Ahmadi Speaks English!

by farshadjon

Just look at the gesture of the lady behind Mahmoud Chakhan!


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new video

by Souri on


Nice video Farshad aziz

by Souri on

The most interesting thing is his wife there (behind) who is smiling all the time!! What is she laguhing at?


Dariush in protest!

by farshadjon on

Merci, Souri jan for the reminder!

Ey val Dariush!



by Barbra on

I bet this is fake! It sounds fake and he spoke English a few times before...I don't believe he's that stupid


Is this for real

by IB on

Is this some kind of prank or is it real.  Honestly. Looks like something you see on Saturday Night Live.


The rest of AN's introductory speech

by Majid on

This part was top secret, so it was not recorded!  

Salaam'on aleikom.

Yes...yes...yes...you too....

Open the window and shut the door, the teacher is a very good man,

My name was Ahmadi nejad, how old are you?

Happy new yearS everyday!







How are you? Yes!

by Anonymous Irani (not verified) on

Happy new year?!

What kind of new year is Ahmadi the Monkey congratulating the Russian?

President Doctor Ahmadi Monkey did not even learn "hello" in his entire doctoral studies so that he says "salaamon alaykom" to the Russian!

What a disgrace to iranians. Where are this Monkey's islamist defenders to voice pride in his stupidity. His smart is only in the area of oppression, arrest, and rape of iranian girls.

Nazy Kaviani


by Nazy Kaviani on

Thanks Farshad! What exactly did he say when Medvedev asked him "How are you?"; "Merci?"!! I loved the "Happy New Year" part. It was a nice touch! That Mahmoud is such a social butterfly!

persian westender

ahmightneedajob in year 2020

by persian westender on

I don't know Turki, but i gess he is singing about Haaleie noor





Farshad jan

by Souri on

Why you have deleted the other blog?

Do you know how to post a youtube here? 

1-open brackets: [

2-type: video
3-colon: :
4-youtube link,,, no space from colone(:)
5-close brackets: ] ,,, no space from link


BTW: I sent you an email via IC, did you get it?

I post this video here, with your permission:


I liked this one!

by Souri on

loool, Very funny! Thank you Farshad jon.