi desert. 


part 3 and 4, here - thanks for posting

by MM on

part 3:how Maryam pimped the women; how the lower ranks were told to divorce by force, their kids were taken away and forced to sleep with Masoud khan (aghd-e ejbari); how masoud thinks he is the prophet...........


part 4: more of the same; enslavement of women; a history of women from shah to.....




by oktaby on

part is I would have been surprised if ugly stories did not come out of Mojahedeen or just about any other "Iranian" group. Who are we?

And will this deev of pain and agony manifesting itself in so many ways over an ancient people ever be defeated?