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Farideh Nejat
by Farideh Nejat

Dear Readers,

Do you have any suggestion less expensive than 1260.00 to solve an Iphone 4 digital disaster?

Since computer savvies might read this page, I thought I ask you what you could recommend about a digital disaster with Iphone 4. I have lost all my photos/videos which I took in my recent trip with Iphone 4- 950 photos and videos. I am so disturbed about this and all - the so called experts - of Apple store here in my city and a company called driveSavers, Inc. www.drivesavers.com who retrieve lost data from computers wants to charge me 1260.00 - if the photos/videos are retrievable - this means they charge 100.00 to just tell me if it's retrievable - and if it is they will charge 1260.00 to retrieve it.

I went on line and saw a software for 50.00 box - //www.sharewareguide.net/guides/how-to-recove... - I don't even know if this works. I have not bought it yet.

Has anybody that you know of has had a problem such as this? I am wondering if you could share with me any solution. These photos are sentimentally valuable as I have shared some with you - plus all of my mother's photos and myself on this trip are gone except a few that emailed to some friends and relatives. We both had our cameras with us but since I thought this latest technological item (the Iphone 4) is reliable we did not take our cameras with us to various sites that we visited.

I thought it's important to share this unfortunate incident so others are warned that something like this can happen. I must say that I went through the same routine syncing the photos except this time was lost and the specialist at the Apple store who worked on my PC (windows-XP) and the Iphone yesterday and could not retrieve the photos/videos, telling me there have been others who experienced similar problems in the past.

I hope you have a solution that I have not heard of as aforementioned - maybe somebody can come up with a suggestion less expensive than 1260.00?

Thanks a lot,



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by BabakNeekpey on

What  can  U  tell me about Android?

Advantages and disadvv please


Not posswiasble

by BabakNeekpey on

Zemne  arze tasliat

Unless you backed up  into you PC ,  there is no way to retreav them

B carefule when you upgrade to backup



I found

by alimostofi on

David ET

I 2nd that

by David ET on

Claim your freedom from Monopoly and Go Android or Windows Phone 7 . I never went for Apple products since day 1. I want my freedom to chose.


how did it happen?

by azadi5 on

I ran into an issue with my iPhone 3GS yesterday when I installed OS4.2. It pretty much disabled my iPhone and I had to restore it to its factory settings. Luckily I had it synced the same day so I didn't lose any data on it.



by Roozbeh_Gilani on

Did you save the pictures on your phone or the network operator server? (I always save mine on the email sever, but there is a way of saving data on the network operator server which I have not tried yet). If saved on your phone, without knowing what caused your phone crash, I can not tell you if the data is retrieveble. In General any data "deleted" is still kept on the memory, just you cant see it. But if you had a major crash, then you might have lost them irretrivably. If you saved your pic on a server, then you should be able to get it through your network/service provider.

BTW I never had or used I-Phone, and what I am saying here is based on my own phone (Blackberry)



One word: Android

by Khar on


return your i-phone 4G and get your money back, and than ask for an Android phone. Buy it and enjoy the real 4G phone with open source architecture, problem solved.